Zombies and the End of the World

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This article was first published as “CDC: Prepare Now for the Zombie Apocalypse” on Technorati.

ReaganGirl has, on more than one occasion, posted blogs about emergency home and personal preparedness.  I wonder if the Centers for Disease control have found a way to get their message into the brains of the America public with their off-center approach.   It is Saturday morning, May 21, 2011, the predicted day of the “Rapture”, or the end of the world according to some Christian Evangelical sects, and I am still sitting here in my pajamas, with my hot cup of very strong cocoa, click-clacking away.  I believe, like the “Rapture” cabal, that the world will be intractably changed at some future time, and that the Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ, will return to claim His creation and His people.  But like salvation, moral and political destruction is a process.  With Barak Obama seeking an end to the world of Israel, terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah cheering him on, the process is in full swing.  When the hour is, no man knows.  But we must prepare, nevertheless, spiritually and temporally.  I had a lot of fun with the following article.  Follow the links for practical advice on emergency home and personal preparation.

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The Centers for Disease Control, May 18, released a report warning the public to begin preparations for the Zombie Apocalypse. And they are dead serious.

The CDC blog post titled “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse,” is not to be dismissed as an internet hoax. It is instead a sober, if slightly twisted, approach to individual emergency preparedness.

Ali Khan, the assistant Surgeon General, wrote the post and asked readers to think about how they would gear up for a widespread Zombie attack. He stresses that people should use the same contingencies to prepare themselves to survive a sudden and horrific natural, or man-made, disaster. In an effort to appeal to young individuals, as well as curious older adults, Ali Khan used popular Zombie-themed video games and movies as the template for the kind of survival measures that would be necessary to survive a local or national emergency. The use of this morbid device by the CDC to instruct the public about preparedness may at first seem silly.  But as people in the United States, and across the planet, recover from record tornado outbreaks, earthquakes, tsunamis, and broad civil conflicts, Zombies may be just the vector to spur people to action.

The report doesn’t just frighten the public with the gruesome possibilities of Zombie invasion, it offers a number of resources for individuals to effectively, and inexpensively, prepare their homes and families for the unpleasant eventualities of our times.

Evacuation Kits can be kept at home or in the trunk of a car.  They contain emergency sustenance for approximately 72 hours, which includes food, drinking water, a first aid kit, and emergency blankets.  These kits can be placed in a backpack and taken with you if Zombies force you to evacuate home or work. There should be sufficient evacuation supplies to sustain all of the individuals in your home.

Home storage and food supplies are a way to prepare for long-term hardships.  Although this form of preparedness is useful should Zombies force you inside your house for days at a time, it is also a way to provide for oneself and family in the case of job loss, or other extended financial difficulties.  Prescription medications, clothing, and pet supplies should be included in home storage.

Emergency communications become crucial in the case of Zombie attack.  Short-wave radios, or things as basic as a battery-powered radio, can provide some security.  If wireless service is available, be prepared to tweet Zombie movements from your Blackberry.

Home defense is surely an essential Zombie exigency.  If you know Zombies, you know that you have to at least slow them down with some heavy firepower.

Whether or not the world ends in the slaughter of a Zombie Apocalypse, it is wise to employ some level of personal preparedness for both emergencies and long-term challenges.  With Zombies coming from one direction and the impending end of the world predicted to befall all humanity this Saturday, we don’t have much time.

By Marjorie Haun  5/21/2011

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