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December 31, 2011  

Posted by Zbigniew Mazurak on December 30, 2011 and subsequently published on

A pro-Ron-Paul leftist video which is a litany of lies is now spreading around the web. In it, in the opening sentence, some guy lectures the American people to “listen to what our troops have to say” if they really support the troops and veterans. Which begs the question: where are pro-Ron-Paul veterans’ organizations? How many veterans have publicly endorsed Ron Paul? Only one, as far as I know. By contrast, Governor Rick Perry has been endorsed by over 100 veterans, including 3 recipients of the Medal of Honor (Dakota Meyer, James Livingston, and Michael Thornton), one Navy Cross recipient (Marcus Luttrell), and one Purple Heart recipient (Daniel Moran).

Here’s my rebuttal of some of the lies stated in the video:

It features known Blame America First leftists such as Chalmers Johnson, Ray McGovern, and of course, Ron Paul.

It falsely claims that the GWOT has cost $4 trillion to date, when the real cost of the Afghan and Iraqi wars has been a little over $1 trillion to date, and that cost will stop growing in FY2015 after the last American troops withdraw from Afghanistan.

It falsely claims that the US has increased its military spending by 81% since 2001, which is, likewise, a blatant lie. In fact, the US military budget for FY2001 was $390 bn; the recently-passed FY2012 budget (the FY2012 NDAA) authorizes $662 bn, an increase of just 69%, significantly less than what the video claims. And that’s total military spending. The CORE defense budget has grown by only 39% since FY2001. Moreover, invoking a past defense budget or a past fiscal year as a baseline out of context is ridiculous and deliberately misleading. The FY2001 defense budget was the smallest since before WW2, and in FY2001 the US military was completely decrepit, massacred by 12 years of continous defense cuts. Armored units had to use golf carts to practice tank tactics because there wasn’t even enough money for training. The US was having a procurement holiday. Even defense spending skeptics like John Kasich and the CSIS recognized that the defense budget was woefully inadequate and called for large hikes of it: Kasich by $50 bn (in 2000’s money), CSIS by $100 bn (in 2000’s money). Then, of course, came the Islamic agggression of 9/11, which necessitated the launch of the GWOT and further military spending The Bush Administration should be praised, not pilloried, for increasing military spending.

Then there is the despicable claim that the US is to blame for 9/11 and that OBL attacked the US because American troops were in Saudi Arabia. That is also a blatant lie. The attacks (not tragedy – attacks) of 9/11 had nothing to do with American troops in SA. They were perpetrated because of the hateful, murderous Islamic ideology stated in the Quran, which commands Muslims to kill all non-Muslims. But according to Ron Paul, Americans travelled back in time and caused the Muslims to write all the hateful verses of the Quran.

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