Ziggy: The Disastrous Impact of an Obama 2nd Term

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This article was originally published by Zbigniew Mazurak on November 7 and subsequently posted on on November 30, 2012.

As everyone knows by now, Obama has been narrowly reelected for a second term. I will not mince words: this is a disaster for the United States, its allies (especially Israel), the Western civilization, and the world at large.

His reelection will bring about disastrous consequences for the US both at home and abroad. Let’s consider what these consequences will be in terms of domestic policy, foreign/defense policy, and politics (including the future of the GOP).


Obama will claim his reelection as a mandate for massive tax hikes and massive new domestic spending, as well as a mandate for anything else he may want to do, e.g. veto any entitlement reform. He will insist on massive tax hikes and veto any attempt to even slightly reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Taxes will rise across the board. Spending will balloon, and America will be buried under a mountain of debt from which it will likely never recover. It will share Greece’s fate.

During the next 4 years, he will also have an opportunity to appoint 4 new SCOTUS judges to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aged 79), Antonin Scalia (aged 76), Anthony Kennedy (76), and Stephen Breyer (74). Thus, by replacing them with young liberal jurists, Obama will create a 7-2 liberal supermajority which will sit on the bench for decades, together with Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. These liberal judges will rubber-stamp Obama’s (and future Democratic presidents’) policies, overturn conservative ones, and change the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constutition to one which will suit Obama.

Remember that in 2008 and 2010, in the Heller v. DC and MacDonald v. Chicago cases, your God-given right to defend yourself was just one vote away from being consigned to the dustbin of history. It will be gone in a matter of months after Obama appoints Anthony Kennedy’s or Antonin Scalia’s replacement. They are unlikely to remain on the Supreme Court by the end of Obama’s second term, when they both will be 80 years old.

Obama will also continue to block any attempt to develop America’s God-given natural resources. High gasoline prices – and thus, high prices of everything – will become the new normal, as will high unemployment and stagnant economic growth.


Obama and Senate Democrats (who will retain their majority of seats) will insist on sequestration of defense spending going through unless Republicans agree to massive tax hikes. Since there is zero chance of Republicans agreeing to such thing, it means that sequestration will kick in on January 2nd.

Obama will also unilaterally and deeply cut America’s nuclear deterrent, at the same time that Russia and China are growing their arsenals. This means that Russia and China will gain nuclear superiority over the US and thus the ability to blackmail America and its allies with nuclear weapons.

Obama will also forego any plans to deploy ballistic missile defense systems in Europe, as he has already promised to Russian leaders in his “flexibility” remark.

He will also continue to appease Russia, China, Iran, and other enemies of the United States.

Because Obama plans to unilaterally cut America’s nuclear deterrent deeply, this means that other countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia, will have to develop their own nuclear weapons. Countries that cannot afford to develop their own nuclear deterrents will have to seek the protection of those who can, and will have to develop multilateral alliances.

And, as America’s military and economic power continue to quickly decline under Obama, all foreign countries, from Britain to South Korea, from Canada to the Philippines, will have to reorient their foreign policy away from Washington and towards Beijing and seek friendly relations with China. The PRC will replace the US as the world’s top military and economic power no later than in the next decade, and probably much sooner than that, so relations with China will be much more important than relations with the US.

Isolationists will rejoice at this prospect. I do not. I love America and I know from facts that the US is the guaranteer of the security of the entire Western civilization and of peace in the world. Without America, the Western civilization will not survive.


Obama’s reelection also means huge, negative consequences for the GOP and the conservative movement.

Firstly, Obamacare will not be repealed, and it will become a permanent feature of the American society. You read that right: with Obama and a Democratic Senate majority, Obamacare will never be repealed.

Recall that, in order to make Obamacare look deficit-neutral, the Dems structured it in a way so as to ensure that while the taxes to pay for it kicked in immediately after it was signed into law, the goodies won’t kick in until 2014. When Americans are thrown off their employer-provided insurance policies and forced to rely on the federal government for healthcare, they will fight tooth and nail to keep their “free” healthcare, just like they fight tooth and nail to keep their SS, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits. And of course, Obamacare bureaucrats will fight tooth and nail to protect their jobs.

So, because there is no chance of repealing Obamacare within the next 2 years, starting in 2014, Republicans will be running for office promising only to “modernize” Obamacare. And Newt Gingrich will be calling plans to tinker with it “right-wing social engineering”.

Obama will also expand welfare, entitlement, and subsidy programs as well as other federal giveaways. By 2016, or perhaps even by 2016, the takers will outnumber the makers. And when that happens, the Democrats will become a permanent majority and Republicans a permanent minority… unless the GOP becomes the second party of Big Government, fully adopting the Democrats’ policies.

After all, why would the takers vote for a party that pledges to cut taxes they don’t pay, but wants to cut the cornucopia of federal benefits (paid for by someone else) they do enjoy?

There might never again be a Republican president.

Americans have been taught to live at someone else’s expense. This election was the last chance to turn things around and educate the American people that they must start to take responsibility for themselves. That opportunity has now been lost.

Obama and the Dhimmicrats will also claim that Obama’s victory means that conservative policies have been discredited, including socially, fiscally, and defense-conservative policies. They will claim that social and fiscal conservatism have been discredited.

So just as night follows day, you can expect Republicans outside the South to dump the GOP’s socially and fiscally conservative platform plans and to jump on the abortion/gay marriage bandwagon. You can also bet that Republicans will dump Paul Ryan and his brave fiscally-conservative plan to save America from a crushing debt. Do not expect Republicans to ever again offer any conservative policies, including entitlement reform, because entitlements will continue to be considered the third rail of American politics.

Last but not least, you can bet that the fringe of the Republican Party will falsely claim that the Party lost because it nominated a moderate. There is a real risk that in 2016, as a term-limited Obama will have to retire, the Party will nominate a fringe candidate who will lose the election to the next Democrat nominee by a landslide. We have already seen the GOP shoot itself in the foot this way in multiple Senate races in 2010 and this year. If it hadn’t been for the fringe of the party and its candidates like Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and Kurt Buck, the Dems and Republicans would each have 50 seats in the Senate now. And if it hadn’t been for Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and their supporters, Republicans would’ve likely had 51 Senate seats now, and thus the power to stop or at least slow down Obama’s agenda in both houses of Congress. (Richard Lugar would’ve been a shoo-in for reelection, and had either Steelman or Brunner been the Republican Senate nominee in Missouri, Claire McCaskill would’ve been sent packing.)

The fringe of the Republican Party, especially radical Christians (the litmus test Republicans), will not give up, even now, after they cost the GOP 2 Senate election and perhaps helped cost the Party the presidential election. And they will never learn from their mistakes.

In short, Obama’s reelection portends disastrous consequences for America, its allies, the Western civilization, and the world at large (except America’s enemies). There is no silver lining. There is no consolation. Obama’s second term will be nothing but an unmitigated disaster.

Even if Republicans stage a comeback in 2014 and 2016, it will be too late by then.

For more on the disastrous consequences of this year’s election, please read these excellent articles by Peter Ferrara and Robert Stacy McCain:

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