Wuuuutz up with Alex Beinstein?

March 19, 2016

Republican, Democrat, or just a guy looking for a job?

It appears that the Republican candidate hoping to unseat Colorado D-3 Congressman, Scott Tipton, is either a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or on a very ambitious job hunt.

Colorado’s D-3 Congressman, Scott Tipton, is running for his third term. To date, his sole primary opponent is a 28 year-old from Carbondale, Alex Beinstein. According to his voter records, he first registered as a Republican in September of 2015, just months before announcing his congressional bid. His voter record also indicates that he still lives with his parents, Jerry and Leslie Beinstein, who are life-long Democrats.

Beinstein seems to have been interested in politics for several years. During his undergrad studies at the University of Chicago he hosted a radio show titled “Tomorrow with Alex Beinstein.” There he interviewed a plethora of powerhouse politicos including Obama campaign chief, David Plouffe, Clinton strategist, Austan Goolsby, and Ambassador John Bolton.

While attending Law School in Maine, Beinstein voted for Democrat Cynthia Dill in the State’s 2012 Senatorial primary race.

He’s also hosted an Aspen-based show on called “Law and Politics.”

Although campaign finance law does not require the party affiliation of campaign staffers to be disclosed, it’s clear Beinstein’s treasurer is a Democrat, since it’s his pop.

Whether or not Beinstein is currently employed is unclear.

Posted by Marjorie Haun  3/19/16

  1. Rick

    He is worth a try, all we have is status quo tipton. Comrades we are where we are because they (federal Gov.) don’t follow the Constutuion.

  2. Yea, Not this one Rick. Have you heard him speak? He’s trying to pull a Trump, you know a Democrat running as a Republican.

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