Will Colorado Kindergartners be Exposed to Contraceptives and Homosexuality?

January 23, 2014

The following is the text of a statement I made during the “Audience Comments” portion of a recent Board of Education meeting for my school district located in Western Colorado. These comments were made in response to  a bill pushed by Democrats and currently being debated in the Colorado General Assembly. The House bill, HB13-1081, the “Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education K-12 Bill,” is a dream come true for such organizations as Planned Parenthood, GLAAD, and the radical homosexual lobby. I encourage you to read the text of the bill but in summary, HB12-1081:

The stated goals of HB13-1081 are: 1-To delay the start of sexual activity (children should not be engaged in sexual activity in the first place) 2-To reduce the number of multiple sex partners (children should have ZERO sex partners. What the hell?) 3-To have students use contraception correctly and consistently (little kids and teens can’t even brush their teeth properly and you expect them to know HOW to use contraceptives and then use them in the heat of passion? They shouldn’t be having sex in the first place! What the HELL?) 4-To reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse (how about NO sexual intercourse among children. How about that, hu? These are friggin’ kids. THEY SHOULDN’T BE HAVING SEX IN THE FIRST PLACE!) Italics added.


My Statement in Opposition to HB13-1081

Human sexuality cannot be taught in a moral vacuum. It is the most sensitive and important topic that a child will ever learn about, and as such, should be taught in the home by loving caretakers, who wish to impart their moral worldview to their child.

You cannot teach human sexuality without imparting values, good or bad, to its various aspects. If you try to teach it with a morally neutral approach, a child will believe that there are no moral ramifications to his or her own sexuality, and that his or her choices regarding sexuality are no more or less important than other, more mundane, life choices.

The Human Sexuality Education bill is asking teachers to perform the impossible by educating children as young as Kindergartners about such things as contraceptives,  various forms of sexual expression, abortion, homosexuality and other alternative lifestyles, without imparting a sense of right or wrong to any of those things. Young children will assume that what is being taught is good unless a teacher expressly warns against a certain behavior or activity. Such moral warnings are prohibited in HB13-1081. Nevertheless the moral implications of sexuality are enormous to children and families. This provides a further basis for leaving the teaching of sexuality up to parents. It should be taught in the home in the context of the family belief system, with all the proper warnings and stigmas attached to those sexual behaviors that can be extremely harmful to kids.

When introducing this bill, a Democrat in the Colorado State Assembly said:

“What’s happening today is parents are so afraid of this topic. They’re uninformed. They’re ignorant about. I think it’s the responsible thing for us to do to pass this bill, put the information in the hands of professional teachers.” Rep. Sue Schafer (D-Wheat Ridge, CO)

I know of no parents with a child in school who are either afraid of sex or ignorant about it. I know of no parents who don’t have some kind of moral belief system attached to human sexuality. The argument from the Democrats pushing this bill is specious and without basis in reality. Most parents will introduce concepts about love, courtship, and reproduction when they sense that their child(ren) is ready for the information. Parents know their kids better than teachers. And it is a parental right and responsibility to impart their chosen moral framework as they coach their children through the most important decisions in their lives.

The idea that sexuality should be taught as early as Kindergarten is also troubling. Young children are not developmentally capable of making informed choices about the subjects required in HB13-1081. Little children will not, as we expect adults to do, reason through all of the options presented them in this bill. They will think very little about sexuality education, but they can feel its effects. Early sexualization through stimulation from images or words, or sexual curiosity and exploration ignited by concepts taught can overwhelm the judgment of these very young minds.  Early sexualization is extremely harmful to a child’s emotional, social, and yes, spiritual health. Let’s preserve precious innocence for these little children who are struggling simply to read and write.

I ask you as a parent, educator and citizen to consider two alternatives: First, is to reject the grant money offered to implement this Comprehensive Human Sexuality mandate and simply continue with the existing Human Growth and Development Curriculum. The Second is to use the grant money to create an exclusively online curriculum option that will be available to parents who want to use it to teach their children, thus keeping the controversial curricula out of classrooms. Both options erase the burdens that teachers would be forced to bear when their days are already crammed with instruction, assessments, meetings, and other duties. Our children are struggling to simply become proficient in the basics of reading, writing, math, and science. It is absurd that we should complicate the lives of teachers and students with a “comprehensive” sex-ed requirements when those most personal and important topics should be left to the parents and caretakers who know what is best for their kids. Please reject HB13-1081 and its accompanying funding. Thank you.

by Marjorie Haun  1/23/14

  1. I have a hard time thinking I’m unique. I engaged in “diddly-bop” touch with a neighbor girl when we were both young. It was very innocent, and I don’t feel traumatized by it. children of the 21st century are fast outpacing their parent’s sexuality. IF YOU ARE THE PARENT< YOU ARE THE MENTOR. It's all about establishing a good relationship with your children, and not freaking out when they tell you the truth.

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