Will America Survive the Age of Obama?

January 29, 2014

Now is a time uniquely provident, even rich, in the conditions that empower Americans and all freedom-loving people throughout the world, to veer off the arc that is coursing toward downfall.

Scholars, philosophers, and prophets of God have traced for centuries the cyclic rise and fall of civilizations.  I believe most of us would be in agreement that the United States of America is the crown jewel of Western Civilization.  Most would agree as well that America is navigating the most perilous arc in that predictable cycle of glory and destruction that has claimed in some measure every significant society the world has ever known.

The cycle, as described by Alexander Fraser Tytler (1742-1813), the Scottish professor and historian who wrote about the approximately 200 years process of emergence, corruption, decay, and implosion of all the notable civilizations of the past, always cleaves to the following sequence:

“The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years.”During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:

Scholars of world religions, Mormon theologians among them, have also developed a similar paradigm using examples from the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Book of Mormon.  The Mormon understanding of the cycle of rise and fall is often referred to as the “cycle of pride.

This cycle is similar, but the morality of the people is shown to be the determining factor, showing that “dependence” on government is a moral problem:

The United States of America 2012, indeed all western countries which have attempted to implement Constitutions and civil laws that protect the rights of individuals, are in the spasms of self-destruction to one degree or another.  According to the “civil” cycle of Tytler as well as the spiritual cycle of theologians, it is clear that America is tipping on the precipice of ruination.

The seeds of American civil structure are found with the immigrants who fled Europe and chose to risk the dangers of a relatively unknown continent full of strange animals, landscapes, and even stranger people, so they may have the opportunity to move, worship, and assemble according to the dictates of their own consciences.  Jamestown eventually failed, but the Pilgrims, whose primary purpose was to create communities and build churches out from under the oppressive dictates of a monarch, put down the roots of our nation in a leap from the spiritual bondage of English rule to the absolute dependence upon and worship of God.

America has cycled through rises and falls, from the Declaration of Independence through the slaughter of the Civil War for example, with a redemptive providence that has allowed us to escape utter destruction and civil dissolution. The United States of America has averted the “cycle of pride” in the past. Will We the People be able to divert its deadly path in 2012? First we must understand what sets our nation apart from the other civilizations that failed to escape the deadly results of corruption and the rejection of God.

Anglo-Saxon law and the Magna Carta, even proto-democracies from peoples chronicled in the Bible and Book of Mormon, experimented with human liberty, but the Declaration of Independence was literally the opening chapter to an unprecedented age of human agency.  For the first time ever The People recognized themselves as the ruler of the government, actuated by Divine right and personal accountability to dictate the purposes and exertions of their own lives. For the first time, the destiny of The People was not inseparably bound to the minds, caprices, and dictates of their governing officials.

The inevitability of past cycles of destruction can be blamed on both the wicked acts and policies of the rulers of societies, as well as the inability of the population to access information–truth–that would provide them the context necessary to reason their way out of destruction.  The Founding Fathers understood that only a well-educated citizenry would be able to maintain a free nation. People needed to be able to read and to acquire knowledge through scriptures, history books, the written laws of the land, and philosophies in the forms of essays and pamphlets. The Revolutionary War was supported by a minority of colonists, but the advocates whose voices predominated the debates of the day reached the minds of those who could read and think for themselves.  Past centuries of darkness wherein all, but a tiny minority of rulers and scholars, suffered with minds that were darkened by illiteracy were over.  American liberty empowered men to own and maintain the fruits of their time and labors, and it also freed minds from ignorance and gave them the ability to plan and act in ways that were in the self-interest of the individual.

Now is a time uniquely provident, even rich, in the conditions that empower Americans and all freedom-loving people throughout the world, to veer off the arc that is now coursing toward downfall.  We have almost universal and instantaneous access to information in myriad forms because of the Technological Revolution.  The Internet has given us the ability to associate with like-minded people across the earth and to brandish a form of influence that only decades ago would have been considered god-like.  We are liberated from the constraints of a handful of media outlets who once controlled history’s daily narrative. We can dig for the real truth, and create our own narratives from the ordinary and authentic perspectives of those whose lives are most threatened by the caprices of politics and culture. We are the generation best armed to choose our own way, disengage from the sectors of the population immersed in corruption, dependency, immorality, and violence, and amass, whether physically such in rallies, or virtually through social media, to recover our future from the fate that befell civilizations that came before us.

I believe we are doing this now. The Tea Party would never have been successful without the Internet.  And the Internet would never have come to be in a world without liberty and free markets.

I propose that those individuals who choose to employ their liberty with care, remain self-reliant, worshipful, and strive to live moral lives will avoid the sad endings that came to Rome, The British Empire, and more recently the European socialist democracies. America will be a divided country. Whether the outcome will be a geographical division is hard to predict, but the moral division will be stark.  One population of free people will prosper, remembering their God, and studying their histories. This population will care for the poor, needy, ailing and elderly as a function of personal service, not of the welfare state. The other population will languish in want that cannot be filled by government, their minds darkened by ignorance and deception.  They will self-destruct because the government cannot care for them, and they will have forgotten how to care for themselves and one another.

Will the government of the United States of America look the same as it does now? NO. States will disengage, entire regions will eschew the help and the authority of the centralized power, and the people who have turned away from the path of collapse will govern themselves.  America will stand, at least for some.

by Marjorie Haun  1/29/14

  1. Marjorie,

    I drink to you! Your Op. Ed. almost brought me to tears for this Republic. I agree that ‘we the people’ will exist in some form, but not as we have been. This United States will cease to be United at some point for we are too polarized to continue as one.
    I am a Confederate in all things political. This Republic engaged in a horrible war from 1861-1865. Pundits have called it a war against slavery; it was not, it was a war for States Rights. We, the South, lost that engagement, but the quest for States Rights will cause another horrible war that will fragment this Republic along some of the lines you envision.
    Some of us alive now, will witness this war to define the rights of the free States. When the gunsmoke clears, little will remain of this land that we hold dear. From the ashes will come another land, perhaps another Republic, that reflects the will of the people, as it always must. It is that, that we have lost, the will of the people, since the end of the last great Civil War, or as we call it, the War of Northern Aggression. History always repeats, my friend.


    • Indeed. It is folly to think that life will be as it has in the past. We can have a bright and prosperous future, but we will have to be bold in disengaging from incorrigibly dependent, ignorant, and immoral people. If they will not accept responsibility for their own lives, liberty, and happiness, they will be left behind in the burned-out cities that they themselves destroyed.

  2. LP

    If thee is no geographical separation, their can be no prosperous half and servitude half. Federal law will not allow for such a division.

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