Why We Miss President Reagan

February 6, 2015

The sunny, optimistic Ronald Wilson Reagan

James Earl Carter showed the country how to take a walk to Hell on a path paved with good intentions.

He was the figure that defined presidential weakness, misguided intentions, and inept foreign policy.  Jimmy Carter was a hard-left Liberal in most aspects of his governance and American suffered for it.  The 60s and 70s were a time not just of economic, social, and international crises, America was suffering with an identity crisis as well.  “Who are we? Are we a people who love liberty and the accountability that comes with it, or are we a libertine people, possessing and exercising all personal freedoms without remembering the consequences of unrestrained liberality?”

The social changes during those mid-century decades came somewhat from our prosperity as a nation.  But with prosperity often comes carnal comfort, a focus upon those things earned by the work of our own hands, forgetting that the prosperity itself and the hands with which we work it are granted by a generous Heavenly Father.  Prosperity is often grows pridefulness and rebellion against God and His commandments. Personal and national pridefulness will usually lead to periods of social confusion, moral decadence, and economic imprudence.  These dynamics will bring personal, civil, domestic and economic harm and ruination to a society.  As people suffer the privations that come as a result of moral downturn, sometimes they will remember their God, the duties they have to be good citizens, parents, spouses, employees and patriots.  They will go through a period of humbling and of turning their faces away from the institutions and doctrines designed by man,  back to their God, His institutions, and His Divine providence, thus pulling away from the activities and attitudes that have caused the deterioration.  Once a nation begins to correct the personal and public behaviors which have resulted in decline, God’s blessings will again support that nation, its citizens, its aspirations to true liberty and the works of the hands of its people.  This is a cycle of prosperity and pride, followed by chastisement and humbling, followed by repentance and the remembrance of God, followed again by prosperity and pride.  And history, in all its forms, has traced the rise, decline, and rebirth of nations for millenia.

Jimmy Carter was the hapless man thrust into the oval office during a time of pride and decline.  But he exacerbated the problems of the 1970s by enlarging the size of government, increasing regulations on business and individuals, and attempting to make Americans dependent upon the government to solve their problems and meet their needs.  The number of abortions which took place since Row vs. Wade spiked in 1980.  Americans, during the “me” generation of the 1970s saw dwindling religious activity accompanied by burgeoning social problems caused by divorce, drug abuse, corporate and governmental dishonesty, and general depravity (also known as sin).

Ronald Reagan reignited the flame of faith in many.  He inspired people through his passionate patriotism and his unabashed faith in Almighty God.  Ronald Reagan gave Americans permission to once again feel good about themselves, their nation, and its Christian roots.  He reinforced for us the importance of responsibility in conjunction with liberty, and of our dependence upon God to sustain and fortify that liberty.  Ronald Reagan loved people and desired that all the people of the world may have the freedoms that American’s had enjoyed, sometimes recklessly, for 200 years.  He boldly proclaimed that any form of government that attempted to deprive people of their natural rights was “evil.”  And Ronald Reagan happily proclaimed the goodness, grace and righteous power of America, the only nation built upon the idea of liberty and whose armies were not forces of conquest but of liberation.

History is repeating itself. Barak Obama is Jimmy Carter’s low-functioning little brother, in a political sense. We are hungry for another Ronald Reagan to challenge the hapless Juvenile-in-Chief. Note to GOP contenders: The man or woman among you who carries the authentic torch of Conservatism and performs in the patriotic tradition of Ronald Reagan, you will be the 2016 presidential candidate. And the American people, like Conservatives, will elect you to lead them to provide the encouragement and sunny optimism that for which our bewildered nation hungers.

Ronald Reagan’s legacy is recorded for us to enjoy, remember, and to access as a source of glad patriotism, and Godly conduct.

by Marjorie Haun 2/6/2015

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