Why Should We Remember Vietnam?

August 18, 2013

“The Heroes of the Vietnam War”

Children’s Books

presented by ReaganGirl

It is time, well past the time actually, that we give the children of America a gift of heroism remembered from the chapters of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War rests like a dark pall over the collective memory of all who lived through its harrowing years. And to the children who were born years and decades after its close, it remains as impenetrable and negated as any war in our history. It is a black splotch on the complex tapestry of the American experience. Its human truths and stories of heroism put quietly aside by the men and women who lived them, with the supposition that the ears and minds of young children should not have to bear the tragedies and contradictions of Vietnam. Hundreds of books; historical non-fiction, novels, commentaries and analyses, journals, and hit pieces, have been written about the Vietnam War. But in my research I have been able to find little or no literature about the Vietnam War written with little children in mind. So I am writing my own series of children’s books called “The Heroes of the Vietnam War.” My reasons for writing “The Heroes of the Vietnam War” are many. My oldest brother was killed in a firefight when his Swiftboat came under attack on the Dam Doi river in 1970. I was a child at the time, but my childhood was shaped by the Vietnam war, the anxious years, and the lives it took. I came from a family who was genetically patriotic. Patriotism and love of country came as naturally to us as anything, and we resoundingly rejected the social upheavals, and pop-culture slander of America’s military during the 1960s and 70s.  Above all, the veterans of Vietnam are my friends, my neighbors, my buddies. I admittedly harbor a good deal of projected admiration for all who served during those complicated times, whether voluntarily, reluctantly, or involuntarily, they are my heroes. Stories of heroism during the Vietnam War are finally coming to children. Author and teacher Marjorie Haun presents “The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Books for Children.” Book one, “Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship” is the miraculous story a Vietnamese pilot and his family who escaped danger in a tiny airplane only to find their one shot at survival was a big ship that had no room for them to land. Book two, “Saving the Vietnamese Orphans” is the poignant tale of Operation Babylift. Why would an author write children’s books about the Vietnam War? For the heroes who served, and for generations of children who deserve to know what valor means. My books are self-published, which translated means I am taking a big risk with a good deal of my own money in pursuit of this venture. I will accept donations from those who find this effort as worthy as I do. My goal is to get this series into the hands of every grandchild of every Vietnam veteran in the country. That will take a lot of marketing, which takes a lot of money. Your help will be greatly appreciated. It’s about time that children in America begin to form positive and uplifting notions about the war in which so many of their granddaddies and great-granddaddies fought. Please help me provide our Vietnam veterans with beautiful storybooks which they can read to their grandchildren and teach them that America is good, America has always been good, and fighting for America in the Vietnam War was the right thing to do.   HOW YOU CAN HELP FUTURE GENERATIONS UNDERSTAND VIETNAM:  I submitted my books to the giant retailer, Walmart. They were skeptical at first, but seeing the potential in “The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Books for Children,” Walmart has given me a remarkable opportunity. By proving that my books are important to American readers and of high interest to Vietnam veterans, and everyone else who wants the truth told about our heroes, Walmart has placed my books in a sort of competition. I NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE VOTE AND HELP ME GET “The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Books for Children” INTO WALMART RETAIL CENTERS. Simply go to and click on the For Kids icon, then search Heroes of the Vietnam War. Finally, click on the accompanying video and place your vote for these patriotic books to be available to kids throughout the country. Please vote once per day through September 2, and help to honor our Heroes who fought in Vietnam.


By Marjorie Haun 8/18/13

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