Why Progressive Radicals want to Ban “Conversion Therapy”

June 3, 2015

It is possible, however, that the true driving-force behind bans on Conversion Therapy, is that the “born that way” lie is threatened as individuals abdicate former homosexual lifestyles, and abandon that which radical progressives insist, is a fixed and immutable homosexual identity.

There’s a part of me that has great pity for the radicals on the progressive Left. They spend all their time trying to deconstruct the essential institutions of marriage, family, education, religion, etc., with the goal of recreating them in their own nihilistic image. But like Sisyphus, their effort is futile. They make a little headway, causing societal destruction, broken families, confusion and chaos, but in the long-term, Progressivism never works because truth, reason and reality cannot be deconstructed.


Earlier this month, the Colorado Senate Veteran’s and Military Affairs Committee killed a bill that would have made illegal the practice of “Conversion Therapy” by mental health professionals in the State. Similar bans on such therapy have been passed in the progressive states, California and New Jersey. Advocates of such bans, including President Obama, assert that such therapy is harmful and cruel, despite the lack of evidence, other than anecdotal stories, that Conversion Therapy has ever harmed any of its participants.

The Colorado “Ban on Conversion Therapy” bill, introduced by two LGBT Democrats, Representative Paul Rosenthal and Senator Pat Steadman, was sold on the grounds of compassionate acceptance of the “natural” identities of LGBTQ children. There was no consideration given to the facts that sexual identity confusion is not unusual during adolescence, and that there is evidence that many self-identified homosexual children have been victims of early sexual abuse.

“Conversion Therapy” is an inaccurate and somewhat derisive name for the type counseling that individuals beset with homosexual questioning may obtain in a quest to reconcile unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. Typically there is no “conversion,” coercion, or other heavy-handed methodology, in this form of therapy. It consists mostly of guided conversations that help an afflicted individual explore his or her authentic goals and aspirations, aligning them with the sexual identity that makes those goals and aspirations possible. The bill in question, HB15-1175, would prohibit all counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals from talking to patients under the age of 18 about the possibility that their same-sex attraction might not be a permanent characteristic, and could be changed through behavior modification and exploration of thoughts and self-conceptions.

The errant premise behind the effort to ban therapies which address distressing feelings of same-sex attraction, is that all homosexuals, lesbians, and transgender people are born that way, and comprise a normal subset within a given population.  Despite the fact that the “born that way” idea is not biologically provable, folks like the Democrats behind HB15-1175 are attempting to remake our entire culture based upon that lie.

Though the bill is an offensive assault on the First Amendment, that’s not the only reason it’s dangerous. If passed, this type of law could trap young people suffering from identity confusion, or the emotional trauma of sexual assault, from obtaining the help they need to lead happy, productive lives.  It is possible, however, that the true driving-force behind bans on Conversion Therapy, is that the “born that way” lie is threatened as individuals abdicate former homosexual lifestyles, and abandon that which radical progressives insist, is a fixed and immutable homosexual identity. On a sinister level, banning Conversion Therapy shores up the homosexual agenda by closing a potential escape hatch for those who want a way out.

Even with politically-correct pseudo science siding with radical homosexuals and progressives, many studies have called into question the “gay gene” theory.  Also, one cannot ignore the studies correlating homosexuality with early sexual abuse. Finally, former homosexuals and lesbians are becoming bolder in speaking out against the lie that homosexuality is a fixed human feature, and cannot be addressed through loving counseling and guidance.

Common sense tells me that the desire to “ban” a form of counseling–which is a ban on a certain form of speech–indicates that someone has something to hide. If radical Progressives and LGBT activists are confident that they are correct in all their dogmatic assertions, why are they so uncomfortable with the free speech of doctors who might help people discover that they were not “born that way” after all?

 by Marjorie Haun  5/3/15

  1. Well, said Marjorie… I did a long research paper that covered this topic to some degree and I interviewed a number of people in the LGBT community and to a one I found some immolates that indicated to me that whether or not they realized it there were several things that show me that environment had a lot do do with how they are or how they perceived things… I have friends and relatives of whom I know a lot of their background story and while they chose to be in the LGBT community, they had environmental things play a big role in the lifestyle they chose to follow… Those in the LGBT community can say they were born that way all they want, but other facts play out in every case that I examined to show otherwise…

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