Why Colorado Gun-Control Bills Will Make the State More Dangerous

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February 19, 2013

This incoherent piece of legislation begs the question: if a man wants to give a firearm to another man who he loves and lives with, will the government insert itself into the private activities of two gay men by forcing one to perform a background check on the other? If Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino considers this possibility, it could be a game changer for this awful bill.


Colorado, whose name means ‘red in color’ in the language of the Spanish explorers and missionaries who uncovered many of its beauties and named the river that cuts its way through the mountains on its way to the Gulf of California, has an awful case of the blues. The state legislature has fallen into the hands of Democrats, Colorado style Democrats. For the unacquainted, a Colorado Democrat is hard-left, pro-pot, progressive–think burned out red diaper doper baby–fueled with money from a few Soroseque billionaires who moved into the state to achieve total political and cultural dominance, which succeeded. Reactionaries that liberal Democrats are, they’re moving to pass a plethora of anti-gun bills through the State Assembly this week. If they succeed, the state of Colorado will become a more dangerous state for law-abiding citizens to make their home.

House Bill 1224 bans magazines that carry more than 15 rounds.

The initial presentation of this bill suggested a 10 round limit, but Governor Hickenlooper, a progressive in moderate’s clothes, felt that limit may harm his image of moderation should he sign it. Who comes up with these arbitrary numbers is a mystery. New York’s new gun-control laws mandate clips and magazines with a capacity of no more than 7 rounds. As far as I can tell, 7 round magazines don’t even exist. The issue is not the number of bullets a weapon can fire concurrently, it’s the character of the person using the weapon. Arbitrary limits on gun magazines don’t stop mentally disturbed people from killing other people. Such limits do, however, limit the capacity of law-abiding citizens to defend their lives and property.

Colorado HB 1224 is clearly unconstitutional because it infringes upon our right to keep and bear arms. Beyond that, the bill is destructive, with potentially huge negative economic impact. A Colorado-based firearms magazine manufacturer, Magpul Industries, has already indicated that if this bill passes and is signed into law, they will move their $85 million per year company, and hundreds of jobs, out of the state. Think of it this way; HB 1224 essentially makes Magpul, who produces high-capacity magazines, illegal. Alfred Manufacturing is another machining and production company that will leave Colorado if their commercial enterprise becomes illegal because of this ludicrous bill.

House Bill 1226 repeals current laws which allow an individual with a concealed-carry permit carrying a firearm onto a Colorado college or university campus. 

Why Democrats fail to understand that ‘gun-free’ zones are killing fields for murderous criminals is beyond me. Since the current laws have been enacted, there have been NO on campus incidents of gun violence in the state of Colorado. Other states, such as Utah, which allow concealed carry on college campuses, have had similar success in keeping law-abiding students relatively safe. As Ted Nugent says, “An armed society is a polite society.”  I will say that, as mother whose 3 oldest children attend Colorado universities, if HB 1226 passes, they will be going to Utah for their higher educational pursuits. Never forget that the only certainty in a ‘gun free’ zone is the confidence a criminal can have that there will be no one to stop him when he starts his murderous spree.

House Bill 1228 imposes a gun “tax” at the time of purchase to pay for the background check.

This is nothing more than another way to punish law-abiding gun owners. Criminals rarely obtain their weapons legally because they won’t pass background checks. You can imagine how Democrats love the idea of ‘sticking it’ to gun owners. Since gun dealers already figure the cost of Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background checks into their retail prices, the retailer is already making his money, and the new Colorado background check tax will simply confiscate money from gun buyers, making it more expensive and cumbersome for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms. And it won’t impact criminals at all. Conversely, if this measure results in fewer law-abiding citizens making gun purchases, the rate in crime will rise, as it always does when fewer good guys have guns.

House Bill 1229  criminalizes the private transfer of a firearm.

Democrats constantly bemoan any kind of legislation that fosters moral conduct as ‘government intrusion into the private lives of citizens.’ Colorado Democrts have created something far more intrusive with this bill, which makes gifts between friends illegal, if they happen to have a trigger and go bang! It states that private transference of guns, also known as giving a gift, must be approved by the CBI after a background check. In other words, a law-abiding gun owner cannot simply give a gun to another law-abiding citizen. The law allows the ‘transference’ of firearms between immediate family members, but doesn’t account for the various kinds of domestic arrangements where people live together who are not related. HB 1229 also bans the transfer of ammunition and gun parts and accessories. So it looks like my time-honored practice of giving my friends little Christmas stockings full of brass and lead could land me in the penitentiary.

This incoherent piece of legislation begs the question: if a man wants to give a firearm to another man whom he loves and lives with, will the government insert itself into the private activities of two gay men by forcing one to perform a background check on the other? If Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino considers this possibility, it could be a game changer for this awful bill.

There is not one measure within these bills that would have stopped the massacres in Newton, Aurora, Tucson, Columbine, or any of the other atrocities committed by murderous criminals in recent years.  I believe that gun-control measures like these are intended to punish law-abiding gun owners, who are overwhelmingly patriotic, pro-military, and conservative. You see, if the Left could keep firearms out of the hands of those on the Right, they would not push gun-control. Gun-control to Democrats is designed to control the power of the opposition, and their goal is domination, transformation, and the elimination of the debate. Since massive government takeover, a media that has turned against Americans, and labels of ‘bigot,’ and ‘racist’ have failed to drive Conservatives into hiding, the only thing progressive Democrats have left is to attempt to take away our teeth and claws.

by Marjorie Haun  2/19/13

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