July 15, 2011

Free lunch for what adults?

“Let us resolve that we will stop spreading dependency and start spreading opportunity; that we will stop spreading bondage and start spreading freedom.”

*Ronald Reagan*

I’m a reasonably intelligent gal, but I am baffled by the community feeding troughs set up by public schools in communities throughout the fruited (in heavy syrup) plain .  These tax payer-funded smorgasbords are administered by the esteemed U.S. Department of Agriculture and organizations such as “Hunger Free Colorado,” what ever the heck that is.

If the premise behind these embarrassing parasite picnics is that people are going hungry and have no alternative, then I would like to see the evidence. I just don’t see the hungry people.  These summertime freeloader feasts are frequented not by the famished and faint, but by the fat and flourishing.  By the looks of it, those who partake of these food freebies are actually hoarding food.  Their gratis breakfasts and lunches are stashed, apparently, somewhere inside the ample frames of 60 to 70% of the adults and  30% of the kiddies who are pigging out on the USDA pork potlatch.  There is no hunger in the neighborhoods where these schools open their public doors to crowds of all ages to stuff themselves at my, and your, expense.  An informal assessment, even by the legally blind, would reveal that many of these partakers of government groceries are fat.  Some are merely overweight, and others are massive.

Like manure to a blowfly.

I have nothing against people who carry a few extra pounds.  But when the American taxpayer’s confiscated money is paying  for societal barnacles to binge on bargain buffets, I kind of resent that extra weight.  That cellulite bursting those sweatpants and out-sized sports jerseys was paid for by me, by golly.

My point, of course, is that the assertion that these no-cost noshes feed the hungry is a load of hogwash.  Would some really smart person please tell me why we are feeding non-hungry people in neighborhoods where mostly non-English-speaking, non-taxpayers reside?  Why are schools incurring building and payroll expenses to man and house these “feeding centers?”

I will offer my humble opinion that these programs are designed to further dependence upon government in those communities, and among those demographic groups, who have already been hooked, like hapless fish, into a lifestyle of pernicious poverty.  These programs are progressive power grabs.  A helpless class is being fostered by career government administrators because as people become increasingly self-sufficient they will usually vote for smaller government.  Progressives and their bureaucrat minions are all about big government and the coercive power of the tax code.

These “feeding centers” are not emergency resources for people temporarily down on their luck.  They are the equivalent of Leftist La Brea Tar Pits, where the victims will slowly become weakened, immobilized, and totally ensnared in a lifestyle of dependence.  The piteous patsies of progressive perfidy.

Simply ending these bovine blow-outs would cure scads of social illnesses.  The federal government would spend less of the hard-earned cash of its citizens.  Obesity in the beset neighborhoods would decrease (most likely).  People would become more self-sufficient, since it is human nature to find your own food if it isn’t tossed to you through the bars of your government-allocated cage.  And maybe, just maybe, parents would take responsibility for the nutrition and health of their children.  And that was never the job of government in the first place.

By Marjorie Haun  7/15/11

Please share your eye-witness accounts of government feeding trough traps in the comments section.

Would you eat at a "feeding site?"

  1. You are on it, Marjorie, as usual. Isn’t this beyond the pale? How in God’s name can such socialistic drivel be justified?
    It was great to see and talk to you today.
    Stay well, my friend.


    • Reagangirl

      It reminds me of the Eloi in “The Time Machine.” Passive, fat, soft, helpless, provided their needs by beings that would ultimately destroy them.

  2. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for

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