When was Jesus Really Born?

December 2, 2013


Speculation is rife among scholars and historians about exactly when the Christ Child was born. There is some consensus is that Jesus was not born in the month of Tevet, on the cusp of the Winter Solstice. Based on cultural and agricultural tradition garnered from the New Testament, some contend that He was born in the Hebrew month of Nisan, known in the West as early spring. The tradition of Christmas in December has powerful meaning, however, and in the Northern Hemisphere where cold grips the world, fog, ice, and darkness have become powerful symbols of the fate that would befall Creation if the Savior had never come to be.


 What Wise Men?

Winter, with her churlish grin

Has come to sift the frail

Her murky robes draw in the sun

To hide behind a veil

Heat withdraws, creations flee

When Winter does reveal

Earth’s truest, cruelest nature

Which no man can appeal

For Winter’s cold’s a symbol

Of the irredeemable abyss

A plan without a Savior

A freezing, a scorching furnace

What is Creation without its God

To grant suffering’s currency worth?

To ennoble every anguished day

With the brightest Hope of Earth

Man, in his bleak mid-winter

Has no power of his own

To break the bands of loneliness,

The death of flesh and bone

What wise men gave us Christmastime

When the sun withdraws her light

When nature in her violence

Stills enemies from their fight?

For Baby Jesus, He was born

On a mild, Springtime night

The Lamb with lambs came to the world

The Light that shames all light

So here we do remember

Salvation’s humane design

How Jesus Christ is Light and heat

Midst, fatal Wintertime

The power of our Savior,

One singular force to prove

That icy, dark perdition

Is vanquished by His Love

~Marjorie Haun~

  1. scoticus

    Nice poem, RG! I like the softer side of you … but I also like your feisty furry too. Hahahahaha. Merry Christmas!

  2. What a beautiful Christmas poem, Marjorie. Many seem to have forgotten whose birthday Christmas is, regardless of exactly when He was born. Well-done!
    Merry Christmas

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