Christmas Charity–Giving Until it Hurts

December 13, 2014

“The more is given the less the people will work for themselves,
and the less they work the more their poverty will increase.” Leo Tolstoi

To give or not to give, that is the question.  If “to give” is the answer, then what should I give, how should I give it, and will it really benefit the recipients?  Even God does only for mankind what we cannot do for ourselves. But the giving fever that grips the Western World during the Holidays sometimes makes us blind to the fact that giving too much can harm those who receive.

Most towns have dozens of organizations that provide food, clothes, and toys to families during the month of December.  Some are stop-gap emergency providers for the homeless or stricken. But even though the poor will always be among us, the poor should not be a static population of perpetually dependent families and individuals. Most people have the capacity to cycle out of a poverty state.

School-based programs have, unfortunately, allowed parents to abdicate the basic responsibility of feeding their kids.  Most school districts offer breakfast and lunch.  Many offer dinner, summertime lunch programs and weekend meals. Free and reduced lunches are marketed to families because it opens the door to Federal “Title” funds. Schools and social services organizations encourage people to stay enter or linger in poverty because self-sufficiency shrinks the funds available for the impoverished. Think of it as a looping Ponzi scheme, forever growing the problem it was meant to solve.

There is a program in my town which provides food for children to take home on Friday purportedly, so they will not go hungry before they get their next meal at school.  The children are not at fault.  Some are hungry but most are victims of poor parenting.  The schools, churches, and government programs that will kids, are enabling parental neglect on a massive scale.  With little or no screening required, many of these freebie programs are rife with fraud and abuse.

The criminal presence of illegal aliens is rewarded big time during the Holidays by churches and other charities. Because of a fawning politically correct ethos of non-discrimination, entire communities of illegal alien families receive goodies far above and beyond the consideration given to  needy citizens.  Illegals openly defy the laws of this country, tax the social welfare programs they pay nothing into, and send a large percentage of their cash to other countries. 

The Christian Spirit of Love must be tempered with wisdom. Those going through a rough spell because of unemployment, illness, divorce, disability, and other challenges outside of an individual’s control, surely are blessed by Holiday giving. But there is a vastly different mindset among those who come to expect, year in and year out, that someone else will be buying their Christmas goodies.

The shame associated with accepting “handouts” is long gone.  Many welfare recipients work the system to use government cash payments as supplemental income so a lifestyle above what they should be able to afford can be maintained. How many of us have witnessed people who pay for groceries with EBT cards, load those tax-payer subsidized groceries into an, expensive, late-model vehicle?

So this is the essence of that burning Christmas question; To give, or not to give? Who benefits most from the giving of others? There is a spiritual cost to those who never know the satisfaction of self-reliance or earned success. Can there truly be freedom where there is no independence?

In making our plans for Christmas and the things we want to give, and to whom, it’s good to remember that we have all received the most generous offering of all, at no cost to us, from the open hands of The Lord Jesus Christ, Himself.

 By Marjorie Haun  12/13/14

  1. CT

    This morning I was listening to Laura Ingraham. She was talking about the giving tree at her church… she randomly picked a tag to buy a gift for a 4 year old girl. On the back lists what gift they would like for Christmas. The request was for a dart board or a new Xbox Connect. Laura was disgusted because she knew that a 4 year old girl was not requesting either of those, that it was likely the parent who really wanted the Xbox.
    I too have grown weary of giving to people who take it for granted or feel entitled to handouts.
    I know an illegal who works in Colorado. She asked me if I could give her a fake W2 so she could file taxes, since she had been let go from her job. Last year she got back $6,000 because she claimed her children, who live in Honduras with their father. She wanted to get the goodies again this year. When I told her that I could not do that, since she doesn’t work for me, and that I have to send the government the money that is withheld from employees pay – I was not going to break the law and I was not going to send the government money for withholding of someone who never worked for me. The icing on the cake was that her kids in honduras recieve money from well meaning sponsors, they are signed up for one of those Children’s International type organizations. The money that they recieve each month is enough for the entire extended family to live off of. So the children have become the bread winners for the entire family. It seems as though our good deads are encouraging others in third world countries to kick back and recieve handouts from well meaning Americans, instead of getting off their butts and trying to make their own countries better. When she told me how she gets income tax refunds by claiming children who aren’t even living in this country and that they get money from the Children’s funds I decided that this Christmas I am not going to donate to charity.
    Instead I am going to help my uncle, who is a single parent, with no education he raises his 3 children off of $14 an hour wage. I am going to buy warm clothes for his young children and am going to get my old lap top refurbished so his oldest son can get on the internet. That way my cousin will have a better advantage in school, by having access to the internet at home, he won’t have to be in danger of having to walk to the library in a dangerous neighborhood (because it is all they can afford), where he is a hated minority – because he is white. Internet providers are allowing low income households with children to get high speed internet at $10 a month. Education is the only way to arise from poverty.
    At least by giving to family members who are in poverty I know my money will be well speant! I know they need it and I will be able to see the joy on their faces when they open their gifts this Christmas.
    Instead of spending $240 on sponsoring a child, I am going to spend that money on my cousins, so I know they will have warm clothes this winter.

  2. Joseph Pendarvis

    W.W.P. .org . Give back to those who have gave so much for our freedom. 🙂

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