When Evil is Called Good and Good is Called Evil

January 20, 2014

Isaiah 20 ¶Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


Kevin Miller, in his insightful book, “Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally,” describes how big government has become the arbiter of virtue, rewarding or punishing citizens according to their level of compliance to whatever moralistic dicta is pronounced by political leaders. Using incandescent light bulbs, for example, is now a social sin, and the only way one can redeem himself from being considered a sinner–not virtuous–is to be more “green,” or “eco-friendly,” by using the “proper” light bulb arbitrated by bureaucrats in musty offices in indistinct buildings somewhere in the bowels of Washington D.C.

Miller postulates that virtue, or what comprises good citizenship, must be determined locally, where people living in the real world and contending with real evil can best determine what influences they want in their communities, while the focus of national leadership must be the protection of individual liberty, and the other functional duties of government as enunciated in the Founding Documents. I want to extrapolate Kevin Miller’s ideas a little further into the realm of religious virtue and the proper definitions of “morality” based upon Judeo-Christian teachings as opposed to politically correct government mandates. Big government morality, distorted by liberal philosophy and progressive policy, has become the enemy of Biblical virtue. Those things to which government ascribes righteousness are often in direct contradiction to the Word of God. This toxic deception, however, does not find its home only in the vast federal government complex, it is trickling down into our states, communities, and homes.

Homosexual “Marriage”

I don’t oppose homosexual “marriage” because I cannot oppose an impossibility. Homosexual couples can love one another, bond, set up housekeeping, and live with the benefit of a civil contract, but they cannot, in all eternity, be married. Homosexual marriage is an oxymoron, each idea nullifying the other because they’re inherently contradictory. God created man and woman, instituted marriage as the union between one man and one woman, and did so based upon the immutable nature of His creation. The definition of marriage cannot be changed or revoked, and to attempt to do so results in a pathetic charade, a mockery of reality. Despite the eternal truths supporting marriage between one man and one woman, it seems that the culture is caving. Conservatives are either in agreement or silent, and the mainstream media and advertisers are promoting images and impressions of gay “married” couples at every turn.

Why has this tide turned so swiftly? Because the liberal Democrats who have held power in the Federal Government, its agencies, and Congress have deemed gay “marriage” to be a matter of virtue. The progressive big government, bolstered by a thoroughly degenerate entertainment/media complex, dictates that it is compassionate to change the law to accommodate gays who want to solemnize their love with marriage. We’re told that if our country truly believes in liberty and equality that it is immoral to withhold the blessings of matrimony from any couple who love one another. We are punished and scorned as “bigots” and “homophobes” if we balk at the idea that a man can be a wife and a woman can be a husband. Government has not only become the arbiter of the discordant morality that will potentially alter the law in relation to its Judeo-Christian groundwork, it has taken what God deems a grave evil, homosexuality, and forced it upon the civil society in such a way that anyone who opposes this Biblical evil is considered guilty of the greater sin of non-compliance, and worse, intolerance.

The Nanny State

Obamacare is the jewel in the crown of the behemoth nanny state into which the Federal Government has morphed. Its incremental growth has been made possible because it has been cleverly sold to generations of Americans as “fair,” “just,” and “compassionate. Dependence upon the government is now a normal and desirable lifestyle for uncounted families whose generations are born into this paradigm. Dependence upon the state, or taking that which has been produced by one’s neighbor for one’s own use, is condemned in both Old Testament and New Testament scripture. The ethos of rugged individualism traditionally rejected the notion that government has a role in satisfying the day to day needs and appetites of its citizens. But Socialist doctrines have gradually eased the repugnance Americans once felt in relation to non-producers being coddled by producers and earners through the machinations of the tax code and bureaucratic labyrinth of the Welfare State.

Food stamps, cash welfare payments, WIC, Medicaid, and all of the Obamacare cousins that make up the nanny state universe are the new “Christian charity” of our time. Socialists have skewed the truth taught by Jesus Christ that we have an imperative to give each other a hand up when needed, into the argument that the admonitions of Jesus Christ are the foundation of Socialism. This new moral dictum, which in actuality is a vice based on lies that verge on blasphemy, must be obeyed or the dissenter will be accused of being “unchristian,” “selfish,” or “without compassion.”  Obamacare is the prince among big government virtues, because after all, what callous individual could possibly oppose taking care of the poor and needy?

Government dependence hurts those who get caught in its trap. It is neither fair, just, nor Christian to use the force of the state to confiscate the earned property of one  to lavish upon another. Nevertheless, having been marketed as a virtue–and because Americans generally want to be virtuous and kind–this grand deception has lead to the unsustainable and unjust system which now threatens to collapse the national economy.

The Church of Green

The religion of Liberalism is Environmentalism. Its god is the earth, and its sacrament is abortion. The dogma of “climate change” has terrified our children for nearly 20 years, and they have been told that to oppose any measure designed to mitigate “man made global warming” is heretical. To be virtuous one must espouse environmental policies which hurt the economy, destroy jobs, harm families, and even cause harm to endangered species, such as the bird-killing machines called wind turbines. To oppose such policies will make  you a subject of scorn and mockery, and you will be labeled as one who hates nature, animals, and the children destined to inherit the earth in its ravaged state.

“Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally” is Kevin Miller‘s wake-up call to a generation who wonders how homosexuals became a protected class while God, family, Christian doctrines, and all things good have been vilified by institutionalized bigotry against tradition and faith. Prophets have warned the people of the earth against turning vice into virtue and virtue into vice for thousands of years. But this grievous practice in is full blossom and continues to intensify as the war against Biblical teaching and traditions is waged by the Left. When evil is called good and good evil it represents both a sign and a peril of the times.

 by Marjorie Haun  1/20/2014

  1. Scott Yagemann

    Very well done. Although I don’t believe being gay is a sin in God’s eyes. Still, I don’t support gay marriage because for me marriage is the union of a man and a woman so they can procreate and start a family (except for those of us over 55 who can no longer procreate). Gay marriage promotes the manufactured family. One where two men or two women manufacture a child by using a third party. This to me is the major problem. If people think that a child doesn’t care who their biological parents are they’re wrong. I believe children should be raised by their biological parents, not estranged from one of them. Of course this is the ideal. Some gay couples would be better parents to a child than their actual parents, I don’t disagree with that. But we have to use a standard here and the standard is a “best case” scenario. All things being equal I believe a child is better served by having a mother and a father (a man and a woman). Kids are confused enough these days. Otherwise I wish all gay people peace and happiness — just not a redefinition of marriage. Marriage is a religious sacrament in my church.

  2. Very well written! And Scott, to not understand that God DOES see homosexual sex as an abomination is scary. It is sexual sin, just like fornication and adultery. God loves and forgives sinners, but he hates the sin.

  3. Ann

    I ran across your blog when trying to find this scripture in Isaiah. The reason I’ve been thinking of this scripture is because of the trial going on with this doctor who is on trial for killing newborn babies at birth. I am just overwhelmed on how our country has just switched what is good and what is evil in the last 10 years!!! What comes to mind is glorifying the gay basketball player and our president calling him within the hour and calling him a hero. Oh my!

    • Thanks for your insight. It is stunning to see how many in our country are so willfully blind as to call lies the truth, and pretend the truth doesn’t exist.

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