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November 6, 2012

“One legislator accused me of having a nineteenth-century attitude on law and order. That is a totally false charge. I have an eighteenth-century attitude. That is when the Founding Fathers made it clear that the safety of law-abiding citizens should be one of the government’s primary concerns.” —Ronald Reagan


I rolled out of my bed this morning–which is a departure because I usually launch out of my bed like a spring loaded high jumper–and immediately fell to my knees and bowed my head in prayer. I plead with my Heavenly Father for his mercies to be upon the United States of America this day. I prayed that the electoral process throughout the states would be honest and fair. I prayed that at the end of the day–then end of this Tea Party era–the conclusions of all the elections would be clear and resounding with national repentance. I prayed to my Father in Heaven for His forgiveness of our errors and that He would strengthen those whose hearts are sincerely seeking improvement. I asked Him to bless all Americans who truly love Him and honor all His commandments, who understand America’s role as a standard of liberty to the world, and who want to restore the Constitution to its original purpose and a likeness of its true form.  And I prayed that wicked men in high places would have no power to oppress His children, that they would have no strength in their wickedness, and that ordinary, hard-working, honest, patriotic Americans who have been working for the last two and a half years to save the Republic would taste sweet victory at the end of the day.  I said a special prayer for our candidates, the good men and women who have endured the bitter onslaught of lies and attacks from the left, for their families, for their victories, and for their strength in engaging in the rebuilding of the Last, Best Hope of Earth. And yes, I put in a word or two for Mitt Romney, Ann, their family, and the army of thousands who are working to make him the next leader of the Free World. I won’t share with you the rest of the prayer, but I will let you know that our Father in Heaven has a stake in this election, and in the future of His Promised Land of Liberty.

I enjoy the best commute to work in the world. It’s a 130-mile round trip through one of the most beautiful canyons on the face of the planet. I describe Unaweep canyon as a “surreal amalgam of Moab, Switzerland, and Middle Earth.” And it is. While I drive this gorgeous road past cattle ranches and soaring limestone cliffs, sandstone fortresses and oceans of cottonwood and willow trees, I listen to the best of books on CD, from “The Art of War” to “Atlas Shrugged,” to, currently, “No Apology: The case for American Greatness” by Mitt Romney.  As I listened to the words of Mitt Romney, researched his life, and perused his policy papers, the thought embedded itself into my psyche, “we have our Ronald Reagan 2012 in this man.”

Like most conservatives I was skeptical of Mitt Romney. I was a Herman Cain supporter up to the moment he was forced out of the race the Chicago way. Mitt Romney, it seemed, had been sullied by his “compromises” in Massachusetts on principles like government-run health care and abortion laws. As my understanding of him grew those doubts were dispelled. Mitt Romney, a man whose moral values and principles are immovable, was elected in the bluest of blue states where he did not compromise those principles, but where he coaxed an 87% Democrat legislature his way, a little at a time. If Romney had been the iron-fisted, cement-headed constitutional conservative that Republican and Libertarian purists insist on, nothing–NOTHING–would have been accomplished in Massachusetts. Mitt would have four years of gridlock as a record, and the social and economic problem of that state would still be burdening the lives of its citizens. Simply put, human misery and stagnation would be the Mitt Romney legacy.

Now I thank God that Mitt Romney was not that stubbornly “principled” conservative who refused to work across the aisle. Because of his persuasive personality and the common sense with which he applies economic principles, and non-partisan solutions to problems from education to health care, Mitt Romney has a legacy of improving, even revitalizing the state of Massachusetts, and the lives of its people. Mitt Romney combines his authentic love for people with an uncanny gift for problem-solving at the root of issues.  He gets the job done because his policies ultimately benefit the individual. That is the Mitt Romney legacy is Massachusetts,  Salt Lake City 2002, the scores of companies turned around through the investment and restructuring of Bain Capital; opportunity, hope, and a chance at a better life for every American he serves.

This is what Ronald Reagan did. He cared first about the individual. Reagan’s big policies benefited the little people. This is most apparent in economic policy and the free market model that both Reagan and Romney understand so well. Romney, like Reagan, has a comprehensive understanding of world politics, the governments and movements in other nations, and the supreme role of America as the standard of freedom in a world where freedom is the exception.

One of the most endearing parallels between Romney and Reagan are their beautiful marriages. Ronnie and Nancy were forever sweethearts. Like them, Mitt and Ann would be content in a cabin in Wyoming in the dead of winter with a fire and a freezer full of moose enchiladas if they could spend that time together. Theirs is exemplary romantic love, the American model of old-fashioned courtship and marriage. That quality alone is the solution to many of our social and economic ills if more people would adopt it into their lives and value it the way the Reagans and the Romneys do.

I say this with a serious mind, having taken months to come to this conclusion: Mitt Romney IS the Reaganesque leader we have hungered for. Study his life and policies, listen to his words, read his book, and take comfort in the fact that Heavenly Father has a stake in this election, and today, Mitt Romney is His choice to lead His most beloved nation.

by Marjorie Haun  11/6/12


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