The "No Losers" Party candidate leaves town.

July 28, 2011

As I script my thoughts about the “awful situation” in which this generation finds itself, I am compelled to persuade you that we, as Americans, and inhabitants of the world in 2011, are caught up in the final battles of the epochs-old War in Heaven.  The plan of the Adversary, Lucifer, the fallen Son of the Morning, has never been ceded.  It has simply found a new setting, having been the center of human contention through all of the ages of history.  We are in the fevered last moments of hostilities where liberty, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment are at their highest point, and the dark impulses of men’s hearts, conspiracies, oppression, and evils combined, have amassed to ensure the destruction of the agency of man.

In Lucifer’s first assault on  liberty, he presented a proposal to the Hosts of Heaven that would ensure that every soul would be saved. Not one would be lost to sin or error, and all would return to dwell in purity, with Heavenly Father. Lucifer could do this only through rescinding the agency with which God had already endowed His children.  Since that agency could not be redacted, human spirits, being the offspring of a Divine and knowledgeable intelligence, Lucifer would have to use force. Only through forcing perfect obedience with the use of absolute bondage could Lucifer carry out his plan.  He pitched it in the councils of Heaven as a plan that would “leave no child behind,” and would “level the playing field,” with a guaranteed “equal outcome.”  The fiery rhetoric of that old Dragon was sufficient to seduce one-third of God’s children to follow him. Jesus Christ then stepped up to the dais and presented a proposal-which Lucifer threatened to kill in committee-that had no guarantees. The plan of Jesus Christ, also called the Plan of Happiness, allowed for the individual traits, talents, abilities, and righteousness of God’s children to determine the outcomes of their mortal activities.  It was a plan fraught with risk. Many of God’s children would become disobedient and corrupt, conflicts would flare, animal impulses would erupt, and the conditions of mortality would press the most worthy spirits into temptation and inevitable sin. Jesus Christ offered an escape clause that had to be accepted by a two-thirds majority. He would intercede and sacrifice his body and blood in behalf of those who erred through the use of agency inasmuch as they would repent with broken hearts and contrite spirits, remember Him, and try to live in accordance within the rules of His law. All humans would be given the opportunity to fail, learn, succeed, repent and, thus, gain knowledge and progress by their own volition. And many, many souls would be lost to intractable sin.  Christ’s plan was the essence of Liberty-scary, risky, painful, contentious, glorious, miraculous, LIBERTY.  Jesus Christ won in a huge landslide. God the Father and two-thirds of his children laughed Lucifer off the stage. Lucifer left the country with his ‘No Losers’ party in tow, and in so doing became the Devil and his angels forever.  That was battle number one. Lucifer lost because, despite his passionate campaigning and promises of secured salvation, glory, and perfection, the children of God chose Liberty over certainty.

The next battle took place in the Garden of Eden. Do you remember the Morlocks and the Eloi in H.G. Welles “The Time Machine?”  The Eloi were passive, gentle, never wanting, never striving, content, cattle. The Morlocks had systematically forced the Eloi to become dependent by providing for their needs of food and scant clothing, and acceptable comfort.  The Eloi forgot how to work for themselves, they lost the instincts and skills needed to survive.  They lived lives in bondage to the cave-dwelling Morlocks who would occassionally cull and butcher the Eloi for food.  The Eloi, having forgotten how to do anything for themselves were completely subject to the power and appetites of the Morlock race.  This is an allegory for any group that gives over even a portion of their liberty for a morsel of temporal security.  We cannot be self-determinant and depend on government to provide for the needs we should fulfill ourselves. It is not the role of government to guarantee a home or food or a car or free medical care. Government is devised by the governed to protect and defend our God-given, unalienable rights and that is the end and purpose of its authority. The workings and substance of our lives is given to us to provide.  The Eloi are like the primordial Adam and Eve, stuck in perpetual innocence and ignorance, in the Garden of Eden. Their food grew spontaneously, they did not sweat, or toil, they simply were. But without partaking of the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would have remained trapped in an animal-state, knowing nothing, wanting nothing, lacking the liberty to choose one way or another.  The garden of Eden was a prison of both body and spirit. The freedom to choose their way out of the garden was the only way that man could come to be. Lucifer mistakenly thought that “knowledge” and death, would destroy Adam and Eve. The Old Serpent tempted Eve to do the very thing that would endow her with precious moral agency. When she partook of the fruit of the tree, and bade Adam to do the same, the full extent of human differentiation over the animal kingdom was realized.  Through this act of disobedience-which God fully intended and had already chosen a Savior to provide the opportunity for all generations of men to return to Him-Adam and Eve became liberated. They could discern all things and so choose for themselves the course of their lives outside of their paradisaical prison. Lucifer lost again because Eve and Adam chose liberty over certainty.

The final and great battle is waging now. The Father of Lies has become sophisticated and tactically astute. Liberty is his enemy and human souls are his prey. The fullness of times is the stage upon which evil in its extremity is arrayed against all that is good and free.  Even as the Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment, and Restoration of Divine record have come to pass, so too has the implementation of doctrines and devices engineered by Lucifer to crush free will and informed thought.  Government has become the great deceiver; offering, in the great tradition of the Dragon, to provide equal outcomes, a leveled playing field, the end of stress and competition, and cradle to grave support.  The Imperial Government of the socialist wants in trade for its promised security the freedom of people to move, think, worship, and associate according to the dictates of individual conscience.  The more tyrannical the governors ensconced in their seats of power, the more blatant the assaults upon liberty and the attacks upon God and religious thought.  The United States government is  undergoing a metamorphosis that has been in process for decades, and is now speeding along at a breakneck pace. Our representative republic of the past is now a selective tyranny, dispensing justice and liberty, not for all, but for whom and what lends it political expediency and increased power. Like the moment of crisis during the War in Heaven, when Lucifer had drawn one-third of the Hosts of Heaven to his corner, and the Plan of Happiness tilted towards oblivion, America and the World who looks to her as the Last, Best Hope of Mankind, teeters on the precipice of losing liberty forever.  Too many Americans are weakened through dependence, drugs, moral decadence, and intellectual indifference.  Too many leaders in our country hate the history of America; the goodness of its Judeo-Christian heritage, and the greatness of Western invention and free enterprise.  Our leaders in the highest offices wish to replace the risks and exertions of the processes of Constitutional government with dictatorial clout. Conspiracies and evil men are combined to entrench Barak Obama, or another dictator/puppet like him, into the American presidency in perpetuity.  And the good people of the country, those who love liberty and the sacred traditions of our fathers, are nitpicking each other to death in a contentious game of fault finding.  We are tilting towards oblivion.  Will the people of the latter-days choose the risks and adversities of liberty or will they choose certainty- and the guarantee of a government-issue cage?

The ancient prophecies of scripture will come to pass and we know that Jesus Christ will return to collect His people and His creation.  But who will have the character to claim citizenship in His holy realm? Those who played it safe and failed to think and act upon the gift of their moral agency, or those who were fully engaged, who acted boldly, failing and succeeding and failing again, with the full accountability and blessings of Liberty?

By Marjorie Haun 7/18/11

  1. A very well written article with a very interesting and provocative, thank you!

    I have been thinking a lot myself about the spiritual reasons for our nation’s predicament recently. We have a tyrannical President, a decidedly left leaning, dependency focused Senate, and a House of Representatives, that, even though there is a Republican majority, is totally inept at using that majority and so, caves to the demands of the Left again and again.

    Then I look at where we are as a nation, with a majority only giving lip service, if that, to their Creator, with murder (abortion) on demand, with the acceptance of homosexuality being taught in our schools, and wonder, is God using our current circumstances as a warning that we are drifting far far from where we need to be in relationship to our God?

    When I read the Old Testament stories of God’s dealings with the nation of Israel when they went their own way and left God, I see some interesting parallels. True, God has not empowered the enemies of the United States to take us into captivity, but nevertheless, our Constitutional form of government that guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, if fast slipping from our grasp.

    So, my question becomes, what will change to reverse the course we are on?

    At this point, I fear that even a turn toward Conservatism would be only short lived, and that within an election cycle or two, we would find ourselves right back where we are now. And I say this because of the reasons listed above, and many others as well.

    I strongly believe that the only hope for America lies in the following biblical passage:

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 CHR 7:14, KJV

    • Reagangirl

      I agree with the scripture you quoted. Our hope lies in turning back to God. But we have to prove ourselves to be a nation who is worthy of liberty. That means that we both appreciate the precious gift of our agency, and we wield that liberty with reverence and thoughtfulness. You have hit the nail on the head on hoe we have come to this point. Only a spiritually corrupt and weakened nation, using all of your examples, will succumb to evil. It helps to put things into the big context to see just how critical it is for us to fight with all we have at this moment in history. Thank you.

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  4. Patti Morse

    I totally agree with you. I believe Lucifer imprisoned Adam and Eve like beasts of the earth and his divided house (the serpent) went against his rulership and was used by the Elohim to free Adam and Eve. God himself provided Sons of God to help restore man and the earth and lead them to his only begotten son, the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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