November 11, 2012

Please welcome our newest guest blogger J.A. Hunsinger. He is the author of the “Axe of Iron” series of novels as well as numerous articles and technical books. J.A. Hunsinger is a retired airline pilot having flown for United Airlines, MAC, and numerous military and private aircraft. He is a historian and amateur archaeologist,  a veteran, a farmer, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and most importantly, a patriot. 

USA – The Divisible Country

By J. A. Hunsinger


History is replete with examples wherein the survival of the common people dictated division of countries and entire regions long ideological lines. Since 1948, the Indian subcontinent,Middle East, portions of Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union are some examples. The citizens of these areas became violently opposed to one another for a variety of reasons, finally making continued efforts to remain as one, impossible.

The United States of America is ethically, morally and politically at a tipping point. Our divisions have become an unbridgeable chasm. As Stated in our Pledge of Allegiance, our “indivisible” Republic is in an advanced State of disintegration. Can it be fixed? Not anymore, this past Presidential election has proven this contention.

Half the population wants cradle-to-grave free stuff from a Godless, corrupt, out-of-control government that lies with impunity to its citizens and spins the truth until it, too, becomes a lie. These people have replaced belief in God, honesty, integrity, a work ethic, and morality with an adoration of all things material and environmental insanity.

The other half wants to be left alone to worship God as they wish, to pursue the dreams of life, and to raise their children in a free society safe from harm perpetrated by the sexual predators condoned and facilitated by the socialists.

The 2012 Presidential election was stolen by the Democratic Party. I do not pretend to know all the methods used, but then I am not a socialist criminal versed in such behavior. The major media has underreported news of national importance, as in the case of theLibyadebacle, spun events to assist the Obama campaign, or downright lied. There is no difference between the Democrat and Republican parties insofar as honesty and integrity are concerned. George W. Bush proved that in his second term. Both parties are self-serving, crooked arms of the cesspool that isWashingtonDC.

The election process became a travesty with this past election. Military votes were not counted because many military units did not receive absentee ballots in time, ballot machines were rigged to mark the wrong candidate, exit polls were utilized to call entire State’s results long before the electorate were finished voting, some precincts in Florida reported that 113% of registered voters, voted – how can that be – and it goes on and on.

This was the most important election of my 7-decades of life. This was our last chance to save a semblance of this Republic before it fell irretrievably into the morass of socialism. We have lost it to those who think Obama has all the answers. This man, Barack Hussein Obama has never been vetted; we know nothing about his past. He has been created from childhood to be the figurehead for the destruction of the greatest country in history. He is the most know-nothing, unqualified individual to ever become President of theUSA, ever, in all our history. Yet there he sits, the puppet, dancing to the tune of those who created him, intent on taking us down. His actions are treason by any definition of the word, yet he is not charged.

By 2016, there will be nothing left. The dollar will have collapsed and we the proletariat, will have become enslaved. There is a solution; however, but it will take time and it cannot be done without strife.

The States must regain sovereignty over the federal government, as originally intended, to handle their own affairs for their own citizens. Whether you know it or not, the States existed before the Federal Government and each State rejected the sovereignty of the British Crown, in the process bringing the Federal Government into existence. To regain State sovereignty, as provided by the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution, several affirmative actions must be instituted as the several States move toward the inevitable in cases like this, secession from the Union. Among them, each State must form a State Bank, so currency can be issued when the time comes: monies generated in the States should stay there rather than be sent to the Federal capitol. When all the international requirements of secession have been met, the States should secede in mass in a carefully orchestrated move. Governors have control of their National Guard units and they will be used to protect citizens from the Federal Government, because the movement toward secession will engender a violent reaction from the Federal Government along the lines of the Civil War, 1861-1865. Sound like sedition to you? It is; that is the only solution.

A new Republic begs to be formed. The ideological boundaries would be established by the will of the people. Something along the lines of everything west of the Mississippi River, to include all thirteen States of the Confederacy, from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast and the Mexican border, and then a north-south border excluding Nevada,California,Oregon,Washington and Hawaii from the Republic would be a good beginning.

These boundaries include all of our people, they think as we do. A more God-fearing, gun toting, conservative, hard-working, patriotic, and fiscally responsible bunch cannot be found anywhere else on this continent. They are the people I want to live with, to pursue happiness with. The rest of the country is not our people and they should be left together to pursue their feckless destiny, wrapped in the arms of socialism.


VinlandPublishing, ©2012 Jerry A. Hunsinger All Rights Reserved

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  1. William Dammer

    7decades? Very good post Marjorie. I’m with you. I want to go to the Rockies but Texas seems to have the most grit to oppose this awful, odious regime. Is CO a good option? Applied for a job in Grand Junction just before the collapse in 2008 so nothing happened. Have to get out of CA. Cap ‘n Trade starts here Jan. ‘2013. The air quality board has acknowledged that this will have zero effect on the environment but of course it is being implemented anyway. It will cost business billions and drive even more out of the state. CA is Obama and his agenda on steroids. I have to escape! Thanks to the movie 2016, Beck, Hannity and others we now know enough about Obama to know that he’s a communist closet Muslim while the MSM continues to sing his praises. Keep up the fight and if you see any dental laboratories where you live looking for a ceramist, let me know!

    • William, Western Colorado has a different character than Denver and Boulder–the commie curtain of Colorado. It is wide open and the natives have grown up hunting, fishing, farming, mining, and running businesses–all the things a self-contained community needs. Our lives will change and the way we make our living will change, but out here in the West it will be much easier to disengage from big government–and the oppression that comes with it–than it will be in the coastal cities or the big midwestern urban centers.

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