If we allow an illegally elected president to stand the two-party system in the United States is dead.

The false narrative tripping from the lips of a very forgiving media that says the Republican campaign of 2012 was inadequate or that Romney was too moderate is entirely wrong. This election was stolen. I understand why various pundits guarding their credibility would  shy away from this assertion. But as reports pour in from the critical swing states of rigged machines, turnouts of over 100% of voters in numerous precincts, miscounts, and other widespread anomalies, it is important for serious reporters to shed the concern for how they will be perceived and dig into the stolen election.

States that did not require photo ID to vote were swamped with illegals and other unqualified voters. Untold thousands of our Military heroes were disenfranchised because their absentee ballots did not arrive in time for their votes to be counted, or their ballots never got into their hands. Every swing state that required voter ID was won by Romney. None of the metrics regarding the campaign, messaging or the quality of the candidates make sense because those factors did not lose the election for the GOP. Election 2012 was stolen.

We need to press the Secretaries of State in the swing states from which reports of vote fraud are pouring to investigate and perform a recounts where reports of fraud are credible.  We must demand Congress investigate and do a recount that includes all the Military votes that were delayed, or were impeded by an unfortunate events such as a plane crash.

Our right to vote is the key to our liberty, and the citizen vote is sacred. This is a travesty and it must be addressed now.

The Secretary of State oversees and regulates the elections process in each state.  Below are links to the websites of those officers in disputed swing states. In addition to contacting these officials, call your own congressmen and ask for hearings into the anomalies with military votes, the voting machines owned by Democrat interests as well as the reports of widespread vote fraud.  If we allow an illegally elected president to stand the two-party system in the United States is dead.

Federal Elections Commission Homepage

Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug LaFollette

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth

Carol Aichele

Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth

Janet Kelly

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler


 Please take a moment and sign the following petitions:


    Let’s win our FREEDOM AGAIN…


    …allow the VOTERS the right to an HONEST election…

  3. Lisa

    With you girl been trying to get the word out! Let’s fight back! It is time for that last stand!!!

  4. Karen

    People of this great country, We are going to have to fight for our rights and freedom. We have to stand up and be heard again. Obama , is close to completely destroy this country and then we will be fighting for our life’s like other country’s are doing. Stand up people of America and show this Gov. It’s time to take our country back.

    • You’re right. This fight is of We the People. Those who hold the weight of power in our government have turned against the principles of liberty, and they have turned the police power of the state against us.

  5. Our military men and women put their lives on the line for us, should be able to vote!!!

    • It’s a travesty that every accommodation was made for illegal immigrants to vote, but that the people who fight to defend our SACRED right to use our voices to choose our leaders had that right ripped from their hands.

      • Betty

        I think the reason they did that was to aid people to vote 2 or more times when their were dead people on the ballots? I saw a very well undercover video inside a polling station. They guy was asking for ballots or trying to register people who he somehow knew their name and address, so thieir name was on the list, but they were dead. The guy was trying to expose how easy it was. People bragging about voting more than once, that is the only way i can think of that they could do it.

  6. Betty

    It seems obvious to me that the efforts made for no id law to vote were made to assist voter fraud, They even went to nursing homes, where people are doped up. That is taking advantage of them. To ignore the military vote is just brazen and shows how far this guy will go. We got to do something. I think it is like a conspiring. Obama has to be illegal and someone can do something. Have charges put on them and have them arrested. Take him down and see who starts talking. Obama thinks we are stupid, apparently.

    • Thanks for your observations Betty. It’s just breathtaking that the RNC and GOP officials are ignoring this. I can never accept the president as legitimate and I feel that so long as he and his machine are in power, our Constitution is in a death grip.

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