Undeniable evidence that BLM mismanagement is starving wild horses

June 7, 2016 

The federal government is more interested in pleasing radical “animal rights” groups than actually caring for the animals in its charge. Wild horse herds in the Southwest are reproducing at unsustainable rates and starving as a result. The Bureau of Land Management, under the the Department of Interior, has failed to apply scientific knowledge to wild horse herd management, and has instead bent to the will of ideologically-driven groups with radical agendas. In the end, its the wild horses paying the price.

On May 25, Utah Congressman Chris Stewart made the following remarks:

According to the Bureau of Land Management, there are over sixty-seven thousand wild horses on public land in the west, and the BLM estimates that the number will double in just four more years. Wednesday, Utah Representative Chris Stewart insisted, the crisis requires a bi-partisan solution, and right away.

The congressman made the comments in a House interior appropriations sub-committee meeting, holding up a photograph of an emaciated mare, nursing a small colt.

“These animals, as I’ve said, if you care about these animals like I do, we can’t just continue with what’s happening here. By the BLM own estimate that they gave us, just in the last couple of days, it’s going to cost us a billion dollars to care for these animals in the next few years – a billion dollars.”

Adoption markets for wild horses are saturated, and under pressure from animal activists, federal law prohibits the sale or adoption of wild horses if such sale or adoption might lead to slaughter, either in the U.S. or abroad.

Please share this evidence of starvation and mismanagement by the Bureau of Land Management of Utah’s wild horses.



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