Trig Palin: Target of the Left

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Enough already! I have had it with the sickening attacks on Trig Palin! First the partisan blogger, Wonkette, made extremely offensive, and stupid remarks about Trig. Next, the not-funny comic, CK Louis makes an obscene, gut-churning rant about Trig and his beleaguered mom, Sarah Palin. In his attempt to lampoon, he spews so much bile that the piece is unwatchable.

These are bottom-of-the-barrel, dregs-of-the-earth, examples of junk media in America. There seems to be an agreed-upon rule among these hacks that it is okay to disparage a child and his disability simply because his mother is a controversial political figure. It is the selective political correctness that colors all modern political debate. If you are conservative, or the innocent child of a conservative, you have a target on your back and it is open season on every personal and sensitive aspect of your life. You can’t shoot back, and you certainly can’t use politically incorrect tactics to make fun of Liberals, because they will howl, gnash their teeth, and ensure that you are labeled a racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, uneducated, inbred, Nazi, hater. The truth is that most public figures on the “left” are so insecure in themselves and their political beliefs that they recoil at the slightest intonation that they might be plain wrong.

One and all, shut up when it comes to Trig Palin. Pick on someone your own size! Sarah Palin is a tough cookie, this is true. And when she ran on the McCain ticket for Vice President she surely got a big taste of the blood and dirt of modern political debate. The attacks on her and her family, the disturbing images and words that saturate print, video, and digital media, have reached a critical mass. It is not funny. There is no political value in such public abuse. And the entire culture is eroded by the crass, and hurtful assaults on one family and their child with special needs.

Trig, and so many like him born with Down Syndrome, are cute, playful, and joyful little kids. They learn, love, and bless our lives. Special attention must be given the medical, educational, and vocational needs of individuals with Down Syndrome. Life is not easy for any of us, and no one should be disqualified from dignity, love, and respect because they are born different.

There is a price to be paid for the creepy attacks on Trig. Wonkette lost numerous sponsors as a result of her inane remarks. CK Louis has been roundly criticized for his idiotic jokes. Perhaps the rubbish coming from the mouths and keyboards of these people will be matched by the stinking carcasses of their careers. Unfortunately, the greater price is paid by our entire society. It is easy to gradually devalue certain people, especially if it becomes an acceptable trend among the media and entertainment elite. Let’s hope for the sake of Trig Palin, all individuals with disabilities, and Americans at large, that it stops here and now.

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  1. Scoticus

    Ditto on everything you said. I can’t believe the Louis CK radio bit — and some of the responses I saw to that routine (if that’s what you want to call it). I still don’t understand the level of vitriol toward Sarah Palin and her family. People who get that stirred up because she is pro-life or christian or doesn’t believe in gay marriage are scary. You can disagree with her but to act like she is evil is beyond ridiculous. It is going to be an interesting 2012.

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