Tribal support for Bears Ears coming from OUTSIDE of Utah!

August 4, 2016

Obama, using his pen and phone, has hijacked hundreds of millions of acres from states and localities through his despotic and unprecedented abuse of the Antiquities Act. With the original intent of protecting important cultural and historical antiquities for a limited amount of time within a limited geographical area, the Antiquities Act more recently has been the tool of presidents to steal millions upon millions of acres of valuable lands out from under the noses of state and county governments, and countless citizens who depend upon them for sustenance.

With vast regions in California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and other states, already locked up by Obama’s executive orders, or under scrutiny for action in coming months, this president has created 19 new national monuments, taking nearly 270 million acres out of the hands of Americans and placing them under the control of federal bureaucrats.

Practical experience has proven national monuments are often bad for environmental health, and always bad for local economies. Case in point: The Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, created in 1996 through a secretive executive action of President Bill Clinton, has destroyed local economies within it’s 1.7 million acre area. Where once stood vibrant small towns with entrepreneurs, farmers, ranchers, domestic energy producers, and families seeking opportunity, now stand empty schools, abandoned neighborhoods, busted local budgets, and shuttered store fronts. In an unusual move last year, Garfield County issued a state of economic emergency, warning officials that if industries, jobs and opportunities driven out by national monument designation and Department of Interior rules were not restored, its towns would soon suffer economic implosion.


Utah and Utahans know the pain national monuments bring, and as a result, Obama now has a fight on his hands over nearly 2 million acres in San Juan County, Utah. The proposed Bears Ears National Monument, over which, Obama, radical environmentalist Interior Secretary, Sally Jewell, and out-of-state environmentalist special interests, have been salivating for years, may be subject to the executive pen, but there will be nothing secretive about it.

Thanks in large part to new media, the reality that national monuments lock up lands, water rights, and resources and prohibit access and economic activity for the people in communities affected by them, has come to light. So Sally Jewell and her globalist environmental cohorts, hatched a scheme to put regional Native American tribes at the forefront of ‘support’ for a Bears Ears National Monument. In an orchestrated photo op in July, Jewell met with the Bears Ears Inter-tribal Coalition, various environmental groups, and busloads–possibly hundreds, of ‘supporters’ in Bluff, Utah.

The blue t-shirted ‘supporters’ were bussed in by a coalition of the Sierra Club, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Wilderness Society.

Environmentalists bussed in 'supporters' from out of state, many of whom were ignorant of what Bears Ears land grab means to locals

Environmentalists bussed in ‘supporters’ from out of state, many of whom were ignorant of what Bears Ears land grab means to locals

Environmentalist coalition brings 7-8 busloads of 'supporters' from New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado

Environmentalist coalition brings 7-8 busloads of ‘supporters’ from New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado











The reality, however, that Bears Ears is opposed by most Utahans generally, and the vast majority of San Juan County locals, specifically, is starkly different than the optics staged on July 16 by Sally Jewell and her sycophantic followers.  A search of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Tribal Leaders Directory, shows that of the 26 tribes purportedly in favor of creating a Bears Ears monument, 24 of them make their homes outside the region that would be affected by the land grab.

The two tribe chapters (in red), the Aneth and the San Juan Southern Paiute, whose communities lie closest to the Bears Ears boundaries are OPPOSED to the creation of a national monument. While those saying they support a national monument designation (in blue) make their homes farther away. The closest advocate tribe, the Olajato Chapter, is primarily located in Arizona, and would not be personally or economically impacted to the same degree as the opposing chapters. Other tribal chapters in Utah are located hundreds of miles outside the proposed Bears Ears boundaries.


Proponents of the national monument count the Aneth Chapter among supporting tribes, but in November it made a request that its resolution supporting the Bears Ears proposal be rescinded.

Eight of the twenty tribal chapters included in the initial count of those supporting the Bears Ears Resolution were absent for the vote, which took place in November of 2014.

It appears that those supporting an Obama/Jewell land grab of 2 million acres in Utah, are largely NOT FROM UTAH. Environmentalist groups bussed in ‘astroturfers’ from other states, and, for the most part, supporting tribal chapters are well outside the proposed boundaries of Bears Ears.

Among the locals living in San Juan County, Utah, opposition is overwhelming. On July 27, Senator Mike Lee held a field hearing of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee in Blanding. Approximately 1,000 local citizens showed up in opposition to national monument designation, a majority of whom were from nearby tribal chapters.

Pictures of citizens of San Juan County, who passionately oppose the imposition of an environmentally and economically destructive national monument in their ancestral home, tell quite a different story than the jovial faces of those out-of-state ‘supporters’ in Sally Jewell’s photo op.





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Acknowledgments: Tribal research performed by Jami Bayles

  1. Jennifer Johnson

    You are amazing Reagangirl. Thank you so much for your support in the fight of our lives, for our lives. I really appreciate you getting information out to so many people.

    • For those who don’t know, I grew up in southeastern Utah. It’s my home, and I consider all those oppressed, abused, and trampled upon by imperious federal agencies and delusional, globalist-funded environmental radicals, as my friends. Thank you.

  2. Katrina

    I have been to Utah so many times starting back in 1989, I kept coming back with my children because of the beautiful wilderness ,the friendly down to earth people and the feeling of being so close to God. We camped in CanyonLands so many times driving the 110 mile trail from one site to another,never seeing another person most of the time,at night the sky was filled with so many stars ,we would sit and watch it in awe,We would wake up to the deer poking thier heads in our tent as the sun would start to fill the canyon with the biggest brightest sun against the beautiful blue sky with an occasional big puffy white cloud. It was perfect! my many memories of those times are etched in mine and my children’s ( now all grown up)minds forever .
    Sad to say I was very disappointed that the Sierra Club was part or this horrible SCAM that is taking place in UTAH ! And I will not continue to support them or continue my membership, they were suppose to be champions of the WILDERNESS,environment ,the wildlife and THE PEOPLE ! It is deplorable that they would bus people in that donot live there and donot have any stake what’s so ever with the land or local politics ,for them to act like they belong there and they have a right to speak up for something that does not involve them is WRONG!, Just as WRONG as the Native Americans who are getting involved while they are not from the LOCAL TRIBES , it breaks my heart that they would allow themselves to be used by our Government and President Obama , that THEY WOULD SELLOUT THIER OWN PEOPLE ! For what ? Money$$ ? UTAH IS BEAUIFUL ,THE AREA OF BEARS EARS IS BEAUITFUL AND IT DOESN’T NEED A MONUMENT TO PROVE IT! I hope you will fight tooth and nail against a monument that clearly isn’t needed or wanted. OBAMA IS AS CROOKED AS A RATTLE SNAKE CROSSING THE SAND. I can only pray that Hillary Clinton won’t become are next President , she’ll sell our land to the highest bitters. Obama promised so much ,all lies ,he has done more harm for the U.S and its people, it’s a shame that even as his time is coming to an end he continues to still destroy what is truly good in our country.I will spread this story and tell anyone who is willing to listen,please CONTINUE TO FIGHT AND TELL YOUR STORY , This is so wrong that maybe enough people can turn this around and make it right🙃

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