Children as Pawns in the “Transgender” Rights Movement

February 19, 2014

The children who, for the political ends of misguided parents, are being falsely identified as “transgender,” may never recover their true potential, or understand the confusion that will naturally result from literally living a lie.


States such as Colorado and California are being blasted something more dangerous than the so-called “polar vortex” churning its way through the Northeast, they’re caught in a vortex of “weird.”

Last summer a 6 year-old Aurora boy, purported to be “transgendered,” was given permission by his school district to use the girl’s potty facilities. Later in the year the confused tot with obviously misguided parents, and a bed-wetting liberal school administrators, was accused of “sexually harassing” the little girls in the same potty facilities. It’s hard to pin down what’s wrong with this picture, because pretty much everything in this picture is wrong! Thus, the vortex of weird.

First of all, a child of 6 lacks the developmental capacity to determine whether he/she is a sexuality other than that indicated by his/her pee pee (or lack of a pee pee). Second, a 6 year old boy whose parents dress him as a girl, using the girls potty facilities standing up, or just loitering or looking on with a 6 year-old boy’s curiosity, may be annoying to the little girls–as he should be–doesn’t really constitute sexual harassment. Every adult responsible for this mess should be incredibly ashamed. Read on.

Governor Jerry Brown signed into a law a similar bill that removes gender-based barriers from facilities such as public restrooms and locker rooms. In other words, if a boy feels like he is a girl he can use a girls restroom. If a girl who feels like she might be a girl but wants to explore what it’s like to be a boy because she’s not sure about what she is, wants to shower in a boys locker room, in California it’s okie dokie!

Brown’s stupid law has no anatomical requirement for the use of a particular plumbing fixture. A girl can squat in the urinal if her “self-perception” indicates that she’s a boy. A boy can lather up his junk in a girl’s shower if his “self-perception” indicates he’s a girl. It is a cruel irony that this sicko bill is based on the premise that forcing a boy who thinks he’s a girl–but who nevertheless is equipped with male anatomy–to use men’s facilities would be cruel and unfair. No thought is given to the modesty of children, girls or boys, or the innate right to privacy of people to whom the idea of mixing anatomical opposites in dressing, shower, and toilet facilities is repugnant. How long, I wonder, will it take for the first sexual harassment charges to be filed as a result of California’s “landmark” lunacy, AB1266.

California seems to be ground zero for creepy parents who use their little children to perpetuate the “transgender” identity myth, but “transgender child” controversies are popping up everywhere, from California to Colorado to Maryland. There is no scientific basis nor precedent for a person born as one gender transforming into the other. But the absurd nature of transgender social tinkering doesn’t stop people from imposing a false sexual identity on their own children. Humans universally experience exploratory periods throughout their psycho-sexual development. Whether through emotional impulses or curiosity, most children will explore opposite gender roles, and may even identify with the opposite gender for a time. But these exploratory periods, though not abnormal, are transient and children will normally establish a robust sexual identity as puberty nears.  It is very likely that the “transgender” children upon whom some sicko parents, and political morons like Jerry Brown, are basing their “transgender rights” assertions are simply kids going through a stage of identity development and curiosity.

It’s fast becoming a social norm to believe that gender is a self-identified characteristic. Again, this is outrageous, without basis nor precedent, and the imposition of such a fallacy on the lives of young children by politicians and parents who have a “tolerance” agenda, will ultimately prove ruinous to youngsters as well as the greater society. Parents who lock their children into a false sexual identity are seeking, and some irresponsible doctors are making available, medications and surgical procedures that interrupt and destroy the normal sexual development of children in their early teens. This level of parental and medical indiscretion is unthinkable in other matters that require medical intervention. Human identity development continues through life, and psycho-sexual development is usually not complete until the mid-20s, when the frontal cortex of the brain is fully established. This amounts to parents and doctors literally obliterating the G0d-given identities of children in order to advance an extrinsic sociopolitical agenda that has nothing to do with the actual natures and destinies of those children.

This trend should alarm everyone who is interested in the long-term viability of emerging generations.  There is nothing more satanic or destructive than to lie to a child about his true, eternal nature. There is no law, no social trend, no political agenda, that can transform a human being into something other than that which he was born to be. The “transexual” trap into which so many misguided parents, pandering politicians and social scientists are falling will further deteriorate the moral underpinnings of our civilization. The children who, for the political ends of parents, are being falsely identified as “transgender,” may never recover their true potential, or understand the confusion that will naturally result from literally living a lie.

“Transexual” adults have found their places in literature, culture, and the workplaces of western countries for decades. They, as a group, have access to every opportunity promised to everyone else as a matter of Constitutional civil rights. However, these are people who by and large, are able to choose for themselves, regardless of the reasons for their confused sexual-identities. But California’s new law which allows purportedly “transgender” children to literally choose their sex, exemplifies the movement of these issues from the adult, free-agent, realm into that of impressionable, possibly confused children, who are not legally able to choose much at all, other than their favorite meals or television shows. “Transgender” children simply do not exist. But parents and policy makers who have fallen for this latest monstrosity of social tinkering may be sacrificing the identities and very lives of their children on the altar of sexual ambiguity.

ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of theChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

by Marjorie Haun  2/19/14

  1. Mary O

    It’s the case of the ‘Apple Tree’ all over again. The paradise once known no longer exists. Hey, it’s a new reality and we are hip so. get with it, right?. Unfortunately, it’s that apple of pride which is said to be the biggest destroyer of mankind effecting our present time. Jesus Christ, Son of God came down to reopen the gates to paradise. Through His example we are given new chance and shown the way to Heaven should we choose. This was the purpose for the spreading of the ‘Word’ worldwide. Because of our present day mediocrity we have convinced ourselves that is enough to believe, while we flirt with the Devil and partake of his apple tree. And while the apple is being shared once again a new reality is being formed leaving the past to become an unknown reality. Today, to describe the time period before the mid sixties would be like trying to describe a rose to a blind person. And it is not enough to just take care of ourselves and our immediate family. This complacency as said in the bible will make us too small to fight off intrusion. If we want Gods protection and good will we need to share and fervently spread the “Good News.” At present it feels rather overwhelming the growth of evil. Like an infectious disease it is spreading like wild fire. Pride which is opposite of Love is the reign we are now witnessing. Humility which is the perfection of charity and love stands in opposition to Pride and neither can have share in a same given moment in time. Any sense of our Love/humility is being overtaken by Pride/Me/ self-centerd reality. So much for the wisdom of the parable of the “Mustard Seed,” the reign of God. Matt. 13:32-33. Humility is the tiny mustard seed which grows to become the largest of shrubs and we birds of the sky come and build our nest in its branches. Jesus is the Mustard Seed of whom we’ve come to know and build our home in His outstretched arms of Love. Of pride, at first, feels as a warm blanket and unlike humility tiny enough to penetrate even the smallest recesses of hearts with love, pride, soon begins to smother hearts. I feel the smother of hearts particularly of our young. Because of our complacency our children are no less like withering leaves off a dead tree with no foundation in God, knowledge or reality of life here after and an eternal reward. We are living in a materialistic dog eat dog reality with no value for life because of our mediocrity with God and his Commandments. In Revelations God says, “How I wish you were either hot or cold, but, because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth.” As I mentioned above Pride and Humility can have no share in a same given moment or space in time. We choose for ourselves either Hell or Heaven. We need to jump off this present day bandwagon wishy-washy reality and take that stand back for truth and what is right under Gods laws if we want to begin to see a turn around, and most importantly if we care about our children and grandchildren here after. God has no need for the Ten Commandments Himself. Simply, He gave them to us so we’d know how to live in peace and happiness. Remaining in a state of mediocrity, between Humility/Love vs Pride/self-fullness is like that of an unfaithful spouse . . .vomit. . .”how I wish you were either hot or cold.”

  2. Yes, this California law is disturbing, to say the least. As a California resident, I’m not sure what to think, except that I don’t like it.

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