#TopTen Ways Hippies and Liberals are Like Nazis

December 1, 2013

Hippies and Liberals embrace Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, as a heroine. To Hippies and Liberals she was the force behind abortion rights and the 20th Century women’s liberation movement. To the Nazis in Germany, Margaret Sanger was the philosophical force behind “Eugenics,” which was a key component of Hitler’s plan for a “master race.”


1. Hippies and Liberals love Volkswagens, and we all know that Hitler was the evil mastermind behind the “Peoples Car.”

2. Hippies and Liberals, even those of Jewish extraction, invariably vote for politicians who hate Israel and support its Hamas and Hezbollah enemies.

3. Hippies and Liberals lean toward pseudo-religious belief systems in which mortals, or inanimate objects such as “Mother Earth,” take the place of God. The Nazis in Germany used churches as political pawns, but philosophically and practically they were pagan.

4. Hippies and Liberals believe that because they are “sensitive” and “caring,” that the personal behavior of other people–what is in the best interest of individuals–should be dictated by a central power, usually the “wise and nurturing” state. Nazis were Fascists and believed in a Totalitarian government which would have the power to dictate what is good and what is bad for individuals and society at large, thus controlling personal behavior.

5. Hippies and Liberals place a moral value on things like food and words. In other words, they believe that by eating certain foods they deem acceptable, such as in vegan or vegetarian diets, or speaking with politically correct terminology, they are avoiding sin. Hitler practiced vegetarianism for a good part of his life, purportedly because he was sensitive about “animal welfare.” The great irony is, of course, that Hippie-Liberals and Nazis are historically comfortable with human slaughter in the forms of abortion and genocide.

6. Hippies and Liberals embrace Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, as a heroine. To Hippies and Liberals she was the force behind abortion rights and the 20th Century women’s liberation movement. To the Nazis in Germany, Margaret Sanger was the philosophical force behind “Eugenics,” which was a key component of Hitler’s plan for a “master race.” Margaret Sanger was in reality a racist monster who advocated promiscuity, infanticide, and the “elimination” of sub-standard humans from society.

7. Hippies and Liberals gave us the drug culture, from marijuana to heroin to meth. A number of psycho-social issues are at the basis of their penchant for “altered states,” but it’s all made possible by nebulous moral constructs, and the general dissatisfaction with life, which seems to plague Hippies and Liberals. Hitler and his Nazi henchmen experimented personally, as well as a matter of policy, with powerful drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, and morphine. It could be said that Hippies and Liberals, and Nazis as groups both suffer the malaise that comes from rejecting God and the healthy moral constructs that require self-regulation and civility.

8. Hippies and Liberals believe that human worth is not intrinsic but may be determined based upon one’s relative value to society. Hippies and Liberals are ideological supporters of abortion-on-demand, and in many cases, euthanasia. Both of these practices justify the taking of human life according to what is convenient or easy for society. Hippies and Liberals may assert that abortion saves “unwanted” babies from difficult lives, or that euthanasia is a dignified way to end suffering, but in reality, these practices are utterly selfish and arbitrary. The Nazis’ final solution to the contrived “Jewish question” in Europe was to simply eliminate the race. But it didn’t stop there. All people deemed less than fit; Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled, the mentally retarded, Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as political dissidents, were targeted and murdered by Hitler’s Nazi regime on the basis that it would improve the living conditions for the stronger members of society.

9. Hippies and Liberals love abortion as a form of population control, but they also tend to embrace abortion to satisfy personal-preferences, such as sex-selection abortion. Nazis experimented with various methods for shaping and perfecting society through eliminating certain populations, while breeding other populations to optimize what they deemed to be desirable characteristics. Hippies and Liberals may pretend to be saving the planet with their population-control schemes, but like the Nazis, they are actually attempting to force humanity into an impossible Utopian fantasy.

10. Hippies and Liberals have a psychological makeup which is opposite of their “open-minded” pretense. They are highly intolerant of diversity in thought and even behaviors, which don’t match their progressive goals for society. Political Correctness is a behavioral code invented on the Left which severely limits variations in thought, speech, and public expression. Hitler’s Nazis were intolerant of Jews, and all other groups they deemed to be lesser than their Aryan ideal. But they were also highly suspicious and intolerant of political philosophies, religions, and artistic expressions outside of their ideological construct.

11. (Bonus) Hippies and Liberals, like Nazis, cannot see beyond the superficial aspects of individuals or groups. Race is a touchy subject for Hippies and Liberals because they believe that everything about a person is determined by color or ethnicity. Nazis were fixated on appearances and sought to build a super race, not by encouraging high moral standards, civility, or education, but by breeding a certain look into their population. It can be said that Hippies, Liberals, and yes, Nazis, look only at the superficial qualities of people and don’t give a crap about content of one’s character.

by Marjorie Haun  12/1/13

  1. Scott Yagemann

    Bravo. Very good points. It gets scarier and scarier every year. I remember when these “hippie” types were shunned. I even looked hippyish in my college days with long hair and a beard. Of course I knew nothing of the idiology. It was just cool to be a “Hippy.” I wasn’t really a hippie. I didn’t live on a commune and certainly didn’t want to live that way. I found it odd that those who protested Vietnam considered themselves part of the “Peace and Love” movement of the “Hippies.” Most people I knew didn’t want to go because they didn’t want to get killed, not because they were really pacifists. Keep up the good work, babe!

  2. Mary O

    I remember very well the transiting times from moral to supposed peace and freedom. I was in my first years of college 1967-69 before I went for my “Mrs.” degree instead. Still a single income economy but, at the precipice of the New evolving Career Women. I remember the gradual to rapid changes. “My Sociology instructor said once that we have arrived in our intellectual rise. As such we no longer look to what our forefathers’ said. And, soon will come a time when we will no longer need our parents guidance because we will we be born with the innate knowledge and ability to no how to live and take care of ourselves from childhood.” My thoughts, as a trusting student then were, “So, does this mean that I do not have to pay heed to my parents foundation laid down before me. That I can in fact choose for myself what choose?” Walla . . . and the dawning Hippie era, free love and BIRTH CONTROL. However, as one of few I chose to hold fast to my upbringing. You see, from all the horrible things perpetrated upon me as a developing young women I had already chased after and made God my only best friend. However, I lived through the transitioning life style so gradual yet effective(this part I’ll get to) . . . from free love, and bra-less-ness to free love to the dawning disco era bringing back that bra and adding the new polyester wardrobe adorned in diamonds and jewels. Men unbuttoning their shirts, chests adorned with gold. Freedom of sex like none before and done with class; to add devorce made easy. I a mother of two watched the breakdown of family. Retired men dumping their wives to become the sugar daddies for the young and material driven ladies; enjoying a reality unlike shared in their younger years. My daughter in first grade told me that her teacher did a study in class and here she found out that she was the only one in her class that had both parents living at home. I soon became the after school mom for many of my children’s friends who’d rather come to my house than go to an empty house. God soon became an entity that one believed in only to a degree. In my mind I guessed that this supposed degree must have satisfied in the mind a sort of “Fire” insurance. When teaching pre-confirmation high school students in a prominent area of town at the end of the Carter years and open campus period, I was astonished to realize that these teens were unable to read at the 4th grade level: hence, the dawn of the duming down of America. At this same time Planned Parenthood, (an organization BTW introduced earlier to the local churches for monetary support under the guise of helping young teens in a supposed moral way), by now entered into the high schools promoting birth control as a safe guard. Now at this onset I remember the survey was taken to decide the real necessity here. It was found that only one percent of the high school students actually engaged in sex then. The PP notion was then band. Well, it didn’t take long for statistics a start of a new study in the early 70’s to kick in. It became apparent through such studies that if you tell a child often enough that this is who they are and what they do they will begin to think it natural and true and act accordingly. Whalla! the false advertising to teens that sex is natural and what they do. Whalla! the percentages soon increased and Plan Parenthood soon made it into the schools. It is also known while people began to find their roots back into marriage after all the hurt and pain of the hippie and disco era that if the family can just be broken down forever control of individuals becomes forever a success. Well you youngins, ad I’m ate the ripe age of 65 know the rest of the story. The effects; break down the family and you have control. I look at so many children these days and they are like withering leaves off a dead tree from dead roots. The effects have come from as you presented the ever evolving ideology embraced by liberals who have been armed through statistic study’s, causes and effects, promoted through the use of guises such as the likes of community, charity and the environment etc. and most effectively driven through media control. My live as a child, virtually no drugs or thugs and church every Sunday is a reality that cannot be shared in its fullest. It would be like trying to describe a rose to a blind person. My age will soon die off and at this point I truly think that it will take the intervention of God to see real change for the good. I do see something refreshing arising and perhaps God is already here intervening upon the young and innocent. I’m beginning to see more young arising against this evil we have reigning at the top. Perhaps the young are seeing something new and refreshing out side the murk and muck of the brokenness of our society. And, Whalla the world goes ’round. Hence, the old saying, shared by my history professor, “If only people would learn from the past.”

  3. yo mama

    Hippies were a Nazi novel on ancient cultures. Nazis were clean and violent, and the hippies were dirty and peacefull, one was about creating a extremely sober master race, the other using psychedelic drugs was expanding their consciousness. The hippies were a artificially produced through drugs version of what the Nazis wanted as a reality. Lost cultures lost to time were revived through the hippies, lost pagan cultures, a Nazi adventure to a lost land like Tibet, Savitri Devi in her meanderings about the pagan past lost to Christianity, and the new clean, moral, and animal-tree loving world of clean water and air, with ofcourse a clean, sober vegetarian humanity of small number living in stewardship with the powers of the earth in almost Christian love for and with it’s creatures, the animals ofcourse. Infact animals were the only ones she loved with a Christian like passion while judging humanity for it’s crimes against nature, it’s animals, it’s trees, and the best races and individuals who would make life on earth a paradise, “superior individuals” upholding the superior races by indoctrinating them in righteous activities, if the superior races rejected those ideals worthy of them, they were to be exterminated along with the inferior races.
    The Hippies were predominantly European, but like every religion, or outlook on life, they wanted to include everyone of every race, while having many of the loves and ideals without having any of the ideas of the Nazis.
    The Nazis killed to protect the forests, the hippies will sit in trees untill the tree cutting stops, both believed in the same things, one was willing to kill while the other was not. So in a sense the Nazis were the old testament with vengeance and judgment, and the hippies were the new testament of peace, love, forgiveness and acceptance, they were not the same for one was all including and the other was not, not many pure breed jews in the Nazi movement, but the hippies were largley comprised of jews so the Nazis would have understood that the hippies were different but they would have counted them as a nation unto themselves, almost like the civilization of Atlantis, Greece and Rome, comprising many different races. jews of the hippie world taped into their nazirite ways of letting their hair grow, and the Christian whites of the hippie world remembered the pagan past of European pre-Christian ways, while Jewish hippies remembered their pre-Christian Judaic consciousness and it’s ascetic ways related to Nazirites and Essenes, while blacks were free to find themselves, all traditions and cultures were celebrated by the hippies and many ancient cultures were brought back to life through LSD and pot. Nazis were sober, the hippies were in altered states of consciousness. Just like we have left democrats (which are most of them) and a small minority of conservative democrats. The Nazis held some hippie opinions for sure concerning the natural world but were conservative and definatly not the same as a hippie, but fought for many of them same things like paganism, earth worship, animal rights and paradise values.

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