Top 5 Worst Boneheads of 2014

December 31, 2014

The worst female reproductive organ of 2014: MARK UTERUS (UDALL)

This hard-left Democrat Senator from Colorado, the scion of the Udall political dynasty, aborted himself by clinging to an ineffective, and ultimately absurd campaign narrative. Mark Udall must have had Rosie O’Donnell advising him because early-on in the race to maintain his seat in the United States Senate, he concluded that to win against the extremely cute Republican Congressman from Yuma, Colorado, he must run 24/7 “Cory Gardner is too extreme for Colorado and hates women and their body parts and wants to keep them barefoot and pregnant on a goat farm in Idaho” campaign ads. Democrat pundits tried to wean Udall from his weird obsession with stuff that was legally
settled in the 1970s, and it was even a left-leaning blogger from the Denver Post who dubbed him “Mark Uterus,” which went viral across the country. Shortly thereafter, Udall’s career in the Senate was terminated. Cory Gardner, who was, and still is too extremely cute for Colorado, loves women, especially the baby daughter, Caitlin Quinn, whom his wife birthed just days ago–after months of not being barefoot.


The worst piece of human rubbish to visit the White House 61 times 2014: AL SHARPTON

Even Webster’s Thesaurus cannot provide words sufficient to describe this most despicable, self-promoting, criminal, race-hustling bodily orifice. The BFF of Barack and Eric, Al stoked the fires of anger in Ferguson, Missouri by inflating the fabricated “hand’s up don’t shoot” version of what happened to Michael Brown into a national issue. Not content to leave a small Missouri town in ruins with the riots he perpetrated, Sharpton took to New York City to incite more mayhem over a tragic case that had nothing to do with racism. Even now, following the cold-blooded murders of several policemen, the desiccated weasel Sharpton has not been called to task by anyone in the Obama Administration, nor the mainstream media. Al Sharpton, in 2014 and beyond, will be known to law-abiding Americans and the men and women who protect and serve them, as the bloody-handed race pimp of the century.


Entitled, cognitively dissonant, feminist dough girl who cried–and lied–rape of 2014: LENA DUNHAM 

Lying about the serious, potentially life-destroying crime of rape is what actress Lena Dunham will be remembered for. Despite her otherwise weird behavior; getting naked and showing her doughy body to the world in displays of feminist defiance; obsessing over the fictitious “War on Women;” and lending to the freak show atmosphere of pop culture, Lena Dunham is really just a spoiled rich kid from an artsy-fartsy New York City family with too much time and anger on her hands to be a productive citizen. But beyond her deplorable conduct, Dunham sought to destroy an innocent young guy and taint the “conservative” brand with a false accusation of rape simply to satisfy her unhinged, radical feminist worldview. A word to young women and girls across the nation and the world; Lena Dunham is the worst America has to offer, and exactly what you don’t want to grow up to be.



Commie-pinko, cop-hating, Castro-loving mayor of New York City of 2014: RED BILL DeBLASIO

Wow, I’m ordinarily pretty serene when writing, but listing these loathsome leftists may cause me to blow an aneurysm before I get to the first edit. Anyoo,  about Red Bill de Blasio…

This guy was elected mayor of NYC in a landslide in November of 2013. That election also had a record low turnout, which means smart people stayed home and commie morons, performing their civic duty, put an incompetent socialist Utopian in charge. We all knew de Blasio was a clintonian Marxist, left of Hillary and clearly deranged. He ran on an anti-cop platform, appealing to people most likely to have negative interactions with cops–criminals–which turned out to be a winning strategy for Red Bill. But following the the grand jury decision that absolved some New York cops (including a black female police sergeant) of the intentional homicide of Eric Garner, a black father of 6 who was stopped for selling “illegal” cigarettes, de Blasio went full-bore against the thin blue line, which on 9-11, proved itself to be one of the greatest law-enforcement organizations on the planet. Like a good commie, Red Bill inferred that slavery never went away and that racism is systemic in society, and most especially in white cop/black man interactions. Days following his disgusting rants against his own police department and others, two NYPD officers were gunned down while eating their lunches in a patrol car, by a black man who, without a doubt, felt that de Blasio and the other race hustlers; Sharpton, Obama, Holder, et al, gave him permission to take bloody revenge on the cops. The rift between de Blasio and the NYPD grows every time he flaps his mouth. Commie Red Bill’s inexcusable behavior has also managed to widen the rift between law-abiding Americans and the Left-wing, which is a good thing. While Americans draw away from the likes of de Blasio and his race-baiting buddies, we are uniting across all demographics to say #ISupportFirstResponders and #PoliceLivesMatter.


Obamacare architect, simultaneously bumbling fool/evil genius of 2014: JONATHAN GRUBER

It’s easy to hate Jonathan Gruber, but his biggest mistake was being honest. He was transparent in bragging about the “huge political advantage” of being non-transparent. He bragged about how the “tortured” machinations of Obamacare were designed to fool purportedly stupid Americans because they would be smart enough to figure it out if it was plainly written. Jonathan Gruber is a smart guy who was out-smarted by his belief that he could put one over on the American people. This MIT economist/professor, while being grilled on Capitol Hill by the House Oversight Committee, took up the defense that he did said what he said because he’s stupid. But the best irony of Gruber’s assertion that Obamacare was written to fool stupid American voters, is that the only people who bought into its lies were Democrats. If there are stupid Americans out there, it’s not the Republicans who steadfastly opposed Obamacare from the get-go. Congressional Republicans saw through Gruber’s legalistic fog, and not one, NOT ONE, voted for it. So I guess to be fair, Jonathan Gruber should share his Bonehead of 2014 Award with Obama and all the Congressional Democrats who voted for the disastrously stupid and ironically named Affordable Care Act.

Happy New Year to all. May Heavenly Father protect us all against boneheads like these in 2015.

by Marjorie Haun  12/31/14

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