Top 5 Humans of Awesome Greatness: 2014

December 28, 2014

You need look no further than for the Top 5 Humans of Awesome Greatness for 2014

Iron-spined Truth Teller of the Thin Blue Line 2014: Milwaukee County SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE

This man has the courage to buck political correctness and the pressure from agitators like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder. As controversy erupted in Ferguson, MO, as well as his own state, over interactions between law-enforcement officer and black males, Sheriff David Clarke has kept a cool head, reacted in measured and rational ways, AND, spoken the harsh truth about how the vast majority of murders of blacks in America are committed by other blacks. Finally, Sheriff Clarke, in this clip from CNN, speaks about the terrible loss of black lives in American through abortion. Sheriff Clarke lives the slogan, #BlackLivesMatter, indeed, as a man who keeps the peace and makes civil society possible, to Sheriff David Clarke, #AllLivesMatter.

After linking war and capitalism together in remarks made to La Vanguardia in June 2014, The Economist accused Pope Francis of "following Lenin."

Photo from Religious News Service


Tough Love Reality Checker 2014: POPE FRANCIS

Days before Christmas Pope Francis addressed the Vatican with a scathing rebuke for its systemic corruption and hypocrisy. This powerful call to repentance accused those at the power center of the Roman Catholic Church of suffering from “spiritual Alzheimer’s,” and of “maladies and other temptations” such as ladder-climbing and perception of self-importance by “princes of the church.” This jarring sermon from the most visible religious figure on earth is applicable to the entire Christian world. No matter our congregation or canon of scripture, no matter our organizational structures or size, Pope Francis has sent an epistle to all that religion is not about power, nor wealth, nor social climbing, but about living our lives after the pattern set by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and living our lives with the inspiration that comes from an ever deepening relationship with Him.


Head Exploder of Leftist Race-Baiters 2014: MIA LOVE

She’s an articulate, whip-smart woman; she’s a constitutional Conservative; she’s the daughter of Haitian immigrants; she’s a woman of color; she’s a Mormon, AND she’s the first black Republican woman elected to the House of Representatives. Mia Love, wife, mother, and the former mayor of a Utah town, has largely been ignored by the mainstream media and Democrat pundits because she blows apart their lame stereotypes about conservatives, blacks, women and Mormons! A rising star and a trail-blazer, this woman of high moral character is everything the American Left fears, as they should.


Fearless Pig-castrating Mid-Western Warrior Woman Senator 2014: JONI ERNST

In November Joni Ernst beat Democrat Bruce Braley in the Iowa U.S. Senate race to replace outgoing Democrat Tom Harkin. Joni Ernst is a mom and wife, has degrees in Psychology and Public Administration and, at the time of her election, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard, having served for 21 years in the Army Reserve. A rural renaissance woman, Joni Ernst entered the Iowa senate race, guns blazing–or more appropriately, knives slashing, with this one-of-a-kind campaign ad.


Movie-making America-loving Historian Intellectual Adorable Nerd 2014: DINESH D’SOUZA

I discovered Dinesh D’Souza 13 years ago when I became addicted to his weekly columns in the NewsMax online magazine. A thinker with a unique perspective and a deep love for the United States of America and all it represents, Dinesh D’Souza is HATED by the American Left because he, like others among my heroes of awesome greatness, defies the racial stereotypes they try to apply to modern conservatism. Having immigrated from India as a teen to receive his schooling in America, Dinesh D’Souza found more than opportunity, he found the love his life. His love for America, its founding principles, and the great figures that exemplify the freedom, innovation and rugged individualism unique to this nation, are apparent in D’Souza’s growing collection of books and movies. Both unsettling and inspiring, Dinesh D’Sousa’s latest movie, “America: Imagine the World Without Her” is a love letter to the greatest nation the world has ever known.

by Marjorie Haun  12/28/14

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