This or That: Conservatism or Liberalism

Pick your side now. They're not the same!

Conservatives answer first to the ultimate authority, God.  Liberals have killed God and must answer first to the authority of the self.

Remember the comic relief button from the New Hampshire GOP showcase last Monday?  (It wasn’t a debate but that’s okay) “This or That?”  Well if you were to give some gravitas to that question and actually ask something meaningful you might ask questions like “liberty or tyranny, prosperity or poverty, independence or dependence on government, truth or liberal lies, reason or emotion, life or abortion on demand, the will of God or the will of the self?”

I had a pleasant conversation with one of the young women who attended “Netroots Nation” in Minneapolis at the same time I was there for “Right Online.” (Most interactions were uncomfortable, but only for the Netroots posse.  They got a big smile from me every time) After our elevator/lobby exchange I wished her an “excellent day” and we headed out the hotel door to the street.  I walked to the intersection to cross and she promptly jay-walked (maybe she was getting away from me before her entire construct of the “evil conservative” crumbled to the ground).   I ruminated about this and it comes from the final ‘this or that.’

Conservatives answer first to the ultimate authority, God.  Liberals have killed God and must answer first to the authority of the self.  Now jay-walking is not a horrendous crime, but it illustrated the lack of constraints, legal, moral, logical, on the part of Liberals.  Conservatives tend to be rule bound.  Not blindly adhering to bad policies and stupid movements just because they are popular or comfortable, but because the are tied to the commandments of God.

God is the first authority.  The Constitution, for the American Conservative, is next.  We resist any behavior or legislation that denies the authority of the first two.  I cross at the intersection with the light because I have a responsibility, as a Child of God and as a Citizen of the United States of America, to follow those rules which ensure order, the general welfare (well being, peaceful conduct) of the society, and to minimize personal risk.  I am responsible to sustain my own well being.  I don’t want my liberty to walk to be removed via car collision with my lower appendages.

The ‘this or that’ question is not the silly inquire of personal preferences that we witnessed in New Hampshire.  It is really the basic question of who and what we love and who and what we hate.  Conservatives love God, liberty, family, the American the founders intended.  Liberals eschew God, resent the nuclear family, believe that America is an oppressor, think the founders were either atheistic or evil slave owners.  Conservatives love humanity and support the leaders and policies which enhance the life and prosperity.  Liberals are anti-humanity, and support leaders and policies which destroy opportunity and the quality of life for everyone (except the party elite, of course).

So next time “this or that” is asked, it might be “human progress or annihilation,” or sadly, “love of life or hatred of self.”

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