The Welfare State: Breeding Contempt, Breeding Monsters

September 24, 2013

The phenomenon known as “victim blaming” encompasses the idea that the victim of a crime is guilty of abetting the crime simply because his vulnerability made the crime possible. Welfare recipients who evolve into criminals tend to regard ordinary, taxpaying Americans with the same scorn.

The two headed monster that could eat the country, Obamacare Amnesty, has received some serious wounds, and the head wearing the mask of Affordable Health Care is bleeding out. The other head, Amnesty for millions of foreign lawbreakers presently looks catatonic, but will come roaring back to life at any time. These are monsters made in Washington D.C. where the Frankensteins on Capitol Hill are insulated from the terrible effects of a growing welfare state, and declining self-reliance, morality, and religious observance that indicates a dependence on Divine providence, as opposed to government largess.


Islamic terrorist bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and their extended family were the recipients of welfare benefits from the state of Massachusetts provoked national indignation. The terrorist brothers received welfare benefits while living with their parents, who were not gainfully employed, and then “transitional assistance” later on. It wasn’t clear whether or not the period during which the brothers underwent Islamic radicalization was funded by taxpayer cash, but it was apparent that the brothers lived well, received education, used the latest electronic devices, and enjoyed all the creature comforts imaginable on the taxpayer dime. The outrageous irony of this revelation is that a family harboring a foul hatred of America was supported by the government and the citizens which were the focus of their hatred.

How does a family, after leaving the backward hell hole of Chechnya, and being welcomed into and lavished with the good life by a nation where the only limits are self-imposed, the only hatred is self-inflicted, and conflict is a lifestyle choice, harbor such a venomous contempt for  everything and everyone from whom they benefit?

On March 22 in Brunswick, Georgia, De’Marquis Elkins decided he needed some cash so he set out to rob someone. He encountered Sherry West, a young mother walking with her 13 month old son in a stroller. Elkins, accompanied by a younger accomplice, flashed a gun and demanded money from the woman. She said she had none and plead with him not to shoot her baby. The robber walked around to the front of the stroller and shot tiny baby Antonio in the face, killing him.

De’Marquis Elkins is a government benefits poster boy. His mother and aunt lived on government assistance, including food stamps, cash payments, and subsidized housing.  He got a free education in Georgia’s public schools, and despite a history of criminal arrests, walking freely on the streets of his town, and enjoyed his daily weed.

How does a young man who never had to work, whose mother basked in the leisure of a taxpayer-funded lifestyle, and whose every need was met without the stress of having to work for himself, be so inhumane, so past feeling, that he could take the life of a helpless baby boy without blinking? What is the source of such contempt against humanity itself?

Correlations between violent crime and government benefits are well established by various studies from several countries. The absence of fathers in the home, drugs, gang activity, and indifference about education all contribute to higher rates of crime.  Those without skills or incentive will supplement welfare benefits through drug dealing, robbery, shoplifting, prostitution, etc. Institutionalized non-performance, the notion that the individual is not responsible for his own support or for the results of his personal failure, certainly inures the human spirit to a sense of moral duty. There is, however, a deeper pathology stalking the contemporary welfare culture, an attitude among beneficiaries that it is not only a reward to for them, but a punishment to the society they regard as oppressive; guilty of injustices.

As for the Muslim Tsarnaev brothers, perhaps they regarded government assistance as a Jizya tax; a just assessment on Infidels who fail the test of Islamic righteousness. Perhaps in the mind of the killer, De’Marquis Elkins, he had a right to the possessions of a young white woman since she was  representative of the race who, nearly two centuries ago, was responsible for the injustice of black slavery. Are government dependence and crimes against innocent civilians the acting out of institutional contempt fostered within certain minority cultures?

Whether welfare recipients are young black men, foreign-born Islamic savages, or illegal aliens, the hand that feeds, supports, and educates them via taxpayer monies, is the subject of their seething contempt. The illogical nature of nanny-state assistance breeds such antipathy. After all, what reasonably intelligent, worldly individual would not regard government welfare as a joke foisted upon those whose industry goes to support people who hate the very system and people that makes their indolence possible.

The phenomenon known as “victim blaming” encompasses the idea that the victim of a crime is guilty of abetting a crime simply because his vulnerability made the crime possible. Welfare recipients who evolve into criminals tend to regard ordinary, taxpaying Americans with the same scorn. Government at every level in the United States is being made the victim of its own inability to say “no” to those who take advantage of its generosity, while using its resources to implement the destruction of its own citizens.

The modern welfare state provides an untouchable fortress, buttressed by political correctness, the “denial” media, and a burgeoning dependent class, for those who live on the money stolen from earners, where they regard hardworking, law-abiding taxpayers as dupes, fools, hosts to their clever and unbeatable parasitic games. As a predatory being disdains the weakling as unworthy of respect, no-account government welfare is breeding contempt for those who tolerate its growth and support its insatiable appetites. It’s also breeding a generation of monsters.

by Marjorie Haun  9/24/13


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