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April 20, 2012

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” –Josef Stalin

Virtue and family

The family is our best weapon in the virtue wars.

Disease, unlike lethal trauma, does not instantly kill an organism.  It slowly invades the systems of the living thing, and through a massive, yet silent attack on its defenses, overtakes the creature and kills it from within.  Personal virtues serve as the equivalent of social, psychological, and political antigens in warding off, at the point of entry, the disease and decay which potentially strip entire populations of their identities as Children of God, and replace them with self-imposed identities as insentient chattel of the godless state.

It is no accident that the Obama Administration is riddled with scandals.  The Administration’s moral problems radiate like spokes from a decaying central point.  The President is the morally corrupt cynosure from which scandals of every imaginable kind extend, negatively effecting everyone and everything they touch. But B. Hussein Obama is not alone in his mansion of malfeasance. In fact, he’s not really the cause, he’s a symptom.  Holding the high office of the Presidency, his pebbles make massive ripples on the pond of American culture.  But his is not a story of external corruption in the impersonal appendages of government bureaucracies, it’s a tale of virtue lost, Godlessness, and a decades-old assault on everything good and true about America.

The headlines are splattered with scandal. They read like cheap pulp fiction, to the point of numbing the senses and mind to the obscene realities of the stories behind them. It’s really pointless to try to tease out the histories of each and every moral failing and fiasco we read about today because, like the sniffles or a hacking cough, they simply indicate that there is something deeper going on in the organism. Corruption and moral failure in American government, from the top down, and  in entertainment,  media, and in our culture at large, are manifestations of a diseased and dying nation whose protecting virtues, like antibodies, have been neutralized.

The attack on Ann Romney  is the latest focused assault on virtue. Every traditional mother of high prominence–Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are still targeted for hate–will be attacked by the Left. Ann Romney represents the virtues that defend families and individuals against the viral philosophies and practices of the Left; prioritizing family and children, teaching values and moral principles in the home,  self-reliance, traditional marriage between one man and one woman, fidelity, faith, making God and home the center of life.  These things, combined with a sense of patriotism and identity as a free agent endowed by God with liberty and life, are nearly impenetrable to the invasive effects of cultural decline.  Ann Romney is hated by the Left because her influence has the power to inoculate generations against the diseases of godless Socialism.

Phalanxes of entertainment personalities, media expositors, and politicians comprise the assault teams in the war on virtue. And it has always been so. But the philosophies of Collectivism and Communism having insinuated themselves into learning institutions at all levels and the, once free, press, have given the anti-virtue armies a rallying point behind which to unite.  Stalin warned us when he said, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

B. Hussein Obama, the most visible influence in America today, gives aid and comfort to a woman whose very purpose appears to be to promotion of her personal fornication agenda.  He gives tacit approval to obscene verbal attacks on women of virtue by his donors.  His agencies are rife with moral corruption, to the point that national security is compromised.  And the Secret Service, once honor-bound and exemplary, is riddled with sex scandals and bawdy low-life attitudes that bring dishonor to the entire body politic. Sexual perversions and inappropriate conduct are given a pass on the Left, while traditional families are mocked by mainstream media and entertainers.  Out-of-wedlock families are applauded, while men and women who actually marry and form their families according to the proper order of God, are regarded with derision.  Television shows for teens, like GLEE, have sub-plots and characters that display hair-raising debauchery. The lives of young people are portrayed in a way that gives license to sexual gratification and alternate-lifestyle experimentation, and furthers the destruction of healthy identities in our children.  And the notion of same-sex marriage is so absurd in theory and practice as to completely alter the fabric of all theology and history since the days of Father Adam and Mother Eve.  Same-sex marriage is an oxymoron and to try to force something that cannot be, yet is proclaimed as a “right,”  is one of the Left’s most disorienting and deceptive weapons against virtue.

“Health, learning and virtue will ensure your happiness; they will give you a quiet conscience, private esteem and public honour.” –Thomas Jefferson

Where does the Patriot stand in this war? He is in a defensive position, and will stay there for a long time because the Left, and its devilish philosophies which are contrary in nature to God-given liberty and the rational choices of a moral being, will never call a cease-fire.  And, happily, they will never win because they have no foundation of truth. They have only anger, jealousy, and a deep and dark insecurity that compels them to nullify those truths that cause them to feel uncomfortable with the lies in which they have ensconced their institutions, causes and identities.  Virtue cannot be legislated and it is not the proper role of government to dictate personal behavior.  But the wise Patriot will chose personal virtue. Each individualistic American who decides to reject immorality and the influences and lifestyles that weaken the ability to provide for ourselves and create our own futures, is an antibody in the organism of the Republic.  Every virtuous mother and honorable father that makes peace with God and raises children with wisdom and love, creates a resilient and fearsome fortification against the onslaught of cultural decadence.  Every Patriot who understands and shares the philosophies and documents  upon which this free and moral nation was founded, inoculates himself and those around him with a sense of identity that is American, that is good, and that has an irrevocable connection with our Creator.

The Ann Romeys, and all men and women who exercise personal virtue and teach their neighbors and children the principles that enhance individuality, self-sufficiency, and the identity as free Americans, will win the war on virtue.  We can take back our country and, little by little, repair the damage done by the diseases of Collectivism, Communism, and Liberalism.

“There exists in the economy and course of nature an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness … we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.” –George Washington, First Inaugural Address, 1789

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 By Marjorie Haun 4/20/12

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