The War on Childhood Part Two: Hypersexualization

August 19, 2014

While the Sexual Revolution was overthrowing American traditions of morality, sexual chastity, marriage, and temperance, the “Sex Ed” revolution that was quietly taking hold in public schools.

2istock_nicolesy-6-boy-hiding-his-eyes-behind-his-hands-frustrated-c One of the tactics Progressives use to weaken individuality is to strip away the traditions that moor us to our familial, religious, and national identities. Without such moorings, people tend to drift on whatever winds of social change prevail.

The most crucial traditions are those we learn first, as children. Family traditions such as holiday celebrations, religious observances, rites of passage, and structured interactions such as reunions and vacations, help form solid identities and a sense of security in children. But the most important of all traditions are moral traditions such as service, work ethic, honesty, faith, prayer, charity, love, modesty, chastity, and proper parental guidance in relationships and sexuality.

Progressivism, with its affinity for powerful government and powerless citizens, went for the throat of American morality, first by persuading women to abandon their identities as mothers and wives, and then by supplanting parental instruction in the sacred topics of sexuality and marriage with “Sex Ed” in public schools.

Although early in the 20th Century the National Education Association (NEA), a progressive teacher’s union, began pushing for sexuality education in public schools, the trend did not become widespread until the early 1960’s.  While the Sexual Revolution was overthrowing American traditions of morality, sexual chastity, marriage, and temperance, the “Sex Ed” revolution that was quietly taking hold in public schools. Though less visible and dramatic than the Sexual Revolution, the Sex Ed Revolution nevertheless laid a progressive foundation that would ensconce social experimentation where the nuclear family once reigned as the key institution of civil society. And some six decades following the Sex Ed Revolution, childhood itself  is unrecognizable from what my generation knew as years of innocence and safety when parents stood as a bulwark against all the scary, harmful things of the world.

During the the last decades of the 20th Century, the Silent Majority, complacent with prosperity and confident in public institutions, dozed as progressive theories and materials were infused into all subject areas taught public schools. American History was corrupted with what Dinesh D’Souza calls the “shaming of America.” American traditions and celebrations were diluted by multiculturalism, and reproductive biology– Sex Ed–became a backdoor for sexualization, and sexual activism, condom worship, and the gutting of moral traditions for children as young as the K-5 crowd.

Bill Clinton, bless his perverted little heart, for all his shenanigans finally awoke Americans to the impact public figures and policy have on our culture. When, during the Lewinsky brouhaha, middle schoolers started having oral sex on campus and saying “it’s not really sex” the dots were connected, and parents woke up and began to pay attention to what was being taught to their children in the schools which, for decades, they trusted and deemed wholesome. But the poison seeped in, little by little:

It’s impossible to tease out every cause of childhood early or hyper-sexualization, but one thing is clear; the culture no longer supports good parenting and strong families, and in many ways actively fights against the first and last bastions of character in America. There are answers, however, and they lie in individual responsibility. Strong families and safe children are made possible by faith, proper parenting, awareness and supervision, and self-reliance. Moral virtue still stands as a bulwark against misery and national decline, but our culture no longer supports these things and in many ways parents have little to trust other than God Himself to help them fight the war to save their children.

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by Marjorie Haun 8/19/14

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