The Sacred Stewardship of Beauty and Health


 February 23, 2014

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. Not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory do we come. “

*William Wordsworth*

Conservatives are more attractive than Liberals. Get a load of Sarah Palin vs. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney vs. Harry Reid, Marco Rubio vs. Henry Waxman, Megyn Kelly vs. Rachel Maddow, and just to avoid sexist stereotypes, the gorgeous Scott Brown vs squishy white chick, Elizabeth Warren. The deviation can’t be genetic since, Liberals often become Conservatives, and because there are exceptions–though rare–to the rule. But the empirical evidence shows that believing in and living the principles of Conservatism is good for the outside as well as the inside.  

Underneath the skins of Americans lie essential differences often dictated by political philosophy. There is a visible difference in the relative beauty of those who identify themselves as traditional, religious, patriotic Americans, vs  political progressives, and counter-culture malcontents.

Attractive vs unattractive is less a matter of genetic advantage than it is an attitude of self-regard. Women who are conservative tend to embrace their femininity, understanding that assertiveness is not a masculine trait, but a tactic to be used wisely and with good timing. Feminists are less clear about their roles and tend to reject feminine beauty as a cultural imposition. Androgyny, transgenderism, and all other unnatural variants are regarded by militant feminists and the LGBTQ lobby as equivalent to the roles nature carved out for men and women.

As children of God, we are each born with a seed of divinity. The body, it is taught in Judeo-Christian philosophy, is a temple, a vessel for the Spirit of God. It’s not a mere possession but a gift, to be used and treated with veneration. Many religions employ unique modes of clothing to set their adherents apart from others in the world. Churches such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, teach that the body is as sacred and important to eternal progression as the spirit; that only through the striving for self mastery and the righteous focusing of “passions” can mankind become more like God. The practice of “keeping the temple clean,” inside out, indicates a high regard for the spirit self as well the body, with all its appetites, passions, and infirmities.

Republicans generally, tend to be modest and clean, though not expensively dressed. In my experience the people who show up to Tea Party or GOP rallies are less concerned about drawing attention to themselves than they are their patriotic message.  Democrat rallies, especially those which attract militant feminists and liberal extremists, sometimes look more like freak shows that political assemblies. During my pro-life activist in Southern California our rallies would be crashed on a regular basis by gaggles of West Hollywood weirdos; often dressed in bizarre costumes, or sexually provocative outfits such as leather complete with whips, chains and fishnet stockings–men and women alike. Obesity and poorer hygiene, especially among young people, are also more prevalent among the socially and politically liberal. Liberals have an insatiable need to be part of a group while “feeling” unique. What you end up with is a voting bloc made up of self-conscious conformists, using artifice and layers of self-deception to hide a deep sense of insecurity and meaninglessness.

Body art,  piercings, gauges, gouges, scarification, tattoos, implants that reshape facial features, and even hot-iron branding are becoming increasingly accepted. Young Liberals and Progressives are more likely than Conservatives to commercially self-mutilate in this way. There is a thin psychological line between excessive body alterations, and the cutting and self-harm inflicted by those suffering depression, anxiety, and other mental problems. Whether an eruption of pain or an expression of self-hatred, the damage done by extreme body alterations is deep and permanent.

The stewardship of beauty and health is an attitude of reverence. Reverence for the human body as a creative masterpiece comes from religion. The book of Genesis contains the important message that man is the mirror image of God, and should be regarded as something divine.  But as Atheism takes hold in Western culture, the human soul loses its special value and is regarded as little more than atoms, with no accountability to anything other than sensations of the moment. If skin is nothing more than cells, how easy then is it to be a canvas for ink graffiti, or cutting, or pornography.

Are Conservatives more attractive than Liberals? If attitudes of self-acceptance, appreciation for one’s sexual inheritance and God-given roles, and the sense of stewardship and responsibility for one’s life and health enhance outward beauty and radiance, then the answer is yes.

By Marjorie Haun  2/23/14

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