The Secretary of Treason

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January 25, 2013

Kerry, Fonda, and their cohorts were, and still are, guilty of treason.  John Kerry has never disavowed his testimony during the discredited Winter Soldier hearings.


This is a letter to the editor which I submitted recently to a regional newspaper.

The nomination by President Obama of John Kerry to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State comes as no surprise to the political class, but to a generation of veterans who fought in Vietnam, it is a slap in the face.

Kerry’s ‘bipartisan’ confirmation is almost assured. A sitting president is rarely rebuffed when it comes to nominations for key cabinet positions, and John Kerry, as a hard-core leftist, is an ideological match for Obama. But none of these unpleasant facts can change the legacy of betrayal that will forever define John Kerry. Those of us whose formative years included the Vietnam Era know John Kerry as nothing less than a traitor.

The ‘Swiftboat Veterans for Truth’ were instrumental in derailing Kerry’s 2004 run for the presidency when they exposed his dubious record as a Navy commander in Vietnam.  It is widely known that Kerry wrote the reports that resulted in his being awarded three Purple Hearts and other  service medals. It is also well known that Kerry’s political ambition overshadowed his sense of honor and duty, and that he did everything he could to turn minor injuries into major issues. His third Purple Heart was a ticket out of Vietnam, and he knew it. It wasn’t long after he left the Navy that he launched into the anti-war activities that lead to the destruction of morale among our troops in Vietnam, and extended the incarcerations of many American P.O.W.s held in North Vietnamese prison camps.

Our Vietnam Veterans may not be as willing as the Congress to forgive and forget when it comes to Kerry’s sickening testimonies during the infamous ‘Winter Soldier’ hearings in which he accused our fighting men in Vietnam of rape, the burning of villages, torture, murder, and the general ravaging of the Vietnamese countryside. His anti-war activism was in concert with that of ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda and other Hollywood elites and children of privilege who traveled to North Vietnam to aid and comfort the Communist regime that was actively killing Americans.

Kerry, Fonda, and their cohorts were, and still are, guilty of treason.  John Kerry has never disavowed his testimony during the discredited Winter Soldier hearings. Even more breathtaking is the fact that he has been a serious Democrat candidate for president, and will now hold the most powerful cabinet office in the executive branch.

On a personal note, my eldest brother, Frederick Don Snyder, served in the same Navy divisions in which Kerry was a commander. My brother volunteered for the river patrols just months after Kerry returned to the states. These river patrols were extremely dangerous. During Kerry’s tenure he implemented a Psyops campaign to broadcast propaganda to Vietnamese natives from loud speakers mounted on the river patrol boats. Psyops operations took many forms in Vietnam, but this particular version made the swiftboats on the rivers easy targets for the Viet Cong.  My brother’s three boat patrol was targeted in such an attack in the spring of 1970, during which he received mortal wounds and died at the age of 22. My brother earned his Purple Heart.

Not unlike my eldest brother, there are a generation of men who served and fought in Vietnam—some came home, some did not. But they fought honorably without defaming their buddies or betraying their country. The same cannot be said about John Kerry. Never forget that the man who will be in charge of our foreign policy cheated to get his war medals and lied about the activities of our warriors in Vietnam. How can Americans expect our servicemen and women to have an iota of respect for John Kerry, or a president and congress who would put such a man in a place of influence and power?

As submitted to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

by Marjorie Haun  1/25/23

  1. Kenneth Samborski

    It is a shame that you talk about events that have been disproved by Ted Koppel, ABC Nightline, when he went to Viet Nam. He actually talked to villagers and Viet Cong participants where Kerry did serve. You listen too much to a right wing conservative sponsered Swiftbost veterans, that were serving a Republican agenda and not a basis for fact.

    A traitor to this country is Ronald Reagan. As an officer serving in a rifle company in Viet Nam, I was promised that if I was killed or disabled in combat, my children and family would be taken care of. Good ole Ronald decided he would save the SS system by removing the 45,000 or more orphans from receiving Social Security benefits. This of course was more a traitorous act than anything Fonda did. This directly affected the families of ten of thousands of people that served, and also the other children of Americans that passede or were disabled. Get your information from a more reliable source.

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