The Sarge on Martial Law and the New World Order

September 12, 2013

Vietnam veteran and patriot, Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as The Sarge, graces us with yet another scathing yet humorous, succinct yet profound post on




Well, my precious brothers and sisters, this administration is the longest running comedy since the Paris Peace Talks. Kerry makes an off-hand comment, Putin hijacks it as a solution to the Syrian crisis, Obama says it’s been his idea all along, and Basher A-Sod continues to make Syria into a game preserve for coyotes.

A slaveish media is now in damage control for Obama, saying he planned this with Putin all along. Let’s hope the rebels don’t declare themselves gay now. If they do, it’s war! Anthony Weiner is so far down in the polls that he has to hire movie extras from a union in California to act like devoted followers, hanging on his every move and word. You environmental wackos should be on suicide watch, if you know that building more bike paths and giving cows Gas-x isn’t going to save the world. You see, gang, there’s a volcanoe in Iceland that is belching so much CO2 that all of the work the eco-wackos have done for the last thirty years to suppress the carbon footprint is totally undone. I haven’t seen anyone collapsing in the streets yet.

But to get to my point (and I’m an old guy, so I’m allowed to procrastinate), most of you will remember my previous editorial concerning the conspiracy buffs among us. I will forever defend their right to be delusional, but there’s one area where I draw the line. Recently, I unfriended a long-time Facebook friend because he contended that our military would be an available and willing asset in placing the country under martial law. I’ve been hearing this since the 1960s, and I thought it was dumb then, and after 22.5 years of Army service, I think it is dumber now. Our men and women in uniform will never submit to any orders to turn their weapons on the American people, and I will gladly stake my life and reputation on that.

If you insult our/my military, or wrap them up in your New World Order or other conspiracies, I’ll unfriend you faster than it takes to list Obama’s good points. “Nuff said? Good! Not much of an editorial tonight, but even old moth-balled soldiers have to vent now and then. May our Lord Jesus Christ hold and protect all the days of your lives, my brothers and sisters. Peace be with you.

-The Sarge


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