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August 29, 2013

The best thing about promoting my books is meeting and hearing the stories of those who served in Vietnam. These are a few of  the unabridged musings and memories of Forrest L. Gomez, a ‘Nam vet and hero.


Many strange things happen in war, and ‘Nam was no exception. I remember a day shortly before the battle of Plei Jering, when we overran a Viet Cong hospital which had been quickly abandoned and evacuated before we approached. Many of the medical supplies and blankets were of good quality, and clearly marked, “From your friends at U.C. Berkeley.” Some of the donors are no doubt elite Democrats in today’s political machines.

Editors note: This account of medical supplies provided to the Viet Cong by American students from U.C. Berkeley is verified by a number of sources including this article from The Spokane Daily Chronicle of 12/8/1965, titled “Students Collect Funds to Help Viet Cong.” 

Vietnam War 1966

On another occasion we were ambushed and pushed back to a riverbank, unwillingly leaving a number of dead and wounded behind. Some of the grass in-between the two forces had been set ablaze by the firing of weapons, and there was a real danger that some wounded were going to be burned to death. One of our strike force medics (Vietnamese) made several dashes into “no man’s land” to retrieve our people who were still alive. The North Vietnamese Army soldiers must have fired hundreds of rounds trying to get him – and we were providing all the cover we could – but he made back with the last of the wounded (number three) without getting zapped. The were actually cheers heard from the other side for this man, the only time I ever remember such an occurrence in Nam. The NVA cleared out after that, as our artillery started getting the range.

Then there was SGT Esker. During an operation, the enemy kept popping up out of camouflaged positions and shooting at our backs. Esker spotted a movement in the ground ahead of us. Sure enough, an NVA poked the barrel of an SKS rifle in our direction. Esker gave out a bellow and rushed the NVA, stomping his size 15 boot down on the SKS. Then SGT Esker recalled that he had left his rifle back at his old position in his excitement, and what occured next is unbelievable, and I won’t blame you if you don’t buy it. Those two had a Laurel and Hardy moment (about 15 seconds, actually) where they looked confused, wondering what to do, wondering if the other guy had another weapon. Then the broke and ran at the same moment in opposite directions, Esker back to where his rifle was, and the NVA all the way to Hanoi, probably. For a few minutes, that which goes on in the killing fields was forgotten, and we learned to laugh again for awhile. God bless you, my brothers and sisters. Take care of one another.

– The Sarge

reposted with permission on  8/29/13


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