The Road to Serfdom for Intelligent Dummies

June 8 2014


The “Austrian School” economic classic, “The Road to Serfdom,” by Fredrich Hayek,” appears below in images that hearken to past decades when trust in government was the norm. In his book, as well as this cartoon version based up on it, Hayek applied economic principles, human nature, and observable historical facts and combined them to warn us about how short and brutal–and nearly invisible–the path to serfdom can be, and how far America has stumbled down that path is just a few, short years.

Posted by  6/8/14

  1. Very powerful message there Marjorie!!! I know I can see it coming to pass, just splayed out on the video… Scary is it not…

    • Hayek was not a prophet–though his warnings are prophetic. He understood government and human nature and how easily the balance between liberty and tyranny can shift when people are ignorant of history and of their own motives.

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