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Hey BAMBAM,we know what’s really under there!

August 20, 2011

The Left is in the midst of a self-protective spasm.

Their Pressiah is an unmitigated failure.  Their attempt to foist the Obama hoax of hope and change has been bitterly renounced. Their man of “god-like” stature is nothing more than a bumbling, indecisive, intellectually bankrupt ninny.  So the American Left is “all hands on deck” preparing the ultimate tactical weapon that will save the Obama presidency from certain downfall. They are pulling out the “Reagan Mask!”

The Reagan Mask is a tricky weapon to wield.  And it is used in only the most dire of circumstances, like now for BAMBAM. (I can’t resist Obama’s toddler-with-a-club nick name) The Left, rank and file democrats, lock-step operatives, and the state-run media are all deploying the Reagan Mask.  They believe it will deflect the slings and arrows of criticism because, well, the Right adores Ronald Reagan and we wouldn’t want to bring his record into question.  The Left uses the Reagan Mask as an offensive missile as they actually try to blow apart the reputation of the greatest president of the 20th century in order to conjure the illusion that BAMBAM is actually not as bad as everyone thinks he is.  The Reagan Mask is a decoy, designed to misdirect the argument away from Obama’s failures into an argument of arcane economic dynamics three decades past.

I have put together a little slide show presentation contrasting economic dynamics during the Reagan years with those of Obama:

[cincopa AQAAjvKnukuV]

If you prefer the printed word to the graphs and charts please refer to these summaries:

Obama’s Job Killing Economy: The Continuing Saga

Reaganomics vs Obamanomics: Facts and Figures

Long story short: Reagan tackled the Carter recession, cut taxes, increased the numbers of jobs and employed people per capita, de-regulated and unleashed American industries, and trended the deficit downward by the end of his last term.  Obama has failed in each of those areas.

But what really sets the two apart, Reagan and Obama? What is it that makes it so offensive when the Left invokes the name of Ronald Reagan in defense of their failed leader?  What makes the Reagan Mask wholly incompatible with the person of Barak Obama? It is because Reagan was a man of singular character.  He was a political powerhouse who used his influence and strength to rebuild America from the inside out, by rebuilding the confidence of its citizens that they could overcome any obstacle through innovation and hard work.  He loved his country and its people with humble regard.  He was ardently pro-life and worked to stem the tide of wanton abortion and to turn the hearts of people back to the fundamental truths of life and liberty.  He was a gentleman who had firm resolve in matters of national defense. He named our military and ideological enemies for what they were, “evil.” And he beat back the spread of Communism through a plan of national defense and economic offense.  Reagan’s only contempt was for big, oppressive, insinuating government.  He was a Patriot whose heart belonged to God and whose feet were planted in the soil of the country he loved.

Barak Hussein Obama is enfeebled as a man, dependent on handlers, billionaire financiers, “community organizers”, public-sector unions, corrupt agencies, and a marionette press to hold him aloft. He has no gift for communication and, when speaking off-the-cuff, stumbles and slips through awkward Freudian revelations of his true nature. He loves only himself and the power he brandishes. He loves only the America that would exist after he has “fundamentally transformed” the one the Founders intended. His love is for government, not the people. He trusts only government to manage all human affairs. He mistrusts the people, and he loathes dissent. He is the only politician from the state of Illinois who voted against the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” Obama is the abortion president.  His circle of friends are the flotsam and jetsam left in the wakes of the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalin’s Russian Revolution,  Mao’s  People’s Revolution, and pathetic drugs and sex revolution of the 60s and 70s.  He has installed Marxists and Maoists and self-proclaimed Communists into his administration. He is a hollow man full of nothing but the flimsy notion of his own importance, lashing out at anyone or anything that threatens his illusory self-construct.  Obama flaunts his own economic duplicity as if to say “so what?” to the public who looks on with amazement as he leaves for long vacations to the richest spots in the Western Hemisphere while the rest of the country hemorrhages jobs and languishes in bewilderment.

The Reagan Mask will never work to deceive and misdirect Conservative America. Obama simply bears no resemblance to Ronald Reagan. Barak Hussein Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Watch these videos and you tell me, which of these men is a great American President? Which of these men would you trust?

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  1. anchorman

    Marge, we all know this pino ignoranus (president in name only, stupid and anal) only lies when he’s alone or with someone!
    Keep up your good work.

    • Reagangirl

      Thank you. “PINO,” that’s great. I wrote this piece in response to the deluge of Reagan/Obama comparisons that have been hitting the media and the social networks during the last week. The latest lib talking point is that, “well, Reagan had deficits that were bigger than Obama’s.” First of all, this is patently untrue, secondly, Reagan never got one of his budgets past Tip O’Neill in the House. The deficits were large but they were the result of democrat spending in the house and senate. We have to counter these stupid talking points.

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  3. Christine Richards

    Like your site Reagan Girl! Following on twitter… keep it up!

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