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Conservative Patriot Resistance, Tea Party, Friends of the Constitution

August 22, 2011

Are you a member of the Conservative Patriot Resistance?

The Conservative Patriot Resistance, or CPR when encryption is necessary, must rally quickly and with great force to push back the tide of censorship that is occurring on the Internet, in the print media, and through selective reporting in the broadcast media.  Our enemies are many; Weakened National Defenses, Lawless Immigration, Socialism, Sharia Theocracy, Terrorism, Censorship of Political Speech, Militant Atheism, Cultural Degradation, Social Collapse, and the Dying Family to name a few.  But choice men and women have come forth at this time in history to meet the enemies of liberty head-on with unparalleled talents, intellect, skills, and burning patriotism.

The American front of the War on Liberty is much like the War in Heaven when the Lucifer advocated, with the fiery rhetoric that earned him the alias “Dragon,” his plan of consummate salvation with a perfect outcome for all. The platform of the Lord’s plan was one of risk, uncertainty, error and absolute Liberty. The plan of Moral Agency would require the infinite and eternal sacrifice of the Lamb of God to make salvation possible.  Force vs Choice.  And today we in America look on from our homes, through electronic media, in a near constant stream of information, the same clash of two opposing authorities. The rhetoric of each is equally compelling, with one side based in hard truth and the other in nuanced and malevolent lies.

There is one enemy that lurks within our midst, however, that is the blackest villain of all, Disunity.  If the Conservative Patriot Resistance fractures the Republic will also fracture.  I offer up the following pledge to my Patriot Brothers and Sisters, to be considered, and imprinted upon your hearts when the burdens of keeping and restoring our civilization, and the Constitution upon which it depends, press heavily upon your minds, bodies, and time.  Please join me in this pledge.


I _____________ do solemnly swear, with God our Heavenly Father as my witness, that I will endure to the end through the conflicts which now rage within and without my beloved country, the United States of America.  I will support the party of Lincoln, the Republican Party, as it strives to find a champion of Liberty who will command the mission of winning back our country and who will symbolize the American spirit of independence in that fight. I pledge to work to correct the errors of the Republican Party as it has strayed from the first principles of the Founding Documents. I will renew the Republican Party with my influence, that it may once again be a party of the people, purging corruption, elitism, and the equivocations of politics-as usual.  I pledge that I will remain united with the Republican Party under the banner of liberty so that the American Government will become once again responsive to the needs of its citizenry, the viability of its Armed Forces, and so the effects of its perverse growth will be reversed.  I pledge to support the cause of liberty by remaining united with my compatriots under the perfect precepts of liberty, even when the individuals representing those precepts are themselves imperfect.  I pledge to defend my patriot brothers and sisters as they are targeted by the enemies of liberty, isolated and marginalized.  I will advocate for the free exchange of ideas between all people, even those which are repugnant to me. I pledge to be personally independent from the auspices of government to the extent possible, putting my faith in God, my family, my church, and my community. I will testify of God and His Divine hand in the formation and the future of  the United States of America. In conclusion, I Pledge that I will give my life, if called to do so, in defense of the United States of America, its rightful inhabitants, and its Constitution.

By Marjorie Haun   8/22/2011 @ School - Educational Tools for Parents, Teachers, and Librarians. Explore Now!

  1. Sandra

    I join you in this pledge, my friend!

  2. anchorman

    I’ve added my pledge commitment.

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