The (Not So) Great Pretenders

September 9, 2015

Let’s be honest, America is being transformed by a generations-long game of “let’s play pretend.”


It’s hard to pin down an exact date the opening bell rang for the great game of pretend, but I think January 22, 1973 might come pretty close. Roe vs Wade was decided by an activist Supreme Court on that day. I remember it well, because my mom, who gave birth to seven live children and miscarried an eighth, cried all day. Harry Blackmun’s court took it upon themselves to pretend the United States Constitution provides for an individual’s “right to privacy.” Of course, there is no enumerated right to privacy in the Constitution, although privacy is inferred as a condition under which law-abiding citizens have a right to live. But Blackmun and six other justices pretended that a “penumbra” of inferred rights was sufficient to justify unlimited abortion-on-demand. Roe vs Wade made the institutional pretending that life is not life the the law of the land.

On January 22, 1973, the great game of pretend opened with the ultimate denial; an entire nation pretending that life has no intrinsic value, and that a baby is indeed not a baby at all, unless a mother deems it to be so. With 60,000,000 dead babies haunting America’s abortion-on-demand decades, the game of pretend has extended itself to a gruesome, epidemic practice by the abortion industry. Now clinic heads, abortion doctors, and technicians who dissect aborted babies and “procure” their body parts for research, are pretending that obtaining fetal body parts through illegal means is not breaking the law. They pretend that the killing of babies for scientific research, which may in the distant future benefit a human being, justifies the wholesale killing of now living humans. They pretend that Americans don’t care–and to a degree they are right. About 50 percent of Americans pretend that babies are not being killed, procured, and sold piecemeal. Or, perhaps they are pretending that it doesn’t really matter because abortion is “the law of the land.”

But the game of pretend has many innings. Another activist Judiciary, on June 27 of 2015, pretended that marriage as designed and intended by God, and honored for thousands of years by billions of people and countless civilizations, no longer exists. They decided that if they pretend hard enough, God would give them a pass, and they could nullify the nature, intent, and power of the cornerstone institution of society. They pretended that reality was not reality at all, discounting the unique and sacred nature of the feminine and the masculine, the need for children to have a mama and a papa, and the Natural Laws which rule virtually all species of living things, and is Nature itself.

This game of pretend forces others who don’t want to play, into the game. People who believe God’s law cannot be altered, and should not be tampered with, are punished for not wanting to play pretend. Americans who would rather live and let live, while having their reality respected, are fined, excoriated, and imprisoned with all the power indignant pretend players in the courts can muster. The integrity of reality, Natural Law, and the Divine right to act virtuously on the dictates of one’s own conscience, have been attacked mercilessly by the great pretenders in the epic charade called “same-sex marriage.”


But playing pretend isn’t limited to judicial activists, or upheavals of thousands of years of human tradition and biological normalcy, there are individuals–even social movements–pretending that anyone can be, literally, someone they are not  because they feel they are someone they are not. “Transgender” folk believe that their true identity is fluid, and biological reality is not real, because mood, tastes, the urge to play pretend is supreme over all other considerations. Men pretend to be women, and women pretend to be men. Many pretend that surgical alterations of superficial characteristics; genitalia, faces, can make the epic pretense a reality. This is hogwash of course, but again, innocent bystanders who decline to play this bizarre game of pretend, are punished, shamed, and discredited because they only want to play by the rules of Nature and Nature’s God.

Identity fluidity has crossed from mere male/female biological reality, into race, even species. A white woman lies about her biological father, and says she is a black woman because she has lived “the black experience.”  A white man lies about the identity of his parents,  says he is a black man so he can find relevance in an national anti-cop movement. Both the white woman and the white man pretending to be black benefited financially from their adopted racial identities. Deemed by leftists as being on the politically-correct side of their chosen issues, they are given a pass for their shameless pretending, while those who refuse to join this weird game of pretend, pointing out their fabrications, are punished with name calling and claims of “intolerance.”

Let’s not forget the “transspecies” population, a fine gaggle of folk who may acknowledge that on the outside they are a human of sorts, but that inwardly, the have the impulses and expressions of an animal. Like the transgender and transracial, the transspecies are probably chronically unhappy, disturbed, or fully-blown mentally ill people who play pretend as a means to escape their pain. Instead of encouraging such people to find help in order to reconcile themselves with reality, our increasingly grotesque culture, short on truth but long on political agendas, promotes their pretend play, obligating them to a dispassionate political narrative, even if their happiness, or their very lives–suicide rates among those with identity fluidity disorder is extremely high–are sacrificed.

But as for me–and I think a lot of Americans will agree with me–I won’t play pretend. I’m sick of being told that reality is not reality, that life is not life, that men are women, and that being on the politically-correct side of an issue is license to change your race or your species. I’m weary of being lied to. I’m sick and tired of judicial activists warping the law to please grumbling identity-politics minorities who make playing pretend a way of life. I’m done with being told that what is real and true and permanent, is really illusory and changeable. Punish me if you will, in the dangerous game of life, I prefer not to be on the politically correct side of issues, but rather on the right side of reality.

by Marjorie Haun  9/9/2015

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