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The trolls have a new tactic. SHAME!

September 15, 2011

“The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted; it belongs to the brave.”

*Ronald Reagan*

Imagine, if you will, a cruel and unskilled parent attempting to control a single-minded child: “I’m so disappointed in you! You are shameful, you should be embarrassed by that behavior! You pathetic thing! Just go to your room and SHUT UP!  NO WIRE HANGERS!”  The depiction of Joan Crawford in “Mommy Dearest” is fitting. It is the impossible-to-please, always cranky, blisteringly bitter, screeching, sadistic, crazed, monstrous…Liberal.

This is not about evil stepmothers and bad babysitters. I am referring to the trolls who troll Conservative blogs solely to scold, debase, and use “Mommy Dearest” tactics in an attempt to shame single-minded opinion imps into submission and silence.  This is no mere theory. I see this tactic used on almost every Conservative in the blogosphere.  I get it aplenty. The most recent scolding was from some acrid Prog who pretended to be a Tea Party activist with a handle that referred to the Founders.  The comment on the post went like this:

“You are utterly ridiculous! You should be ashamed to use the name Reagan. Reagan would never approve of you. You never say anything important! You suck, you s*&% for brains!”

Well, in the first place a Tea Party activist would never be so crude. And Conservatives always back up comments with some form of evidence in support of, or to the contrary of the post. Second, only lib trolls go over the top to scorn and hack away at the character of another person. But that is the essence of the “Mommy Dearest” tactic; to blast the fragile self-esteem of their target, to shame the weak into submission with false accusations, to consign the hapless blogger into the awful, awful place where only the unpopular kids go.  The funny thing is that “Mommy Dearest” will only work on those with undeveloped identities, weak constitutions, and a prodigious appetite for acceptance. The “Mommy Dearest” tactic will only work on other Libs and Progs.

Libs and Progs cannot fathom the Conservative mind because they fail to comprehend that an individual can truly live as an individual; secure enough to be free from the need to be popular, free from the need for approval, free thinking, and unafraid of taunts, unafraid of the consequences of telling the truth.  The Left is so enveloped in the “crowd” and their perceived security blanked of approval, they simply have no experience with those who are unlike them. And with Libs and Progs, unfamiliarity breeds contempt.

Even though the “Mommy Dearest” approach is unlikely to thwart any real Conservative from saying what needs to be said, it is good for you to be aware of how the trolls ply their nasty craft. Blossoming bloggers, pay heed.

Hey kiddos, we are at war. The “Mommy Dearest” tactic that is being used against bloggers and on social networks is not new, but the intensity of the assault has been ramped up.  This is a head’s up to those of you who might get discouraged by the negative comments the trolls drop on the doorstep of your blog.  Always remember; these are childish boobs who haven’t the tools or courage to stand up to a real debate with a Conservative. Their expletives and insults are the absolute best rhetoric they can muster. You will get nothing else from them. They have no substance. They are insecure, shallow, bitter, and wrong. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t get caught up in the acrimony. You may want to do what I have been doing in response to the “Mommy Dearest” tactic for some time now.  It is called the “Delete Comment” tactic.

by Marjorie Haun 9/14/2011 @ School - Educational Tools for Parents, Teachers, and Librarians. Explore Now!


  1. You’re awesome Reagan Girl!!

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