The Lonely Walk from Vietnam

The loneliness of Vietnam before and after the war is beautifully depicted in this poem by Sootekwa Williams, Comanche.

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November 6, 2013


by Sootekwa Williams
Life was filled with sadness,
As we walked alone with death,
It being our companion in life.
We cry out within our hearts,
Filled with sorrow and pain,
Is there any honest love in life,
For us to obtain in this world,
As we walk alone today.
Loneliness walks with us in life.
Where have you come from?
“Vietnam” was our only reply.
Women would turn and leave,
Rejection became a way of life,
For us, who survived the war,
In Vietnam far away;
We are known as killers,
Of babies and little children.
Loneliness is our friend today.
We were looked down upon,
As we arrived in America;
Being rejected and spit upon,
For there was much resistance,
America wanted to forget us,
Cause, we were the Nations guilt.
Our hearts cry out to America,
With pains of sore memories,
Don’t leave us in loneliness.

Trying to survive, being nineteen,
Was our one and only crime.
We were young, wanting to live,
In hopes of returning home,
From Vietnam, to family and friends.
But, love has abandon our lives,
As we continue our journey,
In life, through our trials.
Loneliness haunts our world today………….

Dedicated to those who served in Vietnam:
Copyrighted Library of Congress

Written by Sootekwa Williams (Comanche)

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