The “Little Red Hen Principle” at Work in Colorado

July 12, 2014

“The only viable model for free enterprise is that in which reward is determined, not by equality of outcome, but by magnitude of output.” ~The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen Principle:

Lazy ducks who refuse to risk, sacrifice, and get just a little dirty creating wealth WILL NOT partake of the wealth created by those who risk, sacrifice, and get a little dirty in the process. Economic reward is to be based not upon equality of outcome, but by magnitude of output.

2crazy-goose Colorado is two states, not half and half, but blue and red arranged in a piebald pattern where blue cities and resort towns are swallowed in a sea of red. Those little blue islands, however, have immense power to mangle the character and economy of the entire state.

Ballot initiatives are one way citizens in Colorado can make their voices heard through petitioning their pet issue onto the November ballot, possibly changing statutory or constitutional law in the state. Ballot initiatives are a big deal, and Colorado is still feeling the negative reverberations from the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012, which legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The process is arduous, with the proposed initiative first going through a review process at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, followed by the gathering of the 86,105 valid signatures required to get the measure onto the ballot for statewide elections in November. Once sufficient signatures are counted and certified, the organization pushing a given proposition must then mount a political campaign that runs from September to voting day. Countless millions are spent on voter ballot initiatives each election year, and the process is often self-funded by those pressing for their pet issues.

Proposition 75, the “Local control of Oil and Gas” initiative, recently cleared the Secretary of State’s office and is moving through the process to be included on the November ballot. This initiative gives counties and municipalities power to BAN various kinds of energy development within their jurisdictions. Sponsored by the Colorado Community Rights Network, a lefty group akin to “Wild Earth Guardians” and the “Sierra Club,” this initiative is nothing more than a ban on fracking and fossil fuel development.

ASIDE: Funny how lefty groups OPPOSE local control of everything, from what meat you put in your sandwich to your right to own guns, UNLESS they see an opportunity to inflict pain to the energy industry–and everyone else of course, since we all like hot showers and cold soda pop.

This initiative is the culmination of years-long dyspeptic rumblings from Marxist mini-states such as Boulder and Pitkin (Aspen) counties, and other VERY WEALTHY leftist enclaves with huge carbon footprints which act like their kilowatts and full gas tanks are produced by unicorn farts and positive affirmations. ‘Local control of gas and oil’ translated into truespeak means, “Energy-guzzling NIMBYs believe that GAS AND OIL development via fracking is just too nasty for their little paradises and so they don’t want ugly rigs and smelly people with jobs digging and tracking mud through their neighborhoods, BUT THEY WILL GLADLY USE UP THE ENERGY YOU PRODUCE AND TAKE THE TAX REVENUES THAT YOU EARN BY HAVING RIGS AND SMELLY PEOPLE WITH JOBS IN YOUR TOWN!”

Colorado, fortunately, is full of tough principled people–even in government–who see the elitism and logical vacuum behind the push to ban fracking. In response to this lefty economic bunker buster called Proposition 75, Colorado State Representatives Jerry Sonnenberg and Frank McNulty devised their own little Proposition 121, called “Fair Distribution of Oil and Gas Revenue.” This initiative prevents Colorado’s Marxist mini states from being allocated revenues that come from gas and oil severance taxes–stick coal and oil shale in there as well–which to go the counties to fund schools, capital projects, etc. A more accurate title for this measure might be, “You dipwads who actually vote to ban energy development in your localities SHOULD NOT RECEIVE ONE CENT from state energy revenues, because, like the barnyard animals who refused to assist the Little Red Hen in her bread-baking endeavor, if you don’t add to the economy, don’t expect to get the benefit from those who do.”

Hence “The Little Red Hen Principle.”

Ballot initiatives are essentially extra-constitutional, and if Colorado’s constitution was not manhandled and mauled like so many other state constitutions, they would be completely unnecessary. Because conservatives tend to be constitutional purists, Leftists have used ballot initiatives to run roughshod over the state. After all, Leftists have to find something to do between trips to the pot shop and their marathon Noam Chomsky reads. But the Little Red Hen has changed all that. The “Fair Distribution of Gas and Oil Revenue” proposition truly is about fairness. Don’t you just love how the lazy duck, the corpulent pig, the mangy goat, the bi-polar goose, and the bloviating bovine get their comeuppance at the end of the day when the Little Red Hen tells them to go cluck themselves while she enjoys her hot, fresh bread? That principle is at work in Colorado. Memo to Colorado Marxist mini states: If you don’t want to explore, dig, extract, transport and process the treasure deep beneath our feet, then you will not enjoy the fruits of those who do.

by Marjorie Haun  7/12/14

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