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June 22, 2012

IRONY ALERT: It is the left-wing media who cling to their vestigial newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post. It is the Left that purportedly loves trees. So why do they keep killing trees to make newspapers that nobody reads?

Bygone era of dead-tree newspapers

WAWA! What the heck is a WaWa? It’s the Eastern seaboard–Pennsylvania, Maryland, et al–version of Colorado’s Kum & Go.  WaWa, not unlike Kum & Go,  is a convenience store chain with a silly name.  NBCs nip-and-tucked Andrea Mitchell purposefully edited a video of Mitt Romney talking about the “private sector” using a WaWa store as an example, in an effort to make him look out of touch. First of all, anyone who utters the syllables “wawa” more than twice is going to sound a little doofy.  Second, when you look at the unedited version of the video that Mitchell journalistically raped and pillaged, there is nothing silly or doofy at all. In fact, Mitt Romney looks very IN TOUCH, having a lot of understanding and compassion for those who are suffering under the oppressive thumb of the out-of-touch Obama and his Democrat lackeys.

Just a few months ago NBC again practiced journalistic barbarism when it purposefully edited the 911 call that George Zimmerman made regarding his fear that Trayvon Martin was up to no good in his neighborhood.  The 911 audio was edited to make George Zimmerman’s call sound like he was a racist staking out an innocent black kid.  The actual audio does not sound like a racist rant at all, but a fearful and concerned neighborhood watch guy simply reporting the activities of a suspicious person walking the streets around his home. NBC deflected its responsibility by firing a reporter from Miami. But as far as I know, no one in the NBC hierarchy has yet admitted that the audio edit was designed to spin a story of neighborhood tragedy into a trigger for race war.

NBC is a television network whose infrastructure may still be standing, but it gave up the ghost long ago. Its main form of life support comes from the small minority that actually likes the slop NBC has to offer, as well as a few people, who out of decades of habituation, turn reflexively to the network of the Peacock, which at one time was a source for great news and entertainment.

Death stalks not just the upper tiers of the Mainstream Media. Its liberal-biasitis has spread to dead-tree newspapers at all levels. My once reputable hometown newspaper, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, is dying.  Its passing is not the result of a lack of interest, since there are thousands in my town who still enjoy the familiar comfort of picking up the morning paper and reading the news over breakfast.  It is dying because it has lost its soul.  Bad reporting, liberal-bias, hearsay, and a concerted effort to prop up anything with a big D next to it, while at the same time slandering, mocking, and lying about the patriots, Conservative activists, and Republicans of Western Colorado, has destroyed its reputation as anything other than a left-wing rag.

The editorial staff at the Daily Sentinel is by and large left-leaning. But worse than that, they have lost any sense of objective journalism and they stopped caring about standards when the other local paper, The Grand Junction Free Press, went from a daily to a weekly edition.  The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel lacks the positive pressures of competition, and has thus become sloppy, lazy, severely biased, and at times, unreadable.  I’ve had my share of interactions with writers at the sentinel. One “investigative journalist” who was reporting a story of which I had direct knowledge refused to interview the other parties present during the incident which was central to the story.  The conversation went like this:

ReaganGirl: You should not write this story until you’ve heard the whole story. There were fifteen other people who were present when this happened.

InvestigativeReporter: I’m not going to interview all those people.

ReaganGirl: It is journalistically irresponsible to go with this story when you have only part of the picture.

InvestigativeReporter: Too bad, the story is going out on Sunday.

Unbelievable? Yes. True? Yes. Typical of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel? Sadly, yes.

A hack named Jim Spehar, who comments in vile parodies of reality which he calls editorials, is another millstone around the neck of journalistic ethics at the Sentinel. Spehar leverages his space in the sentinel with the weight of his political career, having been a city councilman and a former mayor of Grand Junction. (The Mayor in Grand Junction is appointed by a vote of the City Council, not the people.)  Spehar wrote an editorial recently about an event organized by a local conservative organization in which he offered detailed descriptions of its goings on. The “Western Sheriffs Forum,” in which sheriffs from four Western Colorado counties addressed citizens’ concerns about things from martial law to foreclosures, was called the “tin foil hat brigade,” by Spehar. Funny thing is, Spehar was not present. His information was garnered as hearsay, most likely by a lady spy from the office of one of Colorado’s Democrat senators.  In his lame-brained editorial Spehar insulted the 210 citizens in attendance, the four sheriffs on the panel, the Constitutional Sheriffs Movement, and every patriotic American who believes in Constitutional principles.

This is typical of  Spehar, who, despite not having knowledge about a topic or event, comments as if he does.  These are the vile parodies of reality that are poisoning the old media.  Even the habituated and traditional are growing weary of the lack of restraint and professionalism on the parts of reporters and commentators.  Our local dead-tree newspaper is burdened by the millstone of political bias. Jim Spehar is known to be a far-left Democrat activist, and in his editorial paradigm the quest for truth has been supplanted by spin and buffoonery.

The old media is moribund, dying, and in the case of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel’s editorial staff, starting to stink.  Social media, Internet news sources, and online news conglomerates such as The Drudge Report,  are now the dominant news resource for people of all ages. Dead-tree newspapers and magazines are accessed by roughly 6% of Americans. Anything with a 6% chance of survival is effectively kaput!

The Media Research Center is the gold-standard for examples of media bias and unprofessional behavior. They can be found online at  IRONY ALERT: It is the left-wing media who cling to their vestigial newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post. It is the Left that purportedly loves trees. So why do they keep killing trees to make newspapers that nobody reads?

By Marjorie Haun  6/22/2012


  1. Kevin

    Your on to something like maybe a real conservative newspaper in Grand Junction! The daily senile as they have been called for sometime is a dying dinosaur. Jay Seaton is in bed with the colorado elite and you can find exactly where the stories are from. Yes the Colorado Forum and you can see their agenda, (21 perhaps) here at this link!

    You will see the word sustainability all over it!! Pay attention because these guys think they rule colorado! Anyway very telling and why the senile is so left leaning!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Marjorie. The Grand Junction Sentinel has become a liberal rag and Spehar is nothing but an uninformed hack.
    I, too, attended the Western Sheriffs’ Forum and Spehar’s contentions were not even close, as you have so eloquently pointed out. Of course, how could Spehar write a fair and balanced article about an event he did not attend.
    Well-done, and thank you for holding the media’s feet to the fire.

    • Thank you for having my back!

      • eric niederkruger

        I attended the Sheriff’s forum. As such, I developed my own opinion, based on personal experience. No tin-foil hats noted, or necessary. As I told you before, reagangirl, I’m still pretty cynical about all the Sheriffs. But that’s my opinion. Spehar sure missed the boat with his story. I’ve noted that when there is a “conservative’ article, it’s neo-con. When it’s “liberal”, it’s the Democratic Leadership Council. Mass media serves a very wealthy elite that will flip flop for any issue they see fit. There is a reason that hard copy news is disappearing, and it’s because it’s out of touch.

  3. Hi Marjorie……Much better columnist on issues in The Business Times! But I am biased.

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  5. Neal Pollack


    I haven’t read a newspaper or watched TV news since 31 October 2008, but do spend approximately 1000/year online and reading books. The Spehar’s article was forwarded to me and this is the letter I wrote him:

    “Mr. Spehar,

    Ridiculing ones opponent is one of Saul Alinsky’s primary “Rules for Radicals”. When reading from either the Left or Right, I always pay attention to the presentation as well as the content and when I note obvious propaganda techniques rather than logical argument, I always dismiss the message.

    A little wit helps reinforce the message, but lacking wit and resorting to mere ridicule diminishes the message.

    You are woefully misinformed or evading the truth in your presentation relative to the drones and federal agencies acting to confiscate our weapons. Apparently you haven’t heard of “Operation Fast and Furious”, Agenda 21, ICLEI, or LOST or are blissfully ignoring them and continuing to hope for change you can believe in when there will be no red states or blue states, just the United Socialist States.

    An extreme example of owning weapons that allow citizens to be on parity with criminals is the ability to preempt the uncomfortable experience of being tied to a chair and forced to watch while miscreants rape our wives and daughters. Be advised also that the purpose of our Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from the government, which as you may or may not have noticed, is growing in size and power to the detriment of the freedom and quality of life of the citizens.

    If you haven’t already read “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis, take a look at it. If you have read it, but have forgotten what it was about, take a few hours out of your smarmy editorializing and reread it.

    I’m sure that target shooting is an exhilarating experience for you, but if you’ve never been under hostile fire, I doubt you can appreciate the importance of being able to effectively return fire and live to tell about it.

    Heinlein also said, “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

    From what I understand the stem cell technology will soon enable regeneration of teeth. From there, it will only be a matter of time before they’ll also be able to generate testicles. That should certainly give you even more hope for change to believe in.

    Keep up the good work,

    This was his response:
    Thank you for reading my column and for your comments. I’m not surprised we see things differently.
    Let me explain the difference between “reporting” and what Josh Penry, Rick Wagner, Bill Grant and I are asked to do in our writings. Our columns appear on the editorial page because they are clearly our opinions, not reporting. I’m quite certain there are also many folks who would dispute the “facts” Josh and Rick and Bill use to formulate their offerings, just as you take issue with the basis of my perspectives. While my column this week drew more than the usual amount of comments, you may be interested to know that they are evenly divided between positive remarks and opposing views, that despite hearing from one recipient who liked the column that he was among folks on a WSCA email list that was urged to respond to the piece.
    I’m happy the Sentinel believes its readers deserve a variety of viewpoints in order to remain well informed.

    • That is his canned reply. Everyone who has written to Spehar has gotten it. Thanks for sharing. You are a great man Neal!

      • Neal Pollack

        Yeah, either it’s canned or he’s gay. Guys usually don’t take well to having their manhood questioned. I’m sure I can keep at escalating it until he turns apoplectic and finally responds unless it’s an autoresponder.
        To quote Tom Waites, I’m a spent piece of used jet trash, but you are a totally rockin’ babe!

        • Teehee. I really like you!

          • Neal Pollack

            Yeah, I like you too and were I not old enough to be your father, terminally married to a jealous and vengeful woman who like you, likes S&W magnum wheelguns, I’d be looking you up. Whoa, I just looked at the calendar and noticed that it’s “Be kind to senile old farts day”. You are extremely kind to a doddering old man. Looking at your time stamp, it seems you’re broadcasting from a ship off the Atlantic coast or your server’s clock is chugging diet pills. Wazzup?
            On another note, since you’re Admin over there, you should have access to my email address. If you send me an email with your statistics, particularly unique visits per day, week or month and your advertising rates, we might be able to do some business. I’m doing patriotic t-shirts and bumper stickers. Only have one t-shirt at this time in inventory and a few more ready to go, but the one I have says it all. I am thinking of putting one together for the upcoming election that says, “I’d rather have a president who believes in the teachings of Joseph Smith than one who believes in the teachings of Karl Marx.”

            Hare Krishna!


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