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This article was originally published on October 20, 2011.

Authors Note: There is a class of observers, and I’m in that class. It’s not a class of “intellectuals,” only curious people, always on a quest to understand the inner-workings, motivations and inexplicably destructive actions of some people. Since before the election of  B. Hussein Obama, way back in early 2008, I paid close attention to everything that was reported about this truly enigmatic public figure. There was something not right about his past and his associations. And most disturbing of all was the deification of Obama by a godless press and a self-absorbed culture. Like a scarecrow whose substance is nothing more than padding cleverly arranged to look like a man, and whose flour-sack head is filled with old straw, Obama is a hollow man. As leftist talking points, passe race-baiting ploys, failed socialist policies, and pretty but vacuous platitudes disintegrate and the props of the sycophantic press, power-hungry Democrats, guilt-ridden white liberals, and the anxious dependency class collapse under the weight of their fantasies, the mystique of Obama is imploding before our eyes.

Matthew 7:26

“And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand.”

This scarecrow lacks not a brain, but a patriotic heart.

The man is not eloquent. He is not cool. He sputters and spits and get’s syntactically hog-tied if he doesn’t have a teleprompter to coach him through a thought. Barak Obama is showing signs of disorganized thinking, cognitive dissonance, indications that his identity is falling apart. He was not always such a stumbling, shambling shell of a man. But there’s been a rapid deterioration in this relatively young fellow since the summer of 2004 when, at the Democratic National Convention, he delivered a speech that caught the attention of the puppet masters who would eventually pave his way to the bully pulpit of the POTUS.

Barak Obama, at his core, is a rank and file progressive. He, like other progressives, has failed to develop an identity other than ideology and mob creature. He lacks a solid self, he is a scarecrow built with the sticks and straw of progressive talking points and the required readings of the Left. He is stuffed with the litter of Marx and Engels, Chomsky, and Bill Ayers. And his scarecrow head is empty, save for the fluff of liberal indoctrination which lacks substance, and gives way under the lightest pressure. The crows of reality are beginning to peck away at his thin and tattered facade.

Having enjoyed solicitous back-pats from guilt-ridden and sycophantic Liberals for every unremarkable thing he accomplished in his youth and early political life, Barak Obama lacks the moral sense of self required to withstand opposition or adversity of any form.  When he and Michelle sauntered unctuously through the doors of the White House, he entered into the most sublime toy shop for boys without limits or discipline, or a connection to ordinary people. His tenure as President of the United States has been an extended frat party. His friends applaud his every antic, no matter how dangerous or embarrassing. The Obamas drink deeply of the wealth of the people, taking for their own that which they have not earned, and would never be able to earn in a competitive and free market.

Barak Obama has a predatory appetite for comfort, power, and attention.  He is the child who has not yet differentiated from its caregiver. He, like a spoiled and papered toddler, has no clue of how to orient himself without constant doting. “If you love me, then help me pass this jobs bill,” is not the admonition of a sound leader. It may well be the pleadings of a man who simply cannot cope in the absence of adulation. His grandiosity is inversely proportional to the intractable sense of his own inadequacy. Obama knows he is not up to the job of president. And the cloth of his superficial hauteur  is beginning to fray.

But why is Barak Obama, unlike many other Democrat presidents; Clinton and JFK or instance, becoming unhinged, the body of his leadership failing at every juncture? Is it simply his Liberalism that explains the implosion? Yes, and no.  Barak Obama is not just a Liberal  who intones progressive ideology at every turn, he is a radical. He is Left of the American Left. He is the pet and the brain-child of  radicals who, in the 1960s, wanted nothing more than to see the United States of America, its history and institutions, burn to the ground. Those radicals’ goals have not changed, except that now that want to take the wealth of America to achieve political dominance and to reward themselves with lives of opulence. He, like his radical captains, hates the America of the Founding Fathers, and wants to recreate Western Civilization in his own, graven image.

Barak Obama is a scarecrow perched on a plinth of sand. As the winds and waves of world politics and economic trouble swirl into the streets of the United States and seep into his idyllic wonderland of acclaim, that frail persona of his will erode, and wash away.  We are witnessing the implosion of a weak and hollow man. Barak Obama’s reality construct is built on the destructive and bloody lies of a supreme state. His progressive presidency has no timeless underpinnings, only fabrications and fraudulent deals made for profit and political expediency.  What will remain when the Obama administration is gone, the detritus of its subterfuge scattered through the templed hills of our wounded nation? If we are right, and hold fast to the Constitution and the moral heritage of our history, there will be a bedrock underneath those sands; a bedrock of truth, God-centeredness, and the principles of liberty, that will withstand the  travesty of the Obama presidency.

Re-posted on October 6, 2012

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