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 July 6, 2012

The principles of human liberty, and emancipation from an overbearing and punitive government are the most independent values of all.

Despite my I-name, ReaganGirl, I’m not the partisan you might think I am.  I spend a lot more time holding the feet of Conservatives and Republicans to the fire than I do Liberals and Democrats.  I do this because truth is the most important thing I have to offer in the realm of political, philosophical, and cultural discussion.  Truth is also something I want to protect.  I will not sacrifice truth to shield an errant Conservative.  And I will not sacrifice principle to adhere to a partisan platform. Proof of this standard of mine is peppered throughout the some 300 articles on As evidence of my non-partisan, truth-telling, and bridge-building approach, let me share with you some recent posts:

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From the beginnings of my political activities three years ago, “unity” was the word that rang through my brain continuously, and it still does. A recent incident illustrates this. I walked in the 4th of July Parade with the Mesa County Republicans. A woman from Glenwood Springs was going to join us. She had a small plastic cart with a sign that said “Supreme Court Crap.” The cart was full of ripening horse manure. I though it funny at first, but as I was taking a picture, preparing to tweet it to the world, the woman took a small baby doll, pulled off its head and stuck the body into the manure pile, followed by the head. “That’s not okay,” I told her firmly. “Well, then you belong on the other side,” she scolded.

I didn’t budge. “No,” I continued,” there will be children looking on, and this is not something you show to children. You may be right about the life issue, but this is absolutely the wrong approach.”

A few people gathered round as I attempted to reason with the woman. Another man and woman in red Republican shirts, whom I didn’t recognize, pressed more closely to me. “Well, people need to know what is happening,” said the woman in the red shirt.

“Yes,” I agreed, “but this is the wrong way to get our message out. We can tell the truth without horrifying and offending our neighbors. The dismembered doll is a disgusting visual. It will turn people off to the the bigger message. We’re about individual liberty, remember.”

The woman wearing the black robe was fuming, just as the horse manure was putrefying in the July heat . She grabbed the handle of the cart and said, “I’m outta here.”

“You don’t have to leave,” I called after her, “just don’t use the baby doll.”  She walked away brusquely and was met by the Mesa County GOP Chairman who confirmed my position.  We agreed, the message must positive. The truth can be shared, even about hard things; life and death issues, and deeply personal matters, in ways that build people up and don’t assault their senses.

Truth is not partisan, and it is good for everybody. The truth may be hard at times, for example: “We have no money left to spend.” But you don’t need a decapitated doll stuck in horse manure to help people understand that their own beliefs align with true principles.

The principles of liberty, as found in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, have got the attention lately of “Independents” and “Moderates” who, heretofore, have lived without embracing  one ideology or another.  Many sense a disturbance in the American Dream and see that inaction, at a time of National crisis, could cripple their comfortable, middle-of-the-road, station.  Activists from the Right and the Left are reaching to the “critical center.” But who has what to offer?

The election of Barack Obama, the most extreme Left of all presidents–and the most hapless–has given rise to liberty-loving activists from the most unexpected regions, including the Liberal Mecca of Aspen, Colorado. An excellent young writer named Melanie Sturm is reaching out to the thinkers and independent-minded people in that town. She writes a column in “The Aspen Times” called, “Think Again,” and she posts these columns in her own blog.  It is Melanie’s muster of those in her town who cannot countenance the destructive policies of the current administration, but who aren’t exactly gun-totin’  Tea Party types.  “Think Again” is a Declaration to Independents that we do not have to cede our great nation to destruction, and that to be politically involved does not mean we have to be in lock-step with a political party.

Laura Carno, a radio talk show host and political strategist who lives in Colorado Springs, has created the website, “I Am Created Equal.”  It is a resource for women of all philosophical stripes to find information about how politics and policies affect their lives, and what they can do to make a difference.  Laura’s outreach is an appeal to all women who champion the Classical Feminism of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  It is a shout-out to the Independent-minded American women who value personal liberty and achievement.  These tenets are non-partisan.

We need to pay attention to Laura, Melanie, ReaganGirl, and all the other women and men who love America, whose goals for the future are lofty, and whose hearts declare to all that liberty is precious, and America is the Last, Best Hope of the Earth.  These voices are partisan only to the truth and to their vision of America as the Shining City on a Hill. The blessings of liberty, and emancipation from an overbearing and punitive government are the most independent values of all.

By Marjorie Haun  7/6/12

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