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August 22, 2010

1 Thessalonians  5 (King James Version)

On our honor!

I’m sick of them!

No, it’s not groups of people that I had had it with, it is phrases such as these: “questionable ethics…”, “charges of misconduct…”, “plagiarism charges…”, “reports of wrongdoing…”, “ethical violations…”, “conflict of interests…”.  I am sick of seeing and hearing these combined words in the media. I don’t have to say a word about which of our Colorado candidates have been reproached by these phrases.  They know who they are.  We know who they are.  And the national scene is downright dismal when we think of the ethical and moral condition of those politicians who wield far too much power over the policies that affect or lives.  Perhaps “dismal” is too gentle a term…how about “atrocious”, yes, atrocious.

The topic here is the personal behavior that impacts the public well-being.  At a time when Americans have handed over to politicians the power to determine the state of their economic and social health, and the direction of the country, in exchange for a pretense of security or “peace”, our success becomes inextricably linked to the quality of the character of those who wield the power.  Are you uncomfortable yet?  Yes, your prosperity and liberty is linked to the likes of Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank (Heaven help us!) and the rest of the motley crew that inhabit the halls of congress.  The epidemic of corruption is not limited to one party or ideology.  It is not the fault of  “failed policies” nor simple missteps in governance.  It is a spiritual sickness that has its roots in arrogance, greed, and the perversion of our founding doctrines.  When America was established as a Representative Republic, the representatives were meant to live in their districts, maintain jobs within their own communities, support themselves and to serve temporarily and briefly.  That has given way to a Washington ruling-class mentality wherein elected, and worse, appointed, office holders serve indefinite terms with little contact or accountability within their districts.

The one thing that gives me hope that our nation has not yet fallen into a reprobate banana-republicship, is the fact that many of these corrupt individuals are being called out and taken to task for their graft, looting, adultery, and general delinquency. I am heartened that is was a reporter in the MSM that labeled Michelle Obama the modern “Marie Antoinette”.  We, as a people, are fully aware of how unseemly it is for the Obamas to lavish themselves with perquisites while the rest of us struggle against a beleaguered economy.  The behavior of the First Family is sort of like Fidel Castro proclaiming  “power to the workers of Cuba”, who drive frankensteined wrecks from the 1950s on the streets of Havana, while he enjoys closets full of designer clothes, jewelry and a garage full of the newest sports cars from Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.   Of course, Castro is not so public about his imperial status as are the Obamas.  But I digress.

“A state is nothing more than a reflection of its citizens; the more decent the citizens, the more decent the state.”
Ronald Reagan

We live with the reality of a double standard.  The MSM and the Left have given themselves a low bar by which to measure their relative virtue.  Hence, they give a pass to their pet politicians who commit moral outrages and scandals.  They preempt the truth from surfacing if you are Bill Clinton,  John Edwards, or Al Gore, all “crazed sex poodles.”  But if a politician, public figure or private citizen who is a self-identified Conservative, Tea Party member, or Republican commits some minor or politically incorrect faux-pas, they will be “accused”, “investigated”, “exposed” and presumed guilty with little hope of redress.  The double standard is insidious, but it is illustrative of the guilt-centered focus of the American Left.  How are we expected to function in the arena of public debate with such unfair rules?

The answer to this is not easy, but it is simple:  Adopt the double standard.  If the Left has given itself a different moral and ethical code, so be it.  We, as Conservatives, will hold ourselves, and each other, to the higher standard.  That will not eliminate the slings and arrows from our low-bar counterparts, but the adherence to consistent moral expectations, at least partially, defangs the enemies of liberty.  We will live a different standard.  We will pledge to become a more virtuous people.  The accusations will surely come, but the electorate is more aware and discerning than ever before.  They will no longer simply accept the words of the accusers as “true, because we saw it on TV.”  They want evidence.  They will want to see the video!

Paul, the Apostle preached to the Thessalonians about the advantages of both appearing virtuous and being virtuous.  If you are a politician or an outspoken Conservative, you are a target.  Follow the words of Paul so that you may remain blameless and unencumbered by the “questionable ethics” that have spoiled far too many of the, once formidable, champions of liberty.

“History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.”
Douglas MacArthur

By Marjorie Haun  8/22/2010

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  1. Steve Becknall

    Uh, you ARE the double standard you psycho. For you to see the double standard in other people’s politics but not in your own shows that you are totally idiotic.

    Have fun at your Glenn Beck rally, psycho. Don’t forget your KKK outfit.

    • Steve, If you read the post you will see that I point out that corruption and bad behavior are not exclusive to any one party or ideology. The article is my call to Conservatives of all stripes to live the higher standard. We will always receive unfounded and ridiculous accusations from the looney left, such as the old “KKK” label. But in the age of the internet, omnipresent video records, and intantaneous feedback, those juvenile accusations won’t stand. The opposition must have evidence. If we live the higher standard in our personal, professional and political lives, then there will be no evidence of corruption.

  2. Steve Becknall

    No. You are a moron. This whole blog is an idol to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party. You don’t even know who the real reagan was you hypocrite! You actually think that politics, and in particular conservatism, have ANYTHING to do with God. MORON! this crap is so transparent. Pull your head out for just a moment, wipe the crap from your eyse and see that the world isn’t about right and left. That’s what the powers that be want from you. You’re just another stupid sheep who thinks she is being “brave” and “patriotic” when in reality you are simply following a carefully written script. This is want they want you to do. That way the powers that be can stay in power. Politics is an illusion. Right or left, conservative or liberal the same people end up leading us in the end…and it’s not the politicians. Those are just puppets. So go ahead and argue about the mundane crap that is stuck between your ears and avoid the real problem. that being that you’re just a sheep.

  3. Steve Becknall

    Blah, blah, blah. You need to read Don Quixote (assuming you even know what that book is). You remind me of him. Somebody who thinks they are awesome and know what they are talking about when in reality they are being laughed at as a fool.

    How was your beck rally party? Lots of Confederate and Nazi flags I am sure.

  4. Scott Yagemann

    Hey, Steve. If you can’t carry on a grownup dialog with other people, you shouldn’t comment. The Nazi flags comment and your snide remarks regarding Reagan Girl’s knowledge of Don Quixote are pure third grade playground bullying. You can disagree but don’t be rude.

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