The Culture of “Up Yours!”

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April 23, 2013

Despite warnings from the grassroots, the “official” BSA will very likely cave to political pressures from outside interests, caterwauling, “Up Yours!” to the ordinary and dedicated folks who keep scouting programs alive. Thanks BSA for flipping the bird at your life-support system. This will not turn out well.


Looking like acres of smoke-wreathed ragamuffins, tens of thousands of potheads showed up in Denver for the 4/20 Doobie Doobie Do, to toke, and to stoke the fires immolating Western Civilization. These happy dreamers haven’t set out to purposefully destroy their own lives, children, and communities, but in their organic orgy they’ve blatantly flipped a collective middle-finger, and screamed “Up Yours!” at the law and its enforcers. Although recreational pot is legal in Colorado, the public use of it is prohibited. But the dope denizens in Denver couldn’t have cared less about this law or that law, they just wanted to smoke their cannabis in the open air, and so they did. Security was tight at the funny festival, but “tight security” is a euphemism meaning hundreds of cops were earning overtime to manage hoards of heads breaking civil and moral laws. The cops, in fact, mulled about lazily until shots were fired by a gun-wielding, munchie-crazed moron whose Doritos were being wrested by an unknown assailant. Three people were injured as mass hysteria broke out with thousands of disoriented stoners running amok. But for the most part, the cops looked the other way, hobbled by political correctness and a general dissolution of notions of good and bad. “Up Yours!” was met with sniffs and yawns.

These potheads are emblematic of the culture of “Up Yours!” The decline of Western Civilization has many poster-children, each of whom flout the laws of God as well as Constitutional laws set forth by government at every level. Illegal immigrants have been figuratively saying “Up Yours!” for decades. Reagan’s biggest error was trusting the Democrats in Congress who promised secure borders in exchange for a presidential signature on a law that granted amnesty to some 11 million illegal aliens. In deja-vu all over again, politicians of every ilk, frightened into paralysis by the tsunami roiling over our southern border, are again attempting to stem the tide of lawlessness by opening the flood gates of  illegality. Is it any wonder that illegals by the thousands wander into our country unhampered, and immediately apply for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, driver’s licenses, free education, and voter registrations? Illegals who have no regard for, nor attachment to the history of America, nor the ideal of Americanism are saying “Up Yours!” to ICE, the Border Patrol, lawful immigrants, and the few states which seek to control who receives tax payer-funded state benefits. The Federal Government, the courts, and weasel politicians all grease the skids for undocumented invaders. The very idea that the United States is a sovereign nation with its own laws is looked at with derision. Illegal aliens are not alone in their defiance. Invertebrate politicians, politically correct Liberal groups, and racist organizations like La Raza, are joining in the chorus of “Up Yours!”

The secular national board of the Boy Scouts of America is on the verge of eliminating its traditional policy which bars homosexual boys and leaders from participation in its troops. The BSA board is a group of politicians, business owners, and deal makers who seem to be disconnected from the heart of the Boy Scouts, which is composed of churches, neighborhood organizations, and communities–the vast majority of which oppose allowing open homosexuals into this iconic American institution. The Boy Scouts is geared specifically to guide boys and young men in their paths to becoming good men and responsible fathers–which is exactly why volunteerism and church participation has been so solid over the decades. Despite warnings from the grassroots, the “official” BSA will very likely cave to political pressures from outside interests, caterwauling, “Up Yours!” to the ordinary and dedicated folks who keep scouting programs alive. Thanks BSA for flipping the bird at your life-support system. This will not turn out well.

The culture of “Up Yours!” is a metastatic cancer, spread from the heart, to the limbs, to the head. Those who flip the bird at the Rule of Law now hold power in the very governmental bodies which are supposed to protect and defend it. Liberals and Progressives have snubbed the Constitution for a century. Their disdain has done its damage, and through bad legislation and judicial activism the Constitution has been twisted to fit countless special-interest agenda items that have no root in nor relation to the Founding Principles of our country. “Up Yours!” is the default setting of liberal Democrats in U.S. Congress. They cannot help but legislate scorn for sound values and healthy traditions. From abortion, to massive welfare dependence, to saying that homosexuals can be married, Liberals and Progressives use the  “protected minority” bullhorn to scream “Up Yours!” at God and those who revere His divinely appointed institutions and try to live His law.

The “Up Yours!” shrieker-in-chief will go down in history as the president who employed the middle finger of executive orders more than any other. Barack Obama, not unlike his liberal Democrat lackeys in Congress, regularly defies the Constitution of the United States. Executive orders as well as tens of thousands of new regulations spurting forth from hundreds of federal agencies are a symphonic “Up Yours!” to the Bill of Rights as well as the millions of citizens who oppose the centralization of power by un-elected bureaucrats who, accountable to no one and beyond the reach of neither legislation nor the courts.

“Tolerance” is the tautology responsible for the culture of “Up Yours!” Parents in the 1950s were cajoled by leftist “social scientists” like Benjamin Spock to back off from discipline and simply “tolerate” the exploratory development of their kids. Discipline became passe’ and self-regulation was for squares. After decades of  tolerating sexual immorality, immodesty, profanity, blasphemy, illegality, and the perversion of American values, many have lost their innate resolve to stand up for what is right. “Up Yours,” a metaphorical obscenity, and  an impudent rebel yell from spoiled brats, is now the modus operandi of segments of culture to whom there are no laws, no consequences, no right and no wrong.   So, while decent–naive–folks “tolerate” bad behavior from those who claim the “right” to act badly because America is unfair, the offenders have grown used to saying “Up Yours!” at each and every call for individuals to take responsibility for their own lives. Those juvenile delinquents, potheads, domestic terrorists, and elitist socialist brats are now in the highest stations of government, education, media, and entertainment. They take your money in exchange for the illusion that they are making your life better, and as you turn your back, feeling smug and secure, they are snickering, as they line their pockets with your living, while thinking to themselves, “Up Yours!”

The terrorist bombings in Boston that blew three civilians to bits and shredded the limbs of hundreds of others, were perpetrated by Islamic jihadists, and at this writing we don’t even know how many or who were involved. But the dot that marks the Boston Marathon attack connects to the dot of loose immigration enforcement, and then to the appeasement politicians dot, and eventually to the “devil may care” generation that popularized pot dot. Like the Nation of Israel, America must now endure years and possibly decades, with Muslim terrorists–who know there is no one in the federal government with the political will to stop them–planting bombs and wreaking social and economic chaos, as they cry, “Up Yours, stupid Americans!”

by Marjorie Haun  4/23/2013

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