The Concentric Rings of Security: National Collapse

December 7, 2013


God, not government, is the source of man’s rights.

That God and man are supreme over government and government is formed and directed by man, were the revolutionary notions that spurred the Revolutionary War. Kings were neither Divine nor just. God did not grant monarchies power to direct the affairs of men. Man, the individual human soul, was delivered from the rule of government to become its master through the Rule of Law.

The growth of government beyond its Constitutional limits; Socialism and centralized control of every aspect of human life, has lead to a loss of the uniquely American traditions of individualism and self-sufficiency. As the entitlement-state crumbles, the healthcare system collapses, and the economy evaporates, restoring of the ethos of individual responsibility may become a matter of survival.

The model of preparedness, which I call The Concentric Rings of Security, places the power of personal safety and survival with the individual. This provides the greatest assurance of personal well-being in the midst of national calamity and/or natural disaster, because it provides a structure in which the individual can exert the most control over his life. This is how the model works:

The central point of security is the self. Those things over which individuals can exert the greatest power are physical and mental fitness, financial stability, flexible thinking, a robust skill set, and a sound spiritual foundation.

The first concentric ring outside the self is the family. With responsible adults at the head, families’ needs during times of disaster, war, or civil upheaval, may include emergency supplies of medicine, food, water, home goods, fuel, and any other items necessary to sustain life for an extended period of time. Such emergency contingencies should be tailored to the needs of the individuals in the family, their ages, and their preferences.

The next concentric ring of security is the Church Community, or social community. Like-minded people within faith-based or interest-based communities provide a support network for families and individuals.

The neighborhood as the geographical concentric ring of security closest to the family can serve as a physical and emotional barrier to civil chaos and unwanted intruders . Functioning much like the Church/Social community, the neighborhood can help to secure homes in the immediate aftermath of crisis, and provide a variety of resources in the longer-term.

The town or city is the next concentric ring of security outside of the neighborhood and church communities. Civic involvement at all times is critical if one is to exert any measure of control over the direction and well-being of your town.

The concentric rings of security which lie outside your immediate community, town, borough, or city are the county and state governments. Civic involvement here is critical as well. Political knowledge and activism are necessary to exert power over the individuals and policies that will govern your county and state.

The final concentric ring of Security is the nation–not to be confused with the government. Keep in mind that when government uses its power against the people for any reason it becomes the enemy of the people. The nation, and in the case of the United States of America, the republic, is a resource primarily for protecting its citizens from foreign invaders and protecting the rights of its citizens. The individual has the least control over this outermost ring, but organized action and relentless commitment to the principles of liberty will make a difference in the condition direction of the country.

The national problems we face today can feel overwhelming. But the big scene is not where the greatest good is done by and for individuals, families, and communities. Exerting control over our own lives, beginning with ourselves and moving out from there, is the key to our survival. With the right perspective and remembering that salvation is achieved one person, one heart at a time, should give everyone hope that there are no storms we cannot weather with the help of God.

by Marjorie Haun  12/7/13

  1. scott yagemann

    Thanks for a great article, Marjorie. You are quite a woman. I love your resourcefulness and especially the idea of having no debt (because I am a frugal virgo too. Lol). I am prepared mentally, I think. Physically, I’m getting there. Thanks for the great article.

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