The Best of the Worst: Claudette Konola

October 25, 2014

Most people, even Democrats, who run for public office have a sense of decorum. Democrats, for the most part, are skilled at knowing when to wear their “nice” faces in public. But every so often you find a liberal Democrat who ditched Public Image boot camp, and instead of tucking away less-than-statesmanlike impulses, just lets it all hang out to flap in the wind. Without further ado, meet the Democrat candidate for Colorado’s 7th Senate District, Mssss Claudette Konola. What follows are excerpts from the comment thread on Konola’s Youtube campaign ad.

My opening volley gets this response. It’s funny because Konola tells us her whole reason for running is the fact that poor leadership is hurting the state of Colorado. She is one of 3 people in Colorado who actually believe our economy is improving. What does she smoke? You’ll have to ask her.



Then we see the civil side of Konola and her cabal.



Konola then tries to walk away from her comments about Coloradans and the 2nd Amendment. Apparently she hates the people of Western Colorado AND Weld County.


Konola, perennially upset with the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce because they have never endorsed her as a candidate, can’t recall calling them “political hacks” on the mentally unstable leftist website.


In this statesmanwomanpersonlike diatribe, Konola clings to her “religious extremist” label for all people who think women are quite capable of taking care of their own contraceptives.  Raise your hand if you want into Claudette Konola’s uterus or bedroom…silence.


As an added bonus, I shared the Colorado Observer’s observation Konola’s strangely shifting positions on the 2nd Amendment.


And then things got colorful; rainbow colorful. Konola could not remember calling Obama the first gay president and Hickenlooper the first gay governor in her Post Independent column. Her supporter, of course, labeled my quote a “typical right-wing distortion.” LOL


Then things get weird.


Yes friends, citizens of Western Colorado and Weld County, this is the creature running for state office. For more delightful cognitive dissonance from Claudette Konola, please search and the Post Independent. And vote…but don’t vote for Konola.

This message was approved by Ronald Reagan–because Konola and her supporters hate Ronald Reagan

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  1. Rhe Doc Is In

    I’ve been watching the Konola TV adds with interest. It has to be the biggest pack of lies and the greatest deception ever told by any politician! OK…so she is a Democrat after all! It is their “principle Hallmark” throughout the entire history of their organization. Everything Konola has said is pure deception and outright lies. However, that is the “Chief Hallmark” of their Party. The reason school districts are underfunded and short on resources and teachers, is because of the Democrats ( In fact just Communists) who have controlled the Legislature and Governors office for many years now. They have diverted School funding to social welfare because it “buys” votes for Democrats. It was the Democrats who “killed” 150,000 high-paying petroleum jobs in Colorado…Ritter and the Salazar Brothers (100,000 on the western slope alone) destroying the states economy and destroying the future and lives of tens of thousands of Colorado families. Konola is up to her eyebrows in these despicable acts. Kanola needs to be ridden out of the state on a rail, not elevated to the state Senate! As an experienced researcher for decades, I know the truth and the facts! This is what Konola can’t stand, because she needs an illiterate electorate to succeed!

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