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May 3, 2012 

The Tea Party owns no one, claims no voting bloc or special interest, and conversely, is owned by no one.  It is simply the contraction of patriotic muscle when and where it needs to be exerted. THE TEA PARTY IS RISING!

Don't tread on well-armed, free people!

Questions about where the Tea Party has gone can cease. It is rising again as a popular movement among free Americans whose purpose is to force an overreaching and unconstitutional government into its proper and very limited role.  The Tea Party is the force behind the words, “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The Tea Party is not definable by any demographic measure.  It is a state of mind, a human condition.  It has is no structure to compare to the machinations of the political parties.  The Tea Party owns no one, claims no voting bloc or special interest, and conversely, is owned by no one.  It is simply the contraction of patriotic muscle when and where it needs to be exerted.

I have a theory about the Tea Party, as well as some advice for those anxious to bolt into the electoral arena.  First the theory: Since the Tea Party is both a populist movement and a philosophical framework, it responds to its own principled impulses and not to the directions of individuals.  The timing of the 2012 elections has a palpable ebb and flow to which the Tea Party is keenly sensitive.  It would be a mistake for the Tea Party to apply its strength too early, in behalf of a candidate untried by the fullness of the primary process.  Like the emerging butterflies struggling from their rigid chrysalises, the GOP candidates are not fully developed, nor sufficiently strong to survive on their own.  The Tea Party, by flexing its muscle and helping a particular candidate along, may weaken and kill the butterflies that needs to prove themselves through their initiatory challenges upon entering the world.  The candidates must be proven, with the one most fit to weather the harsh environment of politics, emerging by his own power.

The Tea Party is about unifying Americans in the peaceful 21st Century Revolution.  To use its muscle to unify one faction of the Conservative Movement against another during the presidential primaries, would lead to disunion and rancor in the general election.  The Tea Party knows and understands this dynamic, and teeming with patriots who know how critical 2012 is to the survival of America as we know it, they’re not going to incite division.

Now for some advice:  The Tea Party is a populist movement with a spiritual undercurrent.  I’ve felt the spirit of Americanism and ardor at every Tea Party event I have ever attended.  There is not a perfect consensus of political isms, or homogeneity of ideas, but there is a unity of hearts, with the one goal being to save the country beloved by every and headstrong and independent patriot in attendance.  My advice is to stay unified in, above all, the love of country.  It is not necessary, as yet, for the Tea Party to throw its considerable weight behind any one GOP candidate.  The Tea Party is about unifying the entire Conservative universe.  Stay focused on deposing Barack Hussein Obama, winning the Senate and increasing our majority in the House of Representatives.   Work hard in local races to effect change at home.  Bust your butts to bring a more conservative character to your states.  Teach your non-affiliated and undecided friends about the Founding Documents, and about what makes The United States of America unique and indispensable to the rest of of the world.  Persuade your friends to reason out our terrible predicament.  We have a Socialist demagogue in the White House, and far too many people in power who reap that which the hands of the rest of us sow, to further their political power and big government ends.

Prove the pundits wrong who proclaim that the Tea Party is weakened and fading into obscurity.  Awaken, and at the correct time, when a candidate is chosen and the country is prepared to decide whether it becomes a pathetic socialist shadow of its former self, or whether Socialism and corruption, and the politicians and bureaucrats who perpetuate failure, are defeated and swept out of power in a cleansing of the Republic and a restoration of our Constitutional First Principles.

The Tea Party will enter stage right with the muscle they’ve been quietly working out for the last year in their local gyms.  They will maneuver a divided and wounded party into position to whoop anti-American arse.  The role of the Tea Party is not to spin one galaxy of the Conservative universe, but pull the disparate bodies and systems within that universe into a smooth, harmonious orbit around the big ideas of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.  Most of all, the Tea Party is the muscle, the enforcer of Liberty, and will emerge in a big way exactly when it is most needed.

By Marjorie Haun 2/6/12

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