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Old Sarge: The Day Freedom Slammed into Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

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The fate of the Free World hung in the balance, as about 180,000 Americans, British, Canadians, and Free French slammed themselves against Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and the most disciplined and ruthless army in history.

Patriotism and Involuntary Service

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He never complained about his long, involuntary service in the Army, but he never talked about it either. To him it was part of life, something you did because you were born in and grew up in this country.

The Mesa County “Veterans Remember” Project

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The “Veterans Remember Project” is a collection of stories and memories from World War II, with those from Korea and Vietnam to follow.

The Law of Chastity: Parable of the Four Sailors at Liberty

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It’s not necessary for a person to know everything about the people around them. It’s not necessary to have luck on your side. It’s not necessary to be able to read the intentions of people. For, when a person employs a set of good principles, such as personal chastity and the pursuit of wholesome recreation, he is protected from the unknown and the unintended.

Remember the Japanese War on Oregon?

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The Japanese bombs tumbled from the small seaplane and impacted the forests, the pilot circled once and spotted fire around the impact point. He executed an 180 degree turn and headed back to the submarine.

The Boys who became Men Because of Dachau

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My father’s unit was one of the units that was tasked to bring food and medical supplies to the former prisoners, who were still dying at the rate of more than 100 a day after the liberation. The sights our men saw sickened even hardened combat veterans, and men who had been tough soldiers for years openly wept.

Beaches and Blood: D-Day Remembered

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These are as ‘voices from the dust,’ men whose time left on the earth is short, but whose legacies merit eternal gratitude and reverence.


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Location of the Eastern Utah "Citizen Isolation Center"

Dalton Wells, is the site of a internment camp which once housed “problem inmates” of Japanese descent. Of all the tales of the long and checkered history of Moab, this is one of the most heartbreaking.


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I wanted to tell him the volumes that I had stored in my heart for heroes like him.

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