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Enviros’ war on clean power killing economically depressed Western Colorado

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WildEarth Guardian’s spokesman Jeremy Nichols said “tough shit” during last summer’s legal proceedings on the future of the coal plants.

Indian Affairs Committee requests criminal investigation into EPA for Gold King Mine disaster

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Based on the facts confirming EPA’s direct responsibility for the spill and the widespread damage it has caused to the environment and people of the surrounding communities, Barrasso and McCain urge Attorney General Lynch to conduct an independent investigation.

Wuuuutz up with Alex Beinstein?

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It appears that the Republican candidate hoping to unseat Colorado D-3 Congressman, Scott Tipton, is either a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or on a very ambitious job hunt.

National Parks Sound Nice, But Are Less-Than-Friendly Neighbors

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Those protective caveats include the input of an Advisory Board consisting of local interests, a promise that no buffer zones would be created threatening private property and development, and the promise that the Class II Air Standards would apply to the new park.

Mad King Barack: The Repeated Injuries and Ursurpations

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The History of repeated Injuries and Usurpations by the guy whose middle name is Hussein is not unlike that which the Founding Fathers enumerated as justification for declaring independence from George III’s England.


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Like the emerging butterflies struggling from their rigid chrysalises, the GOP candidates are not fully developed, nor sufficiently strong to survive on their own. The Tea Party, by flexing its muscle and helping a particular candidate along, may weaken and kill the butterflies that needs to prove themselves through their initiatory challenges upon entering the world. The candidates must be proven, with the one most fit to weather the harsh environment of politics, emerging by his own power.


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This mistrust is based on fear, not of the unknown, but fear that the convoluted machinations of the world will encroach on the order and traditions of a simple lifestyle in a remote place.

Meet ReaganGirl

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I am a political activist and a Conservative commentator. I am a Tea Party Patriot. I am a Mormon.

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